Soviet Sport 1969 № 3 Tells Lasma Kauniste. Victory on the court. Health for all. Tournament athletes.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Plotnikova V.

Operators: Danshin N., Kiselev V., Kochetkov A., Lebedev O., Rusanov P., Shmakov N., Shlykov P., Fedyaev E.


1. World champion in speed skating Lasma Kauniste. 2. Moscow International tennis tournament. 3. Gymnastic team farm Kommunar. 4. Shop health Krasnogorsk mechanical plant. 5. First republican competition sleds at sports (Latvia). 6. International tournament athletes indoors.

Temporary description

World Champion Speed Skating L. Kauniste on the podium after the end of the championship. Residents of Riga welcomes L. Kauniste who returned home after the championship. L. Kauniste with her son and husband at home. Different moments tennis competitions in Europe in the palace of the Central Sport Club of Army (CSKA) in Moscow. Winners on the podium. Employees farm Kommunar Khmelnitsky region involved Spots: sledding and skiing, riding on bikes, boxing, gymnastics, raise the dumbbells. Workers collect cameras in the shop Krasnogorskiy mechanical plant; play volleyball in the gym, skiing. Members of the hockey team played in the hockey factory in the factory stadium Zorkiy. Moments of national competitions in sport sled in the Latvian SSR. City of Moscow. Moments of the international tournament competitions in athletics at the Palais des Sport in Luzhniki.

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1. World champion in speed skating L. Kauniste home puts it in a vase bouquet of flowers.

Laurel crown of world champion, who won the AL Kauniste in Grenoble.

L. Kauniste home with a young son and husband.

Grenoble - the building area.

Address L. Kauniste at the World Championships - athlete at a distance of 3000 meters, finishing first Kauiniste L., L. Kauniste on the podium.

Residents meet in Riga LV Kauniste returning from Grenoble, carry her in his arms.

L. Kauniste with his son pass through the streets of Riga.

At the rink in Mezheparke L. Kauniste with coach Alexander Leypertom teaches his son to skate.

2. Parade of tennis players - members of the International tennis tournament at the Sports Palace CSKA.

The audience applauds.

At a closed-court play mixed pairs - a few moments of the game.

The final meeting of the Women's singles - on the court playing O. Morozova and B. Stowe (The Netherlands).

The audience applauds.

Honored trainer of the USSR, NS Morozova, OI Teplyakova presents the award for first place.

Tennis on the podium.

B. Stowe presenting the award for second place; M. Chuvyrina gets the prize for the 3-D space.

3. Athletes farm Kommunar skiing.

Pupils kindergarten Kolosochok "sledding with slides.

In the rural sports club Kolos athletes train for velotrenezherah on gymnastic apparatus.

Tractor farm N. Molotay and school laboratory B. Malchur on training in wrestling.

Training section of weightlifting - a driver Kravchuk trains with weights, the athlete raises a barbell.

4. Assembly plant Krasnogorsk mechanical plant.

Work pickers.

A worker checks the camera ready "Vigilant."

In the hall of the factory sports club "Vigilant" factory-athletes involved in gymnastics, play volleyball.

Factory team players, headed by world champion Ye Papuginym played at the city stadium.

Fans in the stands.

II national champion coaches Utrobin factory skiers in the winter forest.

Factory skiers train in the summer on an artificial ski in the forest - different plans.

In the winter woods passing skiers Krasnogorsk mechanical plant.

5. Latvian luger heated in a fire.

Luge athletes at the race track at the hands of athletes.

Luge sled runners rubbed, wear helmets.

Athletes with a sled go to the start of the route; sled weighed before the start.

The green traffic light; athlete starts.

Athlete sleigh goes the distance, falling.

Participant starts women's competitions nurse E. Quealy; runs track, finish.

E. Quealy congratulate with the victory.

I congratulate you, shake hands on the winner among the men - an engineer V. Tilliksa.

Stand, applaud athletes luge.

6. Hall of the Moscow Sports Palace during the International tournament of the winter athletes indoors.

Athletes before competition, the spectators in the stands.

Judge shoots the starting pistol.

The final race of men in the 50 meters hurdles - athletes start, go the distance, a Soviet athlete K. Yurkatamm bypasses the Polish runner Vodzinskogo; finish first.

K. Yurkatamm on the podium.

Competition in the shot put - act I. Friedrich (GDR) and G. Nekrasov (USSR).

The judges measure the length of shots.

Worth G. Nekrasov, who won the first place.

Romanian athlete I. Sherbak jumps in height by 2 meters 11 centimeters.

Soviet diver Moroz takes a height of 2 meters 14 centimeters (first place).

European record holder H. Engel (West Germany), jumping from sixth to a height of 5 meters.

Champion of the USSR, Twin jumping from sixth to a height of 5 meters 15 centimeters, set a new national record.

Start the final race of men in the 800 meters.

Leading Finnish Champion Yu Vyayatyaynen; it bypasses the Soviet runner Alexeev.

Look, face fans.

Soviet athlete, A. Verlan at a distance of bypasses rivals, finishing first.

At the closing ceremony of the column are athletes with banners.