Soviet Sport 1986 № 5 Stadium in the shop. Horsemen. Rhythms of the sport.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Artseulov O.

Operators: Artseulov K.


1. Health center NLMK. 2. Sports family R.Makarova coach. 3. Ensemble sports pop dance "Leader".

Temporary description

Shop NLMK (city Lipetsk). Plant workers perform gymnastic exercises do wrestling in the gym. Worker S. Silver gives interviews (synchronously). Plant workers swim in the pool. Coach child equestrian school CSKA R. Makarov conducts training for young riders in the forest. Moments of the USSR Cup competitions in equestrian sport. R. Makarova daughter - Tatiana on horseback at the stadium in Star City. R. Makarov and his wife V. Koklyushkin talking to her daughter. Star City residents talk with family members Makarova. Members of the ensemble sports pop dance "leader" on stage. Leader of the group I. Skobelev rehearsing, talking with members of the ensemble (synchronously).

Reel №1

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1. Shop of the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Combine.

Work steelworkers.

Rolling mill.


Workers combine swimming in a pool, exercise at the gym the third sheet rolling shop, wrestling, boxing.

Head of department of health S. Silver talks about the organization of sports activities at the plant (synchronously).

Man is engaged on a stationary bike.

Factory workers at their workplace and the classroom in the gym.

Factory workers in the sauna.

2. Coach child equestrian school CSKA R. Makarov inspects the stables of horses, conducting training of young riders in the woods.

Newsreel footage: The international equestrian competition in Pardubice.

Rider R. Makarov participates in competitions.

Photos by R. Makarov.

R. Makarov on training in the woods with their pupils.

Pass young riders.

Competitions USSR equestrian.

Acts Soviet rider Tatiana Makarova (daughter of R. Makarov).

Photo wives P. Makarov - Gymnasts B. Koklyushkin.

Photos in the family album R. Makarov.

Makarova shows elements of riding at the stadium in Star City.

P. Makarov, and V. Koklyushkin among the residents of Star City.

3. Disco.

Youth dance break.

Ensemble members of "Leader" on stage.

Members of the band in rehearsal - different plans.

Leader of the band master of sport of figure skating I. Skoblikova conducts rehearsal (synchronously).

Members of the band rehearsing - perform acrobatic elements and elements to break.