Soviet Sport 1968 № 12 XIX Olympic Games in Mexico City.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Fedorchenko V.


Special Issue newsreel dedicated XIX Olympic Games in Mexico City.

Temporary description

Mexico city Mexico City. H1H th Olympic Games. Competition in marathon, classic wrestling, rowing, volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, boxing. Performers are athletes, and M. Wolde (Ethiopia), R. Rurua (USSR), L. Pinaeva, A. Shaporenko, Morozov, V. Kosinski, F. Munoz (Mexico), Voronin, V. Čáslavská (Czechoslovakia) , N. Kuchinsky, Z. Voronin, V. Sokolov, Boris Lagutin, R. Garbe (Cuba). Award winners. Closing H1H's Olympic Games. Removal of the Olympic flag. Olympic flame is extinguished.

Reel №1

Streets, squares Mexico City during the Olympics.

The territory of the Olympic village passes combination.

A group of Soviet athletes marched through the streets Olympic Village.

Athletes from different countries in the Olympic Village - on the street, in a hotel on the site for recreation, for training.

Marathon - athletes in the race, fans at the track.

Legs running athletes.

Run - Japanese athlete K. Kimihara athlete from Ethiopia and M. Wolde.

M. Wolde finish first.

Presentation of Gold Medal M. Wolde.

The last participant finishes the marathon.

Sport Palace in Mexico City.

Competitions fighters classic style - on the mat fighting Soviet athlete R. Rurua Japanese and H. Fujimoto.

Applauding audience.

Presentation of gold medal R. Rurua.

Channel Sochimilko.

Competition in canoeing among women.

The first Soviet athlete finishes L. Pinaeva.

Placards with the results of competition kayaks.

The audience applauded after the two-time Olympic champion LA Pinaeva.

The final race paddlers in canoes-twos at a distance of 1000 meters.

Finish first kayak Soviet rowers A. Shaporenko and Morozov.

Presentation of gold medals Shaporenko A. and V. Morozov.

Flags of countries participating the Olympics.

In the Hall Gymnasium Olympic volleyball players play the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia.

Moments of the game - different plans.

Display with indicators of the volleyball match.

Embrace the Soviet volleyball, winning the title of Olympic champions.

Presentation of gold medals of the Soviet volleyball.

Mexico City.

Road signs places the competition.

Swimming Pool.

Fan looking through binoculars.

Match of men in swimming style of the 200-meter breaststroke.

Soviet swimmer Vladimir Kosinski at a distance.

Mexican athlete F. Muñoz at a distance at the finish.

Applauding spectators,

Raised the flag of Mexico.

Presentation of awards F. Muñoz and V. Kosinskaya.

Supporters sneaked F. Muñoz in his arms.

Mexico City, adorned with illuminated signs in honor of the Olympics.

Match gymnasts: exercises on the rings of a Japanese athlete performs A. Nakoyama; Soviet athlete Voronin performs exercises on the crossbar.

Applaud the audience.

TV cameraman shoots.

Soviet gymnast Z. Voronin performs a jump on a horse.

N. Kuchinskaya gymnast performs exercises on a log.

Vera Cheslavska, who won the title in Mexico City, the absolute champion of the Olympic games, do some exercises on the carpet.

Mexico City in the evening.

Awarding gold medals to Soviet boxer Vladimir Sokolov.

Boxers in the ring stand average weight: Soviet boxer Lagutin and Cuban boxer R. Garbe.

The judge is the winner of the match Lagutin.

Lagutin handed the gold medal.

Solemn closing of the XIX Olympic Games - the Olympic flame is lit, the march of sports delegations to the stadium.

Fanfaristy play.

Sneaked the Olympic flag.

Olympic flame is extinguished.

Salute to the stadium.

Spectators in the stands waving a sombrero.