Long way to Mars. (1989)

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Director: N.Makarov, N. Makarov

Script writers: Borodin A.

Operators: I.Kasatkin

Other authors: Konsuljtant B.V.Raushenbah


Do I have to fly to Mars? According to scientists, astronauts, ordinary people. Challenges.

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Reel №1 Long way to Mars

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The authors of the film raises the question about the possibility of a manned mission to Mars, describes the international space projects, ways of Soviet space to move towards that goal.

Types of one of the cities in the U.S.: high-rise buildings, cars on the roads, a monument to General Houston in the park.

The film uses newsreel footage: SP Korolev wrote at the table, SP Korolev in the boardroom, the astronauts back-ended "Apollo" Alan Bean, Ronald Evans, Jack Lausma.

The spacecraft descends to the surface of the sand, the view of one of the space centers in the U.S., the astronauts on board the ship, the Soviet-American space project "Soyuz-Apollo" (commander Alexei Leonov at the negotiating table with the U.S. astronauts.

Taking off the spacecraft, the scientists watched the monitors in the control room, the work of cameramen and journalists).

Indians perform a ritual dance in front of tourists.

Launcher "Energy" is on the court.

Key words

Scientific communications. Space Forces. Astronomy and Space. Christianity. Architecture. Sculpture. City. Objects of public leisure and recreation. Exhibitions. Wildlife.


Raushenbah B.V.-fizik-mehanik, odin iz osnovopolozhnikov sovetskoj kosmonavtiki, doktor tehnicheskih nauk, professor. Akademik AN SSSR. Geroj Socialisticheskogo Truda. Laureat Leninskoj premii.







Science; Space

Reel №2

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Shuttle Launch,

The explosion of the Shuttle at launch in 1986

Automatic stations "Phobos-1" and "Phobos-2".(animation).

Control center.

Indians perform a ritual dance for tourists.

Starving African children.

Cracked earth.

Combine harvester in the field.

Smoky chimneys of enterprises.

Computer center.

Articles in newspapers about the feasibility of a flight to Mars.

Astronauts in zero gravity.

American astronaut M. Collins on Baikonur (photo).

Gorbachev and R. Reagan in Moscow (frotographs).

Designer V.M. Kovtunenko.

The Energia launch vehicle is on the launch pad.

International Space Conference.

Launching the model.

Cosmonautics Circle.

Rauschenbach B.V. (synchronously).


Kovtunenko V.M.-onstruktor raketno-kosmicheskih sistem, uchastnik razrabotki pervih otechestvennih boevih ballisticheskih raket i programmi izucheniya okolozemnogo kosmosa s pomoschjyu sputnikov razlichnogo naznacheniya, a takzhe neskoljkih mezhdunarodnih kosmicheskih proektov.