Soviet Sport 1975 № 11 Gathering of Olympians. World Champion. Awards Minsk the tournament. Guardsmen TRP.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Panin A.

Operators: Serov G., Grigorev N., Panin A., Zavyalov G., Pershin O.


1. All-Union meeting of Olympic athletes in Leningrad. 2. World champion in archery Z. Rustamov. 3. World Championship, Wrestling and Combat Sambo. 4. Final USSR championship all-round TRP.

Temporary description

1 syuzh. Area in Leningrad. Rally on the cruiser "Aurora". All-Union gathering of Olympians. I. Rodnina with sailors. Athletes work on the construction site of the Kirov Factory. V. Borzov making team banner in the hall of the Tauride Palace. WWII veterans are awarded to athletes permit candidates to the Olympic team. 2 syuzh. Z. Rustamov from Dushanbe and other athletes in archery. Awarding the prize Rustamova. 3 syuzh. Minsk Palace of Sports. World Cup classic and freestyle wrestling, sambo. Awards. 4 syuzh. The final championship of the USSR on the all-around for the prize of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in Baku. Bearers. Torch. Swimming. Running. Shooting. Throwing grenades. Jumps. Girls with guns. Award winners.

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1. Palace Square in Leningrad (now withdrawn through the arch).

The cruiser Aurora, the cruiser sailors.

The meeting at the Aurora, in honor of Olympic athletes - participants of the summer and winter Olympic Games.

At the rally there: Olympic athletes, chairman of the committee for physical culture and sport under the USSR Council of Ministers Pavlov; sailors.

Athletes among sailors cruiser after the rally: V. Alexeev and I. Rodnina give autographs.

Athletes are in the shop of the Kirov factory.

Athletes work on the construction site of the Kirov plant - different plans.

Athletes in the Hall of the Tauride Palace; athlete Borzov contributes to the hall banner USSR team.

The people of Leningrad - war and labor veterans handed signs and identification of candidates for the country's Olympic team athletes: LA Pakhomova, A. Gorshkov, V. Kovalev and others.

World champion in archery Z. Rustamov attaches an icon.

2. Z. Rustamova and other archer preparing to compete in the national championship in archery.

Competitors come on line, bows at targets.

Shoots Z. Rustamova.

The target with arrows.

Archers are a target; Z. Rustamov from its target.

Z. Rustamova and other athletes at rest - sitting, talking, she looks in the mirror, an athlete is reading the book, she knits.

Z. Rustamova talking with the coach.

Z. Rustamova rises to the podium, Z. Rustamova award prizes, congratulations on the victory.

(Offscreen Z. Rustamova talking about himself).

3. The building of the Minsk Palace of Sports.

General view of the sports hall during the world championship fight.

The emblem of the championship.

Judges of the competition.

On the mat wrestlers - V. Yuminov and Japanese athlete Arai; moments match.

Read the reporters.

The judge fixes the victory Arai on the total points.

Arai, runs away from the platform, the coach on the shoulders of an athlete carries the hall.

Moments of the bout between the Soviet athlete R. Ashuralievym and fighters from Iran Barzegyarom.

Coach congratulates R. Ashuralieva with a victory.

Applauding the fans.

On the carpet samboists Hodiev S. (USSR) and the Bulgarian Stoychev; moments match.

The judge fixes the victory C. Hodieva.

Japanese athlete Fudzihara preparing for competitions.

On the carpet - a Soviet athlete Rakhimov and Japanese Fudzihara.

The winner of the battle S. Rakhimov presented with flowers.

Moments of the bout Muscovite Kuznetsov with a rival.

The judge raised his hand Kuznetsova, who won.

Coaches three teams of the Soviet Union handed top prizes championships.

4. Final of Championship of USSR all around competition for the prizes of the TRP of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" - the parade of athletes at the stadium in Baku, the athlete runs around the stadium with a torch; veterans in the stands.

Boys and girls compete in throwing grenades, running, long jump, swimming and shooting rifles.

During the competition is watching the President of the TRP and the chief judge of the competition, Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov.

Applauding spectators in the stands.

Competition winners awarded laurel wreaths and prizes.