Development of banking. (1995)

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Director: I. Kogan, K. Hramova

Script writers: I. Kogan

Operators: O. Fedorov, V. Ksenofontov

Recordist: L. Scherbakova

Other authors: E. Belova, T. Uspenskaya


The history of banking in Russia.

Sectors of the economy | Finance | History

Reel №1 Development of banking

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View of the Neva River and the embankment in St.


The statue of the Sphinx on the embankment.

Portraits of the Empress Anna Ioannovna.

Pages of the Complete Collection of Laws of the Russian Empire.

Portrait of the Empress Elizabeth Petrovna.

Paintings and drawings depicting the streets and buildings of St.

Petersburg in the 18th century.

Types of the monument to Catherine II.

Paintings and drawings depicting the streets and buildings of St.

Petersburg of the era of Catherine II.

Chandeliers under the ceiling of the ballroom, ball paintings (combined shooting.

Panorama of the house of the banker A. Stieglitz.

Portrait of Stieglitz.

Opening of the Nikolaev railway (fragment of the x / film).

Photos of railway stations built in the 19th century.

Ball in the Palace (game footage).

Fragments of the X \ film about the Crimean War, the movement of troops to Sevastopol.

Griffins at the entrance to the bridge in St.


Reflections of buildings and the sun in the water of the Griboyedov Canal.

Burning candles.

Paper and books on the desk, the hand displays the figure of the interest rate.

Overlapping paintings and drawings depicting the streets and buildings of St.


Sand in an hourglass.

Portraits of Alexander II and members of the commission for the preparation of financial reform.

The golden statue of Hermes.

The scheme of the banking system of post-reform Russia.

View of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

Parts of the building where the State Bank of Russia was located in May 1860.

Fragments of buildings that housed private, joint-stock and public banks.

Samples of securities.

Panorama of one of the buildings of St.

Petersburg, where the Polyakov Bank was located.

Paintings by M. Chagall.

Newsreel: a train passes by.

Painting "Repair work on the railway" by K. Savitsky.

Map of the territory where the Polyakov brothers ' enterprises were located.

The locomotive is on its way.

Entrance to the tunnel.

The train is on its way.

Photo of the State Bank building in the late 19th century.

Autograph of the Minister of Finance S. Y. Witte.

Samples of state credit cards.

View of the central part of the building, where the "Mutual Credit Society" was located.

Photo of the building of one of the banks in Kharkiv in 1901.

Painting "The collapse of the bank" by V. Makovsky.

Newsreel: the arrival of the train at the station.

Photo of the Merchant Bank building.

The picture "The collapse of the bank".

Sand in an hourglass.

A sinking ship.

Photos of Denmark's banks that went bankrupt during the crisis.

Portrait of the banker Lazar Polyakov.

Portrait of S. Y. Witte.

View of the Peter and Paul Fortress from the window.

Atlantean sculptures at the entrance to the Small Hermitage.

View of the Main Headquarters building with an arch.

Chariot with sculptures of horses over the arch of the General Staff.

View of the Alexander Column on Palace Square.





Trains; Russian cities and regions
Transportation; Sectors of the economy; Towns and countries; Geography and Nature

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View of the gramophone, next to the newspapers of the early 20th century.

Photo of the Ryabushinskys.

Paintings depicting Moscow in the early 19th century.

Credit cards of the Ryabushinsky Trading House.

Portraits of Pavel, Vladimir and Mikhail Ryabushinsky.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Ryabushinskys ' office building.

Invoices and ledgers on the desk.

The pendulum of the grandfather clock.

The text about the establishment of the Banking House of the Ryabushinsky Brothers.

Newsreel (issue of " Pathe-magazine"): people on the streets of the city.

People walk in the park.

View of one of the Ryabushinsky houses, fragments of a cast-iron fence pattern.

Paintings from their Ryabushinsky collection.

map with the location of flax processing enterprises and branches of the Moscow Bank of Ryabushinskys in European Russia.

Photo of the manufacturer S. Tretyakov at his desk.

Portrait of Ryabushinsky.

Photos of linen enterprises (overlay).

Newsreel of the early 20th century: the steamer departs from the shore.

Logging by hand.

Views of Moscow streets in the 1910s.

Panorama of the square with the monument to Alexander III in St.


The headline of the newspaper "Morning of Russia", published by the Ryabushinskys.

Photo of the State Bank building.

Samples of gold bars of the Russian Empire.

Newsreel: the use of new machines in agriculture in Russia.

Harvesting with tractor reapers.

Internal view of the workshop for the manufacture of long-range artillery barrels.

Russian warship on the march.

The trunks of the deck tower rise, the break of the film.

Fragments of the x / film, the capture of the bank by the Red Guards.

Typist's hands, fragments of a typewriter.

Samples of the first Soviet banknotes.

A man with a wheelbarrow (animation).

People on a city street in the mid-1990s.

View of the building of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Signs with the names of new Russian banks.

Entrance to the building of the All-Russian Exchange Bank.

Title documents of the bank for the implementation of commercial activities.

Meeting of the founders of the bank, signing of documents.

Bank shares.

Counting money with the help of special machines.

Bank employees at work.

Map of Europe with the location of the partners of the All-Russian Exchange Bank.

Meeting of the bank's management.

The bank director is in his office.

The clock on the study wall.

Headlines of newspapers and magazines financed by the bank.

paintings by M. Aldashin.







Russian cities and regions; Life and leisure; Industry; Agriculture
Towns and countries; Geography and Nature; Social life; Sectors of the economy