Soviet Sport 1972 № 9 In State Farm Priekule. School coach Dmitriev. At the European Championships. Conquerors of the fire

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tulubeva Z.

Operators: Leongardt U., Shafran A., Lebedev O., Petrosov R.


1. Athletes farm "Priekule. 2. Coach Gymnastics VD Dmitriev. 3. European Championships in diving. 4. The National Championship on fire-applied sports.

Temporary description

1 syuzh. -Sports in the Lithuanian State Farm "Priekule (biking, running, shot put, wrestling, equestrian sports). 2 syuzh. - Coach gymnastics VD Dmitriev deals with T. Lazakovich. 3 syuzh. - European Championship for diving in Moscow at the Palace of Water Sports: competition, rewarding. 4 syuzh. - Championship Fire and applied sport in Vilnius.

Reel №1

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1. Stork flies over the meadow.

Cleaning of grass at the farm "Priekule.

Machine operators in food processor.

Panorama of the farm buildings.

Residents of the village on mopeds, bicycles, motorcycles, go to work.

Farm cattle.

Brigadier farm, a fighter-gap OA Velkas on motorcycle rides to work.

Brigadier poultry, farm athlete S. Mikalauskene with members of his brigade on the farm.

Passing cyclists.

Meeting of farm management headed by Director IV Gutauskasom on sports activities at the farm.

Honorary awards and trophies won at various competitions sovkhoz athletes.

State-farm cyclists train on the highway.

State-farm train athletes on the sports ground.

S. Mikalauskene perform physical exercises.

Athletes pass the provisions of the new complex TRP - boy pushes the nucleus; S. Mikalauskene pushes the nucleus.

The judges measure the length of the shock.

Fizorg A. Mitauskayte record results delivery standards TRP.

O. Velkas conducts classes section of the fighters, athletes work out ways of struggle.

Training of athletes, equestrians on the state farm racecourse.

Young riders learn to overcome obstacles.

Athletes and horsemen: A. Jankauskas carpenter, electrician and I. A. Bugauskas Burshkis with coach Igor Bardauskasom on training.

Riders pass on the race track.

2. VD Dmitriev - Honored coach of the Soviet Union, European champion coach T. Lazakovich oversees the performance of their pupils.

T. Lazakovich stands at the Olympic Games in Munich - perform exercises on a log.

Newsreel footage in 1962:

VD Dmitriev, coached 10-year-old Tamara Lazakovich - the girl does exercises on uneven bars, balance beam on.

In the gym practicing T. Lazakovich and young gymnasts.

T. Lazakovich helps a young gymnast.

VD Dmitriev and coached a group of young gymnasts.

3. Participants of the European Championships in diving preparing to swim - put on masks, fins, scuba gear.

Athlete in the diving suit.

Sportswoman of the GDR and Soviet athlete wearing flippers.

Athletes wearing monofin allowing float method "dolphin."

Athletes in monofin at the start.

Athletes in monofin swim under water - in the diving competition at 50 meters in length (lift mode).

First athlete finishes Yerevan S. Karapetyan.

S. Karapetyan congratulate with the victory.

Swimmers will start at a distance of 100 meters under water.

Swimmers at a distance - underwater photography.

Watching judge the competition.

B. A horse will finish first - a student at the Moscow Aviation Institute, who won the title of champion of Europe.

Competitions women's 400 meters with aqualung - at a distance of the lead II and IV Avdeev Falomkina.

Applauding the fans.

VI Avdeev, setting a new world record at the finish.

By the start of the swim the 800 meters to prepare - Novosibirsk athlete Volkov and the other swimmers.

Volkov at a distance (Underwater).

Coaches watch the competitions.

After the swim passes Volkov, who won the gold medal.

Cup of Europe in the marathon swimming on the Moscow River: athletes, submariners will start at a distance of 6000 meters.

Sailing competition leaders - Soviet athletes Kryukov, Shumkov and Kravets.

First finish A. Shumkov.

On a pedestal with awards worth Soviet athletes.

4. Participants in the USSR championship in fire-applied sports extinguish the flame of fire extinguishers; compete in the rise of a hook ladder.

Competition to overcome the 100-meter obstacle course - fire hoses are prepared, with hoses running through obstacles, connect the hose to a faucet; finish.

To the competition prepares champion of the USSR V. Kipke.

Judge shoots the starting pistol.

W. Kipke and other athletes overcome the obstacle, the first finishing W. Kipke.

Competitions for installing retractable stairs and lift to the training tower - different plans.

Hugging contest winners - I. Masyuta and A. Payusov.