Foreign newsreels 1972 № 3290

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Scene №1

Japan - A popular spectacle-dog fighting.

Scene №2

Chile-Clashes between demonstrators and troops in Santiago (during the strikes that swept the country).

Scene №3

DRV-Chronicle of 1968-1972: American air raids, destruction, wounded Soviet sailors, destroyed dams, etc.

Scene №4

Bulgaria-Negotiations between representatives of the Turkish and Bulgarian authorities and the release of passengers from the hijacked plane.

Scene №5

USA-Experimental explosion of 500 tons of trinitrotoluene, creating the effect of a nuclear bomb explosion, in Colorado.

Scene №6

Israel-A demonstration of captured Arab tanks taken into service by the Israeli army.

Scene №7

Bulgaria-A hijacked Turkish passenger plane of Turkish Airlines at the Sofia airport during the negotiations of the kidnappers with the Turkish authorities.

Scene №8

USA-Arrival in Chicago of a group of doctors from China, making a trip to the United States.

Scene №9

South Vietnam-Saigon troops attack the village of Phu Hoa on the road.


Scene №10

Chile-Troops and police march against demonstrators who oppose the government of President S. Allende.

Scene №11

France-24-hour national strike of railway workers with demands for higher wages-Report from Paris.

Scene №12

Turkey-Strict security measures at Istanbul airport after the hijacking of a Turkish airliner to Bulgaria.

Scene №13

Chile-President S. Allende says at a press conference that the fascist-inspired strike has failed.

Scene №14

Cambodia-The battle of the troops of the Lon Nol regime for the road cut by the patriot forces.

Scene №15

Cambodia-The battle of the troops of the Lon Nol regime for the road cut by the patriot forces.

Scene №16

India-A demonstration of Communists in Delhi to protest against the bombing of the embassies of India, France, and Algeria during a US air raid on Hanoi.

Police clash with demonstrators.

Scene №17

Israel (Syrian border) - The consequences of the Syrian shelling.