Heroes - Step Sons. (1994)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Vermisheva E.

Script writers: Vermisheva E., Shergova G.

Operators: Kuzminskiy S.

Anouncers: G. Shergova.

Text writers: G. Shergova.


The film is dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of the Victory (Victory in the Great Patriotic War (Soviet people’s participation in World War II in 1941-1945).

World War II | Veterans

History | Social life

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Along the street are veterans.

Young people along the road welcomes veterans flags and flowers.

Moves along the street front column of armored personnel carriers with veterans.

Newsreel 1945 .: Red Army tanks are included in the liberated city, girl with flowers run to the tanks.

People give flowers to soldiers in the train window.

Child with flowers runs up to the car and gives them a veteran.

People along the streets waving their hands.

Along the street are veterans of the war, he was presented with flowers.

Newsreel 1945 .: stretch of soldiers, the crowd rocking officer.

Go to women veterans.

Meeting of veterans in the square at the Belarusian railway station.

Newsreel 1945 .: meeting at the station returning from the front.

Are the columns of the Red Army, meeting liberators.

Veteran in uniform is on the square near the main entrance to Gorky Park Veterans meet at the park, signs in hand.

Man says toast (synchronous) for those who did not live to see the victory.

The family at the table, all rise, drink.

Meeting of veterans in nature, around the campfire.

Four elderly men in the room at the table, eating potato "in uniform", talk, drink from aluminum cups Photo by Dmitry Shchapova Wartime.

Leningrad, St.

Isaac's Square, among the passers goes Dmitry Shchapov, PNRM. the sign on the wall: "Citizens!

When shelling this side of the street is most dangerous. "

Photo the siege of Leningrad: a man with a piece of bread in his hand.

Newsreel 1942-1943 gg: in besieged Leningrad driven sled down the street with a corpse.

Fascists ride on his feet with ice slides, warm hands around the campfire.

German is taking a bath.

Residents of Leningrad from the hole on the Neva ladle take out the water.

Street besieged city: pedestrians, broken machine, a person falls into the snow, a group of people on the sidewalk near the corpse.

Dmitry Shchapov, hitting the face.

View from the top of the city of Tallinn.

Mansions on the outskirts of Tallinn.

PNRM. on the bay.

Dmitry Shchapov walks on the beach.

Close-up: Shchapova face.

Leningrad, views of the Neva River floats ship hydrofoil.

Drawings of the siege of Leningrad.

Reflection in the water of the Neva buildings on the shore.

A group of veterans in Vorkuta, bring flowers to the monument to the victims of Stalin's camps.


1945 1942-1943


Komi Republic

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Close-up: Dmitry Shchapova face.

View from the top of to Vorkuta.

Barbed wire on the site of the former camp prisoners.

Cemetery died in Vorkuta camp.

Dmitry Shchapov puts flowers on the grave cross.

Former prisoners recall (synchronous and behind the scenes) of the Vorkuta camp, where they were sitting.

Piskarevskoe cemetery eternal fire.

The girl lays flowers at the mass grave, who died in 1942.

A crowd of people with flowers.

Close-up: faces of the young and the elderly.

Close-up: wire Stalinist camps.

Hall of Fame at the memorial complex on the Mamaev Hill.

Eternal Flame.

Monument at the grave of Nicholas Zhuzhoma.

The bridge over the Dnieper.

Subway rides over the bridge.

Newsreel 1943 .: crossing of the Dnieper, explosions in the water.

Sport boats on the water.

Newsreel 1943 .: soldiers on the ferry overcome the Dnieper, explosions.

Children in boat-kayak at the wooden platform.

Newsreel 1943 .: soldiers jump from boats on the shore.

Sypyatsya bomb from an airplane.

Soldier landing ashore, explosions.

Girls walking on the beach.

Newsreel 1943 .: battle on the banks of the Dnieper.

Are wounded, explosions in the water.

Pedestrians pass by the bridge over the Dnieper.

Nikolay Zhuzhoma among relatives.

Nikolay Zhuzhoma Victory Day walking down the street wearing a jacket with orders, medals and star of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Bust at the tomb of Nicholas Zhuzhoma.

The school building named Nicholas Zhuzhoma.

School Museum, the bust of the hero on the table are military awards.

Children see the medals.

On the stairs at the underpass man playing the accordion, collecting alms.

Tables with military clothing and symbols for sale on the street.

PNRM. from the tops of the trees at the monument of Nikolay Zhuzhoma.

Trees with yellow leaves.

The leaves fall and float on water.



Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Michael Devyatayev with two girls talking.

Family running on the plot.

Devyatayev with friends clean the fish soup is cooked over a campfire.

Newsreel 1944 .: aircraft in the air, the air battle, falls stricken Soviet aircraft.

German document on July 13, 1944

Michael Devyatayev home cinema projector is preparing to work, showing his wife and grandson amateur film.

Map, hitting the name Peenemunde.

Newsreel 1944 .: views of the town from the air.

Launch missiles V-2 (bad), the explosion.

Photo by designer Wernher von Braun rocket carries on his shoulder.

Hangar with a missile.

Running the V-2 rocket.


V-2 rocket go vertically into the sky.

London from the air, burning houses.

Barbed wire fence in the camp Peenemunde, PNRM. wall with windows in the lattice.

The territory of the concentration camp wire fence, guards with dogs.

Michael recalls Devyatayev (synchronous and behind the scenes) fleeing from Nazi captivity.

Newsreel 1944 .: barbed wire concentration camp.

Surf the waves.

Signpost in German.

Reconstruction: airplane with the swastika, the passage inside.

Hand starts the engine.

Spinning propeller.

The plane starts to run, flies over the sea.

Sea view from an airplane.

Plane in the sky.

Michael Devyatayev sits on the banks of the river.

Photo Devyataeva in an officer's uniform.

PNRM. the churches.

Michael recalls Devyatayev (synchronous and behind the scenes) on its post-war life.

PNRM. the river boat on the beach.

The monument depicts a man to escape from Nazi captivity.

Devyatayev officer's uniform in front of a mirror.

Awards on the uniform (large): orders, medals, star of Hero of the Soviet Union.


A. Hitler - Hitler Germany, Supreme Commander
Devyatayev M. - Pilot



Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Navy Pier.

Fishermen prepare the boat to sail.

Anchor taken from the shore, put in a boat.

Fishermen lowered the boat into the water.

On the shore lay abandoned ships.

Close-up: hands turn the steering wheel.

Nicholas Bantysh on the ship, looking through binoculars.

Evening breaking seas.

Abandoned boat on the shore.

Nicholas Bantysh with his grandson and friends descend into the quarry.

Picture of life in the cave during the Second World War.

Nicholas Bantysh at home reading a book grandson.

Bookshelves and pictures grandson.

Bantysh paper examines the table, newspaper clippings.

Newsreel, 1941-1945 .: planes in the sky.

Air attacks ground targets.

Hurtling train, the view from under the wheels.

Conditional map of Europe with the designation of Nazi concentration camps.

On the table is a French newspaper with pictures of soldiers.

Memorial to the heroes of the French Resistance on the hill Mont Valerie.

Newsreel, 1941-1945 .: The soldiers of the French army.

Sculptures of the memorial complex.

Motoban French city, street cafes, visitors at the tables.

Two trees on the street, on the ground between them commemorative plaque of the dead.

Rene Shambarov is engaged in the farm.

By Rene Shambarov guests come, partisans of the Second World War. R. Shambarov says (synchronously) on his friends.

Picture: French soldiers during the Second World War.

In the cabin sits at the window Ahmedi Dzhabrailov.

Agronomist Ahmedi Dzhabrailov is the clearing and grazing cows.

Tractor plowing a field. A. Dzhabrailov takes a clod, flexing his fingers.

On the open palm rests slide cartridges from bullets.

Crying woman.

Broken home.

There is a battle tanks go, shoot the soldiers of Kalashnikovs.

PNRM. the highlands of Azerbaijan.



Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Family feast.

PNRM. by sitting at the table.

Birthday hero of World War II Vladimir Pereladova.

B. Pereladova son says (synchronously) toast to his father, all clink glasses, drink.

Meeting of Vladimir Pereladova with friends in the Italian city Monteferino.

The woman, a former Italian partisan, says (synchronously) on the joint struggle against the Soviet soldiers against the Nazis.

Group of people in mountainous terrain.

PNRM. the mountains in the snow.

Glade with flowers.

Vladimir Pereladov with Italian friends walk, sing songs.

PNRM. by barbed wire.

Vladimir Pereladov wrote home at the table.

Newsreel 1941-1944 yy .: explosions, fires.

There is a column of Soviet prisoners.

Crying woman.

Fascist arrest mother drives away from her child.

There is a column of refugees.

Soviet soldiers in captivity, including wounded woman.

Driven on the road convoy of Soviet prisoners of war soldiers.

Vladimir Pereladov says (synchronous and behind the scenes) to return to their homeland after the war.

PNRM. by barbed wire, the remains of the camp site.

Vladimir Pereladov walks along the Moskva River embankment near the building of the Government of Russia.

Newsreel 1993: barricades at Government House (the coup).

People arguing in the street about democracy (synchronously).

Go down the street armored personnel carriers.


1941-1944 1993

Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1993 .: column of armored vehicles on the streets of Moscow (coup).

Veteran with medals on his tunic.

Battles in Moscow burned trolley burning building of the Government of the Russian Federation, people go to the square, a wounded bear arms.

Muscovites watching what happens in front of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Stretcher with wounded drive up to the car.

Woman crying, lamenting about his son.

A soldier with a bandaged head.

Make dressing wounded head.

In the hands of a wounded bear.

Going down the street car "first aid" with the siren.

People stand on the square in front of the burning building of the Government of the Russian Federation.

A pool of blood on the concrete slabs.

Funeral: a woman crying at the grave of her son.

Military guard at the tomb of the dead.

Officer's cap on the lid of the coffin, the coffin is carried along the street.

Women cry.

Charred building of the Government of the Russian Federation.

The soldiers fired into the sky, funeral salute.

Digging in the grave, crying women.

Cemetery in the woods near Leningrad.

To a tree tied crosses, flowers, photography.

On the tree - a sculptural profile of Jesus Christ.

Plaque with photo portraits shot in memory in 1938.

Video effect: there is a crowd of people (negative image)

Flowers, plaques, photos on the site of the shooting.

In the grass worth the candle burns.

Large faces of the heroes of the film: Dmitry Shchapov, Michael Devyatayev Vladimir Pereladov.

One of the veterans holding the hand of his granddaughter.

Eternal flame burns.

Clouds in the sky.

Flying over the field of harvesting combines.

A flock of birds takes off into the sky.