India. (1930 - 1947)

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Scene №1 India

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Mahatma Gandhi and his followers pass through one of the settlements of India during a "Salt" campaign in March-April 1930.

Participants of the "Salt" hike are walking along the roads of India.

Participants of the hike on the bank of the Ganges.

The participants of the hike take a bath in the waters of the Ganges.

the participants of the hike prepare food and perform a sacred ritual over a jug of water.

Newspaper reports on the arrest of J.

Nehru in 1936, local police disperse demonstrators on the streets of Delhi and other cities.

The text of the newspaper report on the verdict of Nehru.

Nehru is being taken on a prison bus, and people on the streets greet him.

Viceroy of India Lord Mountbatten bypasses the guard of honor of the sailors.

Lord Mountbatten greets the troops.

Units of the Indian Colonial Army during the parade.

Types of demonstrations in Delhi in honor of the declaration of independence of India on August 15, 1947.

Panorama of the solemn meeting.

The participants of the rally are sitting on the ground.

River landscape at sunset.

Shepherds drive the flock home.

The daily life of Indian peasants.


Indian Colonial Army artillery units on elephant traction during one of the parades.

Views of the streets of Delhi during the next demonstration for the independence of India.

Native policemen disperse the demonstrators.

The ceremony of the transfer of power by the Viceroy of India to the national government.


Gandi Mahatma (Mohandas Karamchand) -- indian public and political figure
Neru Dzhavaharlal -- indian statesman and politician
Mauntbetten Luis Frensis Aljbert Viktor Nikolas -- british naval and statesman


1930 1936 1947





History of foreign countries; Political figures; Demonstrations; Rallies; Towns and countries; Agriculture; Social life
History; Biography; Policy; Society, social activities and community organizations; Geography and Nature; Sectors of the economy

Scene №2

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A representative of the British administration speaks at a solemn event on the occasion of the declaration of independence of India on August 15, 1947, the participants of the event listen to the speaker.

Indian servicemen are holding a mock-up of the temple and the national flag of India, a representative of the Indian armed forces is speaking.

A military brass band is playing (panorama).

Participants of the event during the performance of the national anthem of India.

Prime Minister of Independent India J.

Nehru stands on the platform during the performance of the anthem.

A unit of the British armed forces during the ceremony of sending off the British flag.

Types of the ceremony of sending off the British flag.

Representatives of the British administration leave the palace building, go down the steps.

The soldiers of the banner platoon carry the British flag on the deck of the ship.

People watch the ceremony from the embankment.


Indian landscapes.

Pakistani troops during the redeployment and marches during the First Kashmir War of 1947-1949.

Panorama of the ruins of the city quarter.

The text of a newspaper report on the course of the conflict.

Columns of Indian militias and Pakistani units are marching.

Combat aircraft take off from the airfield.

The Pakistani machine gun crew is firing at the enemy.

The militia change their position during the fighting in the city.

Views of the palace in Delhi.

The participants of the peace talks are going to the meeting.

Representatives of Asian countries during the negotiations.

Prime Minister of India J.

Nehru goes to the meeting.

Negotiators talk to each other, Nehru and the female Governor of the United Provinces Sarojini Naidu on the podium at the microphone before the conference.

Nehru enters from the podium.

Conference participants listen to Nehru's speech (panorama).

I'll find Sarojini on the podium.


Neru Dzhavaharlal -- indian statesman and politician
Najdu Sarodzhini -- indian poet and politician


15.08.1947 1947-1949





History of foreign countries; Towns and countries; Political figures; Foreign War; Wars, conflicts and disasters
History; Geography and Nature; Biography; Policy; War