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Astrakhan handball. (1992)

Documentary, 3 части, Хронометраж: 0:29:40 to collection G 13.03.2018

The film is about a sports club handball

"Dynamo" (Astrakhan).

Sporting events

Lower Povolzhie 1963 № 38 RSFSR - England

Newsreel, 1 часть, Хронометраж: 0:06:00 to collection G 16.02.2018

About a friendly meeting on track and field athletics among athletes of the national team of the RSFSR and Britain.

Sport | Sporting events

Lower Povolzhie 1967 № 12

Newsreel, 1 часть, Хронометраж: 0:10:06 to collection G 09.02.2018

Newsreel consists of several stories.

Historical note
04/22/1967 - 97th anniversary of the birth of V.I. Lenin

Domestic policy | Sporting events | Social life

Science and technology 1975 № 8

Newsreel, 1 часть, Хронометраж: 0:09:32 to collection G 30.11.2017

1. From "AMO" to "KAMAZ" (cars of the plant "AMO", "ZIL", "Moskvich", "GAZ" construction of the plant for the production of trucks KAMAZ).

2. "Memory cells" (selection of tobacco).

3. "The first multi-shuttle" (weaving factory).

4. From the foreign chronicle: covering the track with snow for ski jumping from a springboard in Czechoslovakia; Applying polymer coating instead of snow on the ski track in England.

Science | Automobile transport | Sporting events

Match of the Giants. (1963)

Documentary, 2 части, Хронометраж: 0:19:51 to collection A 02.10.2017

USSR and USA track and field national teams match in Moscow in 1963.

Historical note
In July 1963, in Moscow held a meeting teams of athletes of the Soviet Union and the United States.

With a score of 189-147 defeated the athletes of the Soviet Union.

Sporting events | Sport

The Match of the Century. (1961)

Documentary, 2 части, Хронометраж: 0:20:08 to collection A 02.10.2017

International competitions between USSR and USA athletes in July 1961.

Sporting events | Sport

Marathon. (1975)

Documentary, 2 части, Хронометраж: 0:19:09 to collection G 04.10.2016

The film is based on the material of the sixth summer Spartakiad of the peoples of the RSFSR. In the individual novels are the gymnastics, swimming, barbell, Boxing, etc.

Sport | Different kinds of sports | Sporting events

Sports kaleidoscope. (1979)

Documentary, 2 части, Хронометраж: 0:16:51 to collection G 04.10.2016

20 minutes of screen time, the filmmakers have managed to show not only 16 summer sports, but the events of VII summer Spartakiad peoples of the USSR, essentially the dress rehearsal of the Moscow Olympics-80.

Sport | Sporting events

A hundred thousand I. (1977)

Documentary, 3 части, Хронометраж: 0:22:37 to collection G 04.10.2016

About the all-Union children's military-sports game "Zarnitsa", the works of the pioneers.

Social life | Life and leisure | Childhood and youth | Society, social activities and community organizations | Sporting events

This is a gliding sport. (1977)

Documentary, 2 части, Хронометраж: 0:18:54 to collection G 04.10.2016

The core of the film is a sports competition glider pilots.

Technical and promotional videos and filming flights, aerobatics, a view of the earth from height of bird's flight, the Assembly process of airframe at the factory.

Air transport | Sporting events

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