Soviet Army 1978 № 39 "Berezina-78"

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: E. Gekker

Script writers: B. Sadekov

Operators: V. Voroncov, G. Epifanov, V. Makarov, V. Izvekov, K. Duronov, A. Kulidzhanov, D. Parfenov, V. Frolenko

Recordist: Yu. Zorin

Other authors: V. Panasyuk


The issue is dedicated to the planned exercises of the Belarusian Military District, codenamed "Berezina", held in February 1978.

Army | Russian cities and regions | Military exercises and maneuvers

Defense and internal security | Towns and countries | Geography and Nature

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Reel №1

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Winter landscapes (panorama).

Types of winter forest.

Soldiers wipe themselves with snow during morning physical exercises.

View of a forest clearing.

Buglers give the signal for the start of the planned exercises of the troops of the Belarusian military district "Berezina-78".

Movement of a tank column through the forest over rough terrain.

Infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) on the march.

Forest landscapes.

Types of one of the military memorials.

The Victory Monument on the square of the same name in Minsk, the Eternal Flame is burning.

The military lay a wreath at the Eternal Flame.

Types of memorial in Khatyn.

Tankers lay a funeral wreath at the monument.

Tankers give a salute from machine guns.

Types of the monument-stele on the Mound of Glory in Minsk.

View of the solemn meeting on the occasion of the opening of the memorial complex in honor of the soldiers of the Rogachev Motorized rifle Division.

Tank on a pedestal.

The division commander makes a speech.

Soldiers in the honor guard.

The commander of the troops of the Belarusian Military District, Colonel-General M.M. Zaitsev, makes a speech, the face of Zaitsev.

The faces of generals and officers.

Soldiers lay flowers on the pedestal of the monument.

Wreaths and an honor guard at the Eternal Flame.

The Eternal Flame is burning.

Newsreel of 1944: the offensive of Soviet troops in Belarus during the Rogachev-Zhlobin offensive operation in February 1944, artillery is firing at the enemy.

The infantry is advancing with the support of tanks.

A column of German prisoners of war follows to the rear under escort.

Cavalry and tanks are on the attack.

Meeting of soldiers of the Red Army units who closed the enemy encirclement ring.

Residents of the liberated village meet soldiers of the Red Army and partisans passing through the village.

Panorama of the solemn rally on the occasion of the meeting of the military units of the Belarusian military District taking part in the exercises.

The meeting of the tank column.

A brass band is playing.

Presentation of bread and salt to the participants of the exercises.

Tankers applaud.

The girls are handing bouquets of flowers to the soldiers.

The tanker puts the child on the armor.

The faces of the rally participants.

A soldier climbs into the hatch of an armored personnel carrier with a loaf of bread in his hands.

Locals wave goodbye with their hands.

A column of BM-21 rocket launchers begins moving into the concentration area.

Self-propelled artillery, motorized rifle and tank units occupy their starting positions.

A battery of D-30 howitzers on the march.

Mobile air defense missile launchers are being moved to a firing position.

Flying helicopters.

View of one of the tank columns before the start of the march (from above).

Engineering equipment builds roads in deep snow.

Actions of the personnel of military engineering units.

Deployment of a pontoon ferry.

Digging a trench with the help of earthmoving equipment.

Infantry fighting vehicles take to the road.

Zaitsev and the commanders of the exercises meet foreign military observers.

Persons of foreign military.

Polish military with binoculars.

View of a two-tier observation deck at the training ground.

Arrival at the exercises of the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the CP of Belarus Masherov P.M., Zaitsev gives a report to Masherov.

Panorama of the observation deck and part of the polygon.

The layout of the area where the exercises are held, panoramas of part of the polygon.

Commanders of the branches of the armed forces at observation posts.

Zaitsev's face.

Masherov watches the progress of the exercises from the glazed room of the command post.

The attack of armored vehicles and the "Northern" Air Force.

The pilot is in the cockpit of a helicopter.

A plane flies by.

Tanks and aircraft of the "Northern" are on the offensive.

Firing with Grad rocket systems.

Shell bursts on the front line of a simulated enemy.

The actions of the calculation of the artillery gun in the firing position.

Attacking tanks.

The officer at the stereo tube.

Machine gunners are firing from the trench.

Tanks on exercises.

Aiming anti-aircraft missile launchers at the target.

Actions of various branches of the armed forces during the exercises.

Loading an armored personnel carrier into a helicopter.

Stopping a tank column for refueling equipment, the work of support services.

The release of the "Northern" airborne troops, the landing of military equipment.

The personnel and equipment of the landing force enter the battle.

Amphibious assault vehicles are advancing to the line of attack.

The landing party is moving forward with the support of armored vehicles.

Military journalists at work covering the course of the exercises.

Newspaper headlines.

Newspaper reports on the progress of the exercises.


Masherov Petr Mironovich -- statesman and politician
Zajcev Mihail Mitrofanovich -- the warlord







Towns and countries; Armament; Political figures; Rallies; World War II; International cooperation; Media; Monuments
Geography and Nature; Defense and internal security; Biography; Policy; Society, social activities and community organizations; Social life; History; Space; Culture and Arts

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Lieutenant V. Dudko and Corporal S. Kuvychkin talk about the descent in the air during the landing and a safe landing on one parachute (synchronously), the faces of the paratroopers.

Types of a field camp of one of the military units.

Issue of a Combat Leaflet in the field.

Maintenance and repair of armored vehicles.

The shooter of a tank anti-aircraft machine gun checks the condition of the material part.

Soldiers read letters from home, fire in the stove.

The snow is blowing.

Landing in helicopters of tactical airborne personnel.

The officer gives his subordinates a combat order.

The faces of the soldiers standing in line.

The crews of infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) take their places on command.

A column of infantry fighting vehicles makes a march.

Shooters in the amphibious compartment of the BMP during the march.

The commander of one of the BMP I. Ryazanov, gunner-operator V. Kupid and mechanic-drivers V. Liker during the march.

The BMP enters the line of attack.

The shooters leave the troop compartment and turn into a chain on the move.

Motorized infantry attacks a conditional enemy.

Officers at the command and observation post.

The tanks of the "Southern" counterattack.

The infantry of the "Northern" attacks the position of the "Southern".

Infantry converges in hand-to-hand combat, the use of hand-to-hand combat techniques.

The commander of the exercises, guests and foreign military observers at the command and observation post.

Komsomol meeting in one of the tank units.

Presentation of a Komsomol ticket to one of the tankers.

Combat aircraft after landing.

Pilots at the airfield receive a combat training task.

Refueling the aircraft with fuel.

Manning of on-board weapons with ammunition.

The face of the flight director giving the command over the radio.

The faces of the pilots.

The aircraft cabin lamp closes.

The command of the aviation regiment at the control and observation post.

The fighters are taxiing to the runway.

Take-off of a pair of fighters.

The planes of the "Northern" are carrying out an air strike.

Tanks are moving forward under fire.

Persons of foreign military.

Tanks are attacking a simulated enemy.

Air strikes on targets.

Colonel-General Zaitsev and officers at the command and observation post.

Zaitsev watches the actions of the troops.

Working out the actions of motorized infantry in a counter battle.

Foreign observers at the command post.

Cameramen are filming an interview with one of the foreign military.

Faces of the Soviet and foreign military.

Foreign officers inspect the material part of the artillery piece.

Soldiers of one of the units are in formation.

A political officer speaks to the staff.

The faces of soldiers and sergeants.

A stand with the text of the newspaper publication of Brezhnev's book "Malaya Zemlya" and his portrait.

Soldiers listen to an excerpt from Brezhnev's book, read aloud.

The faces of the soldiers.

Presentation of the Order of Victory to Brezhnev L.I. in the Kremlin.

M.A. Suslov pins the order to Brezhnev's ceremonial tunic, congratulates him.

View of a part of the Moscow Kremlin.

Views of the hall of solemn meetings in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Armed Forces of the USSR.

Brezhnev delivers a speech from the rostrum about the essence of Soviet military policy (synchronously).

The units of the troops of the Belarusian Military District, who participated in the exercises, pass through the streets of Minsk, Minsk residents greet the passing troops.

Infantry fighting vehicles leave for Victory Square.

View of the Victory Monument.

Armored personnel carriers with battle flags of the units are passing through the streets of Minsk.

The faces of people greeting passing troops.

Children on the armor of the tank.

The girl next to the tanker.

Children give bouquets of flowers to soldiers.

Infantry fighting vehicles with battle flags of military units are moving along the central streets of Minsk.

Minsk residents welcome the passing troops.

View of the avenue during the passage of armored vehicles (from above).


Brezhnev Leonid Iljich -- statesman and politician
Suslov Mihail Andreevich -- statesman and politician
Zajcev Mihail Mitrofanovich -- the warlord







Armament; Political figures; International cooperation; Activities of the Komsomol; Meeting; Air force; Towns and countries
Defense and internal security; Biography; Policy; Space; Domestic policy; Society, social activities and community organizations; Social life; Army; Aviation; Geography and Nature