Soviet Sport 1974 № 6 Sportclub Kirovets. Great basketball. Rural athletes. The best gymnasts of the country.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Venzher I.

Operators: Ivanyukhin S., Rozhin L., Leongardt U., Solovev N., Gorbatskiy V., Serov G., Kopalin V.


1. 60 years of sports club Kirovets. 2. Basketball match USA and the USSR. 3. Athletes Moldovan village Tvardita. 4. USSR Championship in gymnastics.

Temporary description

Sports festival at the Leningrad stadium dedicated sports club of the Kirov plant, celebrated its 60 anniversary. Club members are engaged in sports clubs wrestling, boxing, gymnastics, weightlifting, athletics. Basketball match teams of the USSR and the United States in the Moscow Palace of Sports. Instructor physical collective farm. Lenin in Moldova F. Glavche in training with the athletes village Tvardiţa. Filing of physical exercise of the kolkhoz TRP athletes: Athletes are jumping high, pushing the core, shooting at a shooting range, competing in the race. Competitions on pulling the rope. USSR Championship in gymnastics in Rostov-na-Donu. Among the competing athletes: Klimenko, V. Andrianov, L. Tourischeva, LA Latynina, O. Korbut and others.

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1. The parade of athletes - members of the sports club Kirovets in honor of the 60 th anniversary of the club, organized Putilov workers in 1914.

At the head of the sports columns of tractor rides Kirovets - 701.

Athlete lights the fire sporting event.

Photos of the founders of the club.

The stadium are veterans of the football and hockey club team, honored master of sports, are young boxers.

Training boxers in the gym.

In the hall of the factory trained sambo.

Gymnasts train - the group of boys and girls.

Train gymnasts - champions of the Soviet Union among young men: the mechanic V. Lozhkin and working Ivanov.

In the hall of the Kirov factory trained mechanic, weightlifter N. Sysak.

Banner with the inscription "Home of stellar relay.

Stage 1 ".

Participants run relay races.

They run the athletes' Kirovtsa.

Athletes run, pass the baton finish.

The winners of the relay - athletes' Kirovtsa "with the prize.

2. Teams of USA and the USSR at the Palais des Sport in Luzhniki greet each other before the tournament.

Moments of a basketball game.

Cheering spectators in the courtroom.

Coach L. Brown of the American team is watching the game.

The game is watching coach Vladimir Kondrashin USSR.

L. Brown talks to his team members during a break.

Vladimir Kondrashin instructs athletes.

Moments of the game.

By the score 89:85 in favor of the Soviet Union.

Basketball players shake hands after the match.

3. Physical education instructor farm named after Lenin Ciadir-area AF Lungskogo Glavchev talks with a group of cyclists.

Cyclists train on the streets of the village Tvardita.

F. Glavchev coached athletes village - different plans.

Young farmers jump in height; push core; perform the exercises at the bar.

Rural arrows in the collective farm club shoot at targets.

Commissioning standards TRP Cross Country in the village Tvardita: group of athletes at the start, at a distance (in the woods, on the bridge), at the finish.

Looking older women in national costumes.

Men compete in tug of war.

Rural athletes in their jobs - in construction work as a carpenter P. Stoyanov, work riggers B. Paskov and I. Haskalah, MI Car mechanic repairing farm machinery.

Tractors in the field (from a flowering vine grapes).

Panorama of the village Tvardita.

4. The gymnast performs a vault.

Floor Exercise does S. Grozdova.

On the beam acts Dronov.

In the hall are being prepared - Olga Korbut, L. Turishcheva, Andrianov, V. Klimenko.

Judges of the championship.

Spectators in the courtroom.

Gymnast Klimenko performs exercises on the rings.

Andrianov performs exercises on horseback.

Klimenko performs on the uneven bars exercise "spinner" and dismount double somersault.

Andrianov performs the exercise on the crossbar.

Andrianov and V. Klimenko, scored the same number of points on the podium.

L. Turishcheva perform exercises on a log.

O. Korbut performs on the uneven bars "loop Korbut.

L. Turishcheva performs floor exercise its new program, passes through the hall after the performance.

Gymnasts on the podium: LA Turishcheva - 1 seat; O. Korbut - 2 nd place; H. Kim - 3 rd place, they handed awards.

Presentation of gold medal coach L. Turishcheva - V. Rastorotskomu.

Coach women's national team gymnasts L. Latynina in the hall.

Applauding audience.