Soviet Sport 1972 № 12 The coach of Azerbaijan. Do athletes Dubna. At the European Championship.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tulubeva Z.

Operators: Aslanov G., Golubov G., Skachkov I., Leongardt U., Serov G.


1. Honored trainer of the USSR A. G. Safarov. 2. Contest runners (mileage behalf Wexler) in Dubna near Moscow. 3. 1st Open European Championships in sambo.

Temporary description

1 syuzh. -Azerbaijan coach AG Safarov coached athletes. 2 syuzh. - Massive competition runners in the suburban town of Dubna, rewarding. 3 syuzh. - National wrestling. 1 st Open European Championships in sambo in Riga; rewarding.

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1. Honored trainer of the USSR A. G. Safarov marched through the streets of Baku, was talking with my students-athletes at the stadium.

AG Safari stadium.

Olympic stadiums in different cities, in which students were Safarova.

A. G. Safarov considers gathered a collection of sports icons and medals.

Photos A. Safarov and his disciples.

A. Safarov trains at the stadium adolescent boys.

A. Safarov with their pupils at stadium in the audience.

International competitions "Memorial 26-Baku Commissars" - the race of men on the 400-meter hurdles, at a distance among the other athletes - students A. Safarov.

Distance runs and the first student finishes A. Safarov - AV Karasev.

A. Safarov coached A. Karasev in running hurdles.

A. Safarov works in his office.

2. Participants in the mass run Dubna athletes dedicated to the memory of Academician VI Veksler at the start.

Pennant run.

Portrait of Academician VI Veksler.

Participants run in the streets of Dubna - different plans.

Among the rally participants runs Senior Engineer of the Institute of Nuclear Research, Zlobin.

Engineers Zlobin and A. Sumbaev the work in the laboratory of computer science and automation OIYAD.

A. Sumbaev on the distance run.

Candidate of Technical Sciences L. Pekelner working in the laboratory.

L. Pekelner on the distance run.

Participants will finish the race the main 16-kilometer race, the first at the finish - of the Institute of the Kurchatov, master of sports Chudinov.

Participants run after the finish - different plans.

Awarding of the winners run.

3. At the stadium in Riga Sports Palace athletes demonstrate national kinds of wrestling - the Armenian struggle Koch; Moldova struggle "Trynta; Georgian struggle" Chidaoba; Yakut struggle "Hapsagay; Tatar struggle" Kuryash; Azerbaijani struggle "Gyulesh.

Sambo demonstrate the elements of Sambo.

The emblem of a European Championships in sambo.

Parade participants of the championship with Mongolian and Japanese wrestlers.

Judge strikes a gong.

On the carpet first final pair - wrestlers weighing up to 58 kilograms: Soviet athlete V. Kyllönen P. Parvanov and Bulgarian.

Moment of the bout - a throw across the back with the seizure of arms.

The judge is the winner of the bout - V. Kyllönen.

B. Kyllönen congratulate with the victory.

On the mat fighting champion of Europe among juniors V. Nevzorov and Mongolian wrestler Domirangin. V. Nevzorov holds reception "hold."

The winner of the battle - V. Nevzorov.

Masseur massaging hand Japanese athlete.

Meeting welterweight fighters - Fedorov and Japanese athlete K. Kuramoto.

Fedorov spends "pain" reception.

Winner of the meeting - Fedorov.

Soviet fighter B. Ruhlyaev and his coach before the performance.

World Champion, H. Sato, a Japanese wrestler before going on the carpet.

On the mat fighting V. Ruhlyaev and N. Sato.

Winner - H. Sato.

On the mat fighting sambo light heavyweight - Novikov (USSR) and S. Hidehara (Japan).

The judge is the winner of the bout - SV Novikov.

Coach hugs, kisses Novikov.

On the mat fighting sambo heavy weight - a Soviet athlete Kuznetsov and Japanese E. Anza.

Kuznetsov carries throws over the back, across the chest; armlock.

The winner of the bout - V. Kuznetsov.

With prizes worth Soviet sambo, who won 8 gold medals.