Mamanty-papanty. Shaggy show.. (1991)

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Director: Guljchuk N., Titova N.

Script writers: Guljchuk N., Melik-Pashaeva A.

Operators: Kreps G.

Composers: Golubev I.


Children's musical film starring circus performers, animals and birds. Saturated with interesting biological information about motherhood in the world of animals and birds.

Circus | Youth oriented | Family

Culture and Arts

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Goat in glasses and tie.

The chimp carries the baby in the pram.

The stroller tips over.

Chimpanzee tinkering with toys.

Circus goats.

A cat carries kittens in a stroller.


Bears with a stroller.

The flowering tree.

Because of the trees leaves clown on roller skates.

Excerpt the circus (clowning).

Chick comes out of the water.

The Chicks in the nest.

The flowers in the background, a flock of flamingos.

A flock of flamingos on the shores of the reservoir.

Lilies bloom (fast mode).


Butterfly on a flower.

Aquarium fish.

Family of lions in a cage.

Wolverines climb along the branches.



Giraffes go on the cage and look into the lens.


Excerpts circus (trained animals).

The clown blows the horn.

Circus goats.


The leopard runs down the aisle.

Monkey riding a pony.

Monkey runs around the arena.

Blue-and-yellow macaw.

Bear with the dog in his paws.

Parrots on the rings.



Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The cameramen in the arena, the animals and ride on the machine.

The clown gets up in the camera.

A monkey walks on his hands.

The monkey under the big top.

The clown on the lounge.

The girl lands on the arena.

Pantomime with the ostrich.

The monkey at the microphone.

Monkey in a cage.

Green-winged macaw.

Young monkeys.

An ostrich looks out of the box.


Clown with a child sitting in the arena.

The alternation of baby toys, monkey among the toys in the cage.

A collection of circus animals.

The monkey applauds.

The bear applauds.

The wolves are howling in the woods.

Owl on a branch.

The life of a wolf pack, mating games.

The alternation bears the musicians on performance, goats riding in a carriage.

The alternation of dancing monkeys, the mating dance of a peacock.

Cavalier gives the monkey flowers.

Monkey gnaws bouquet.

Elephant with a flower in his trunk.

Clown takes a flower, a pantomime elephant.

Animation: the ancient Greek myths about Zeus.

The alternation of animation, a bull in the field, the coral snake, Swan.




Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The clown with the dolphins.

Monkey sitting on a chair.

Birds around the TV, the screen recording the birth of a Dolphin.

Performance with trained dolphins.

Swimming with the dolphins.

A garland of balloons, cats on the rings.

The alternation of the cat at the microphone, the life of aquarium fish.

Excerpt of submission yd Kuklachev.

Clowns on a unicycle.

Elephant at the zoo.

Animals in the circus ring, the elephant in the role of the teacher.

Bear with the dog in his paws.



Snakes on the branches.


Kuklachev Yuri D. -- circus artist, clown, animal trainer, founder and Director of the theatre cats cat house, Honored artist of the RSFSR, people's artist of the RSFSR, honorary Professor of Moscow state University of culture.



Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

From the cocoons hatch into butterflies.

Butterfly on a flower.

The elephant at the circus.

Flocks of birds on the coast.

Chicks of pelicans in the nests.

The surf, the birds circling over the shore.

A flock of spoonbills on the shore.

The Chicks in the nest.

The adult birds around the nest.

Leopards in the circus ring.

Leopards and elephant.


A herd of bison.

Goats eat the branches.


Black swans and other waterfowl in the pond.

The children go behind the elephant and give him a treat.

The trainer stroked the leopard.

An excerpt of a circus performance with leopards.

Trainer with a Python.

Clown and bears ride bicycles.

Thickets of fern in the birch grove.

Lynx with cubs.

A rabbit runs across the meadow.

Rabbits with young.

Running through the grass weasel.

Ferret with cubs in the den.

Ferret crawls out of the hollow tree trunk.

Small ferrets with her mother in the hole.

Mother with grown up cubs in search of food.



Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Rookery of sea lions.

Seals with cubs.

Seals on the shore.

Trained goats.

Animation: the ancient Greek myths about Zeus.

Animation: the heavenly constellations.


Animation: the myth of the Capitoline she-wolf.

The she-wolf with cubs.

A family of circus monkeys.

Birds around the TV, the screen the story of the lion cub-albino.

Monkeys applaud.

A musical number featuring monkeys and clown.

Birds on a branch.

Pantomime with the birds.

The woodpecker and the doves on the branches.


The woodpecker strikes the Gong.

The rookery on the coast, guillemots and gulls.

Flocks of guillemots (feeding and hatching Chicks).

Guillemots on the cliffs.

The woodpecker and the doves.


Man Boxing with a kangaroo.

Clown imitates the boxer.



Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Guillemots on the cliffs, with Chicks.

Grown Chicks alone climb rocks, surrounded by adult birds on the shore.

Guillemot Chicks learn to swim.

Guillemots on a rock.

A woodpecker knocks on a branch.


Cuckoo-a foundling in the nest.

Wagtail feeds cuckoo.

The clown among birds.

Man Boxing with a kangaroo.

The woodpecker strikes the Gong.

Barnacle geese are the Chicks through the forest.

Fox attacks on Chicks, geese protect offspring.

The Fox hides in a hole.

The alternation of a monkey on the microphone, monkeys in cages at the zoo.

Alternating: the baby macaque with a toy, young mothers, clown with a child.

Magpie on the log.

Clown with a child.



Reel №7

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Are trained bears.

The flower blossoms (fast mode).

Fox with cubs at the exit of the hole.

The alternation of blossom leaves (fast mode), a Lama with a calf eating grass.

A herd of Buffalo.

Flowering tree (fast mode).

Zebra in the paddock, the foal sucks milk.

Blooms violet (fast mode).

Giraffes with calves at the zoo.

The child pulls the toy out of the box.

Giraffes go on the cage and look into the lens.

Trained parrots on the rings.

Chimpanzees with toys in the grass.

Guillemots on the coast.

The baby macaque with a toy in the cage.

Black swans in the pond.

A family of monkeys in front of the TV.

Animation: galloping fire horse.

Bears musicians.

Sea lion playing with a ball.

Clowns Helen and Alice Alexeyev bow to the audience.

Trainer A. M. Askarian with monkeys on the hands.

Yd Kuklachev with a cat on his hands.

E. Alekseeva on the lounge.


Kuklachev Yuri D.
Askarian, A. M.-circus performer, animal trainer, people's artist of the Russian Federation.