Elections -96. Passion For Power. (1997)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Makhnach L.

Script writers: Mahnach L.

Operators: Kuzjminskij S.


Elections of the President of Russia in summer of 1996.

Temporary description

The film tells the story of the election of the President of Russia in the summer of 1996. The film was filming the following: the people at the rally in Moscow, Boris Yeltsin's speech (synchronous), the species was Petersburg, a resident of Petersburg. Speech E. Rossel (synchronous), voting soldiers in Chechnya, interview voters, voting members of the Russian government, the species G. Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, meeting the press center, signing documents on the cessation of hostilities in Chechnya between Lebed and Maskhadov. The chronicle of the events of October 1995 in Moscow. Acts Alexy II.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The people are on the street.

People go to the rally.

Young people at the rally.

Women at the rally.

Dancing young people.

A man is looking, PNRM. To the Order.

The people at the rally waving flags.

The people at the rally are holding placards in their hands.

At the rally stands Boris Yeltsin (synchronously).

Komsomol prospectus.

Domes of the Kremlin cathedrals.

Deputies go to the Kremlin.

Foreign guests in the hall of the Kremlin Palace.

Passes G.Zyuganov.

Foreign guests greet N.Yeltsina and others.

Kremlin chimes.

Coat of arms of Russia.

The people in the hall at the inauguration of Boris Yeltsin.


Those sitting in the hall get up.

Boris Yeltsin is on the scene.

The people in the hall.

B. Yeltsin utters the oath of the Russian president (synchronously).

Listeners in the hall, PNRM. On the stage.

B. Yeltsin utters the oath of the Russian president (synchronously).

Listeners in the hall get up.

B. Yeltsin, Patriarch Alexy II and others on the stage.

Flag of Russia, PNRM. On the towers of the Kremlin on Manezhnaya Square.

Chechnya: destroyed houses.

People are running with machine guns.

Explosion in the street (removed from the window).

Shoot the men.

The car is on.

The tank is passing by.

Bear with the wounded.

Wounded in the hospital.

Nurse at the bedside of the patient.

Surgeons operate on the wounded.

The bullet is in the hands of the surgeon.

Says Russian Defense Minister P. Grachev (synchronously).

Chechen women with a poster.

Chechen men play on folk instruments.

The woman is shouting.

The inhabitants of Chechnya.

Says the man (synchronously).

Soldiers wearing masks.


Refugees at the car.

The old woman.

There is a strick.

The refugees are coming.

Says a woman (synchronously).

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow.

Service in the temple.

B. Yeltsin with his wife, etc. in the service in the temple.

B. Yeltsin approaches Alexy II.

B. Yeltsin.

Funeral procession.

Carry a photo of the journalist Nadezhda Chaikova, who died in Chechnya.

Funeral procession.

Women are standing with candles, PNRM. On the man.

Mourning rally.

Candle in hand.

Flowers are put in the coffin.

A woman is crying, a man is laying flowers.

A moment of farewell.

Crosses on graves.

The grave.

The rally on Pushkin Square.

A woman is holding a poster.

The people at the rally, PNRM. On the posters.


Friendly cartoon.

People with disabilities ask for charity.

Russian state and military leader, military leader

Key words

Events in Chechnya


Yeltsin B.N.
Alexy II
Yeltsin N.I.
Grachev P. - Minister of Defense of Russia


The Chechen Republic

Domestic policy; Religion; Rallies; Wars, conflicts and disasters
Policy; Social life; Society, social activities and community organizations

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The people on the street.

Poster, PNRM. the man.

Hand, PNRM. on the face of the homeless.

The homeless (homeless) is sitting on the stairs, and begging.

People walking on the street.

Photo N.Berdyaev.

Through pages of the magazine - multrabota.

Go war veterans.

It should be a veteran.

Veterans at Theater Square.

Are veterans.

Sitting woman disabled war.

Veteran at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

A woman lays flowers.

War veterans at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier ..

A man plays the accordion.

Veterans sitting at the table.

Yeltsin among veterans.

Listen to the woman, PNRM. on the order.

Pushkin Square in Moscow.

People on the street.

There is a man.

There is a girl under the umbrella.

Lies homeless.

Stand with caricatures of presidential candidates.

The people on the street.

There is an old man.

A street in Moscow.

The driver in the car.

Talk to the boy and girl.

Cars on the street.

President Hotel Yakimanka Street.

Yeltsin's campaign headquarters. B.EltsinV hall is Anatoly Chubais.

Privatization check.

Meeting Staff.

The daughter of Boris Yeltsin T.Dyachenko.

Members of staff - Satarov and S.Shahray.

Animation: magazine cover, turned over the page.

Animation: fotoB.Eltsina with T.Dyachenko.

Boris Yeltsin with his wife and daughter - photos.

The people at the poster.



Dancing youth, PNRM. Monument to V. Lenin.


Jumping girl with the ball.

The protesters are on the streets.

Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, Yeltsin and others at City Hall.

Yeltsin welcomed the audience.

The people at the rally welcomes Boris Yeltsin.

Speaker Boris Yeltsin (synchronously).

Listen to the woman.

Applauds the man.

A man with a child in her arms.

Ostankino Tower, PNRM. at TV center.

TV journalist.

The monitor screen.

Screensaver program "Dolls".

The monitor screen.

Girls sing ditties (on the screen).

Photos of Boris Yeltsin.

Fragment of the program "Dolls".

Reporter with a video camera.

Yeltsin talks with the audience at the polling station.


Boris Yeltsin
AB Chubais
T. Dyachenko - Yeltsin's daughter
Yuri Luzhkov



Domestic policy; Social life; Rallies
Policy; Society, social activities and community organizations

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


The people at the rally.

A monument to Karl Marx.

The man's face.

Listen man.

Gennady Zyuganov comes to the polling station.

People applauded.

Screen monitor program fragment "Dolls".

Portrait Zyuganov car.

Members of the Communist Party in the demonstration.

The people on the streets welcomed the demonstrators.

Are veterans.

Reporter with a video camera, PNRM. demonstrators.

Fragment of the program "Dolls".

Zyuganov, welcomed the audience.

Photo Yavlinsky.

Infomercial Yavlinsky (removed from the monitor).

Yavlinsky told reporters.

Fragment of the program "Dolls".

Detail of TV show "Field of Dreams."

Fragment of the program "Dolls".

Vladimir Zhirinovsky and the Liberal Democratic Party members go to the meeting.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky on the podium.

The people attending the rally.

Mikhail Gorbachev and his wife.

People on the street.

Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin in the presidium of the congress.

Fragment of the program "Dolls".

Journalists at the polling station.

Gorbachev speaks with journalists (synchronously).

Speaking ...

Sitting man.

Photos Lebed on the cover of the magazine.

Lebed at a reception in the Kremlin.

Fragment of the program "Dolls".

Lebed says (synchronously).

Lebed answering journalists' questions.

A man listens.

Photos Lebed.

Fragment of the program "Dolls". S.Fedorov during surgery.

S.Fedorov riding a horse. S.Fedorov among artists.

Advertising poster.


Vlasov raises the bar.


Vlasov lowers the boom.


Vlasov away from the platform.


Vlasov in office.



Photo M.Shakkum. M.Shakkum suited to the car.

Mulrabota: poster.

Photo V.Bryntsalova.

Photo V.Bryntsalova with his wife.

V.Bryntsalov with his wife in the car, PNRM. on the poor.


Bryntsalov says (synchronously).

Bryntsalov his wife among journalists.

N Label bottles.

Drunk woman, PNRM. the man.

Zyuganov among journalists.

Zyuganov and his wife sitting at the table.

Voters kiss Zyuganov.

Dancing Zyuganov.

Zyuganov handed a basket of berries.

Photo: A woman kisses Zyuganov.

Magazine Cover.

Boris Yeltsin at a meeting with voters.


Yeltsin voters.

Boris Yeltsin at the stadium meets with voters.

Yeltsin welcomed the audience.

Yeltsin danced with the ensemble.

Yeltsin waves his hand. P. Grachev and Yeltsin at the table.

Yeltsin dancing.

Yeltsin dancing with a woman.

Yeltsin greets the crowd at the rally.

Yeltsin raises girl.

Yeltsin holding a monkey and transmits it Korzhakov.

Yeltsin voters.

Yeltsin waves his hand.


GA Zyuganov
Boris Yeltsin
P. Grachev
Bryntsalov B.
Shakkum M.
G. Yavlinsky
SN Fedorov - Ophthalmologist



Domestic policy; Rallies
Policy; Society, social activities and community organizations; Social life

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The street passing car.


Yeltsin greets the workers of the Baltic plant.

Smiling man.

Boris Yeltsin talking to workers.

Workers at a meeting with Yeltsin.

Yeltsin waves his hand.

The grille, lowered into the mine elevator.

Yeltsin kissing a woman.

A woman comes to the car.

Yeltsin greets the audience at the Palace Square in St.


People in the square.

Speaker Boris Yeltsin.

People listen.

Nevsky Prospect.

Says Governor Eduard Rossel in Yekaterinburg (synchronously).

Yeltsin and his entourage go to the meeting.

The people at the rally, PNRM. on flags.

Speaker Boris Yeltsin.

Listen girl.


The people at the rally.

Yeltsin welcomed the audience.

The people welcomed Yeltsin.

Photo: Boris Yeltsin to the soldiers in Chechnya.

Yeltsin talking with a soldier (removed from the monitor).

Smiling soldiers.

The hand holding the gun.

The soldiers on the tank.

Yeltsin talking with soldiers (removed from the monitor).

Watch soldiers.

The soldiers at the polling station.

Soldier puts the urn newsletter.


People go to the polling station.

Elderly woman.

Flag waving.

Polling station.

Voters come out of the cab.

Cast ballots.

People out of the polling station.

Interviews with voters after the voting.

Polling station.

Boy down the ballot.

Interview after the vote.

Interviews with young people.

Man gives interviews.

The people at the polling station.

Passport in hand.



Says the man.

A man votes.

Says the woman.

He says the man Elderly woman signs the log.

Woman with child gives interviews.

Solzhenitsyn and his wife go to the polling station.

Solzhenitsyn and his wife at the polling station.

Solzhenitsyn vote.

Yeltsin vote.

Zyuganov voting at the site.

Chubais and goes down the ballot. A.Korzhakov out of the cab and down the ballot.

Votes V.Bryntsalov. V.Shumeyko vote. M.Barsukov vote.




Boris Yeltsin
GA Zyuganov
AI Solzhenitsyn - Writer
E. Rossel


St. Petersburg

Domestic policy; Rallies
Policy; Society, social activities and community organizations; Social life

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Evening Moscow.

Square, PNRM. on the building.

Digital Watch.

Entrance to the press center, PNRM. at the cameramen.

The press center includes a team of Vladimir Zhirinovsky.


Entrance to the press center.

Placards with the results of voting, PNRM. in the hall.

Vladivostok - PNRM.

The people on the street.

Interview people on the street.

The girl down the ballot in the ballot box.


Khabarovsk - PNRM.

People on the street.

Interviews on the street.

Street of the city.

The people at the polling station.

Interviews at the pier.

People at the pier.


The landscape (shot from a helicopter).

The road to the village.

Villagers go to the polls.

Says the woman.

Says the man.

Polling station.

Says the man.

People in the bazaar.

Grazing goats.

Interviews on the street of Rostov-on-Don.

Bridge over the river.

Grazing horse.



Vanity posters.

The fountain in the square.

Interviews with his family to the area.

Interview an older woman.

Interview women and children.

The sign, PNRM. the door.

The car enters the gate.

Interview man.

Family fountain.


Interviews with the family on the street.

An interview with a veteran of the war.

Moscow, the press center.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky with his wife.


Press Room.

Scoreboard on the wall.

Yeltsin puts on a sweater.


Enter Boris Yeltsin and Lebed greet.


Yeltsin talks with Lebed.

Yeltsin signs a document.

Swan gets up and shakes hands with Yeltsin.

Yeltsin and Lebed.

Flying the flag of Russia.

Photo in the magazine.

At the polling station are A.Korzhakov, Sh.

Tarpischev and M.Barsukov.

Lebed says (synchronously).


Boris Yeltsin
Lebed' AI


Rostov region
Khabarovsk Krai

Domestic policy

Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Lebed and Aslan Maskhadov sign documents.

Lebed and accompanying after signing.


A street in Moscow.


Exchange Building.

Hall Exchange.

Brokers at the stock exchange.

Interview of President Vlasov Exchange.

TV screens.

Hall Exchange.


The school building.

The people at the building.



With polling station in Krylatskoye out and goes to Viktor Chernomyrdin told reporters.

Moscow River.

Tverskaya Street.

Pushkin Square.

Press Room.


"Doll" in the form of Zyuganov.

Photos of Boris Yeltsin.

Screen TV, PNRM. journalists.

Smiling journalist.

Listening journalists.

Interviews A. Lukyanov.

People walking down the stairs.

Photo N. Machiavelli.

Yeltsin on the podium.

Yeltsin leaves the room.

Newsreel 1993 .: The people at the rally.

Lit building of the White House in Moscow.

The fight in the street.

Military with machine guns at the wrecked car.


The people on the square at the White House.

Lit White House, PNRM. flag.

A woman lights a candle.

Burning candles, PNRM. the man.

Young man cross.

Woman Cross.

The people at the White House at the rally.

The book in his hands.

Emblem of Russia, PNRM. the stage of the Kremlin Palace.

The inauguration of Boris Yeltsin.

Speech Alexy II. Hall of the Kremlin Palace.

Speech Alexy II.

The final moment of the inauguration.

Yeltsin leaves the stage.

People with flags and banners at the rally.

Flying the flag.

The man with the newspaper.

A woman with a newspaper.



People at the rally.

The people attending the rally.


GA Zyuganov
Chernomyrdin VS
Boris Yeltsin
Alexy II



Domestic policy; Political figures
Policy; Biography