Soviet Sport 1973 № 6 CSKA - 50 years.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tulubeva Z.

Operators: Leongardt B., Gorbatskiy V., Fedyaev E., Kuzminskiy V.


Special Issue newsreel, dedicated to the 50 anniversary of the Central Army Sports Club.

Temporary description

Logo CSKA. Gymnasts in the army and on the ship. Athletes train. Soldiers with rifles. Lenin is with the people. Men's "Evening Moscow". Runs V. Kutz. R. Klim throws the hammer. Floating Stepanova. Cyclist V. Kapitonov. Tarasov conducts training hockey players. Volleyball and basketball players during the game. Matveev galloping on a horse. On the evening of CSKA on the podium AA Grechko and I. Jakubowski.

Reel №1

Soldier bugler blows reveille.

In the summer military camp, soldiers at the playground do fizzaryadku.

Morning fizzaryadka sailors on the deck of a warship.

Gymnasts perform exercises on uneven bars.

L. Zhabotinsky trained with a barbell.

The soldier jumps over sports equipment; perform exercises on the crossbar.

Trained boxer.

Training pilots, parachutists.

Rocketeer on military exercises.

Newsreels 1919:

Head of vseobuch N. Podvoisky Hands banner RWC in a military unit, stands in front of soldiers.

Soldiers are taught methods of bayonet fighting.

Lenin and his entourage are on the Red Square at the first parade of universal education.

Statement of Lenin in front of parade participants.

Marsh troopers in the area; speech warrior-athletes.

N. Podvoisky a group of army athletes.

Newsreel 1930th years.:

Relay run for the prize of the newspaper "Evening Moscow" - the athletes on the course at the finish.

Is a team CSKA - the relay participants.

1956 - performing stayers B. Kutsa at the Olympic Games in Melbourne.

1952 - Speech diskobolki N.Romashkovoy-Ponomareva at the Olympics in Helsinki.

Gold Medal of the XV Olympic Games in Helsinki.

1954 - AN Otkalenko sets world record in the women's 800 meters.

Newsreel 1960th years. - Acts kopemetatel J. Lusis, R. Klim hurls a hammer; skater E. Grishin, at a distance; G.Stepanova-Prozumenschikova at a distance swim, rewarding G.Stepanovoy-Prozumenschikovoy; weightlifter Yuri Vlasov push rod; cyclist Kapitonov on Olympic distance race to the finish line, athletes on hand sneaked Kapitonova.

Coach Yu Lita (former European champion in the hurdles), coached athlete.

Coach Z. Petrova (former runners) in the gym.

Coach F. Vanin (former distance runner) with young athletes in the gym and outdoors.

Soldiers and officers - members of CSKA train at the range with their rifles and pistols.

Tankers in the tank.

Officers from the map.

CSKA play hockey.

Coach of the hockey team CSKA Tarasov watches the game.

Fragments of the hockey game with CSKA - different plans.

Coach of the Soviet hockey VM Bobrov - alumnus talks with CSKA hockey players in the sports locker room before the match.

Newsreel 1940th years.:

The football team CSKA enters the field; G. Fedotov among the players.

Players congratulate G. Fedotov, presents flowers.

Army played volleyball and basketball.

Olympic gold medalist in Greco-Roman wrestling A. Roshchin talks with the Soviet Army, the soldiers treated awards A. Roshchin.

Figure skating coach Zhuk with their pupils I. Rodnina and Alexander Zaitsev.

Gymnast Klimenko speaks at events - do exercises on uneven bars.

O. Korbut Gymnast performs voluntary uprazhneniya.

Bokser V. Lemeshev in the ring.

World champion in archery E. Ganchenko at the event.

The best horseman of the country Matveev performs at competitions in show jumping.

The parade of athletes at the Central Stadium, named after VI Lenin.

Athletes on the podium depict flags emblem of the Soviet Union.

A gala evening at the Central Theater of the Soviet Army, dedicated to the 50 th anniversary of CSKA.

Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR VK Khalilov is attached to the banner of sport club Order of Lenin, congratulates athletes and leaders of the club.

Participants applauded the evening.

The presidium pm - Soviet Defense Minister Grechko, Marshal of the Soviet Union I. Jakubowski, secretary of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR MP Georgadze and others.

Secretary of the Komsomol EM Tyazhelnikov jubilee awards Honorary Banner of Lenin Komsomol.

Chairman of the All-Union Sports Committee SP Pavlov presents jubilee banner congratulates athletes.

Athletes - are veterans with the flag.

Emblem CSKA Moscow theater curtain, the stage are young athletes CSKA - different plans.

Athletes on the field of the Central Stadium depict a five-pointed star.