Events in Southeast Asia and China. (1942 - 1945)

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Scene №1 Events in Southeast Asia and China

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Explosion of ammunition depots.

The consequences of artillery shelling, burning buildings.

Smoke from the fire rises into the sky.

Machine gunners and riflemen fire from a boat during a skirmish on the Mekong River in 1945.

Burning junks.

View of a burning peasant house.

The tank is paving the way through the jungle.

Burning houses.

Soldiers run along the road past burning houses, local residents, old people, women and children are fleeing.

Peasants look at a burning house.

A column of refugees is walking along the road.

A unit of the French Foreign Legion marches down a city street.

Tankman on the tower tanks.

A unit of legionnaires is passing by.

The faces of the French parachutists.

A sentry at the entrance to the courtyard of the prison.

A patrol of legionnaires is passing along the street.

A military police checkpoint on one of the city streets.

View of a stone pillbox built on a city street.

Units of the People's Liberation Army of China (PLA) on the march.

The PLA artillery crew is firing at the enemy.

Hilly landscape.

The PLA unit attacks the enemy through the hills (from above).

Fighting in hilly terrain.

Type of rally.

A banner in Chinese.

Views of city streets, burning and destroyed houses.

Firefighters unwrap a hose in front of a burning house, a view of a burning house.

Troops on the streets of the city.

British parliamentary officers are negotiating with the Japanese command after the defeat of the British in the Singapore area on February 15, 1942.

Japanese sentry at the entrance to the headquarters.

The British and the Japanese are at the negotiating table.

The faces of the triumphant Japanese soldiers.


15.02.1942 1945





Foreign War; History of foreign countries; History of China; Wars, conflicts and disasters
War; History

Scene №2

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The Japanese military inspect a captured heavy artillery piece after the surrender of the British in the Singapore area in February 1942.

Japanese soldiers take a prisoner out of the ruins.

Views of the Great Wall of China.

The movement of troops along the Great Wall.

A Chinese officer conducts classes on the possession of edged weapons.

Chinese soldiers during a lesson on the study of techniques of action with cold weapons, a view of the parade ground during classes.







History of foreign countries; History of China; Army
History; Defense and internal security