Bashkir motives. (1986)

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: V.Tarik

Script writers: A. Filippov

Operators: V. Tarik

Text writers: V. Savchuk


Film about Bashkortostan, traditions, Industry, Landmarks republic.

National culture | Russian cities and regions

Reel №1

The artist draws on the river bank.

PNRM. along the river to the monument on the mountain.

Monument to the rider on the horse.

Landscape with the river.

Girl cape thrown down - Preparations for the wedding of the Bashkir.

Girl 2 years in a yellow scarf on her head.

Bride on her head throw colorful scarf.

Women in Bashkir folk costumes.

Grandmothers in folk costumes dance.

Logs lying on the ground in front of house village.

Are women in folk costumes.

Joiner working behind the bench, making the wooden frame of the window.

Country house, gate, painted pictures - sun, blue.

Village houses.

The man is engaged in home decoration.

The beautiful facade of the house and the fence at the house.

Man shoots camera.

Group - the bride and groom and their friends.

Landscape plans.

Artist painting.

The painting of the artist.

Buildings, housing.

On the assembly line is the engine assembly process.

For operation of the machine automation, robotics.

Workers supervise machines with automated controls.

The vehicles assembled at Bashkir enterprises.

Job excavator and truck in a quarry.

Sculptor Group creates monumental composition with woman in full length.

Monument to Salavat Yulaev.

The monumental complex on the mountain in honor of the friendship of Russia and Bashkortostan - sculptures, bas-reliefs.

Ufa - the area of ​​old houses.

Monument to Lenin.

The tour comes in a wooden two-storey house - museum of Lenin.

Rooms house museum.

Foreign delegation leaves entry in the guest book Lenin Museum.

Another statue of Lenin.

New areas of Ufa - wide streets, modern home.

Fountain in the park.

Photographing a group of students on a background of the monument to Lenin.

Fountain in the park.

Young people on the streets.

Goes race sport cross.

Chess players of the game.

The finish of the race in the stadium - complete distance children and older athletes.

Check riders on motorcycles.

Jump stadium.

Riders - a boy on a pony and a horse athlete - is engaged in dressage.

Artist at work.

Paintings depict Bashkir life.

Vineyards - different.

Breeder-grower LN Strelyaeva.

Monument to the soldiers who died in the war.

Pedestrians on the streets.

A sign on the house "This building housed the base hospital number 5913".

Signboard "In this house lived the poet Pavlo Tychina G.".

Signboard "In this house lived Academician Palladin Alexander."

A sign with the names of leaders of the international communist movement - Georgi Dimitrov, Klement Gottwald, Otto Kuusinen, Wilhelm Pieck, Palmiro Togliatti, Maurice Thorez.



Reel №2

Overcast sky, oil rigs in the field.

Oil rocking chair beside the road on which the car moves.

Memorial Plaque "05/16/1932 of 702 wells has begun" second Baku ".

The cameraman shoots with a tripod.

War hero comes with numerous awards on his uniform.

The operator on the move eliminates manual film camera.

Work crews on the oil rig.

Cameraman hand-held camera work takes drillers.

Oil refinery.

Jobs in SRI with electronic equipment.

Oil rocking stand in a row.

Ears in a field of wheat.

From the top point - harvesters to harvest.

Fray grain barge filled.

Livestock complex, milkmaids.

Combine harvest.

Job agricultural machines.

City market, buyers, shop windows with agricultural products and prices.

Large - jars of honey Bashkir.

The pancakes are fried in a skillet.

Items for sale - kebab, vegetables, bakery products.

The exhibition, entitled "Bashkir costume."

Visitors of all ages at the show.

Vintage outfit behind glass HOLDER.

Folk costumes on mannequins on display.

Folk costumes of the participants on folk dance, acting on a glade.

Local custom - the inhabitants of one street came to visit the other residents of the street.

Girls of the dance ensemble in the air in folk costumes.

People communicate.

On a long table covered with a seating for a big company - adults and young people eat, drink.

The painting depicts the Bashkir folk festival on the street, in the center - belt wrestling.

Artist at work.

Tractor plowing a field.

A man cuts a bush knife from the trunk cuts a musical instrument, blowing a whistle.

PNRM. in the autumn landscape, yellow-green trees.

Large - the plane takes off.

Monument - Salavat Yulaev on a horse on a background of the evening sky.