Dunno on the street. (1987)

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: A.Borschevskij

Script writers: Kuznetsov

Operators: Maximov

Composers: Belov


A children's film about traffic regulations.


Transportation | Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The boy in the Dunno costume.

The road - there are cars, buses, trucks.

The traffic light is a red signal.

Top view of the street - there is a lot of traffic on the road.

Large - wheels of cars and buses.

Children's race track - children ride electric cars.

Children sing a song about Dunno.

The traffic light is a green signal.

The feet of pedestrians crossing the road.

Large - the muzzle of a St.


Pedestrians walk along the sidewalk.

Large - traffic light.

A car is driving.

Dunno in the apartment rides a children's pedal car, plays catch-up with his mother.

He looks out of the window into the courtyard - children are walking there, riding a slide, playing snowballs.

Dunno with a sled runs into the yard.

Running out of the entrance, he almost gets hit by a car.

Dunno climbs up the hill, pushes everyone aside, rolls down and knocks down a girl who is standing in the way.

The girl is crying, the children calm her down.

Children sing a song about being polite and attentive.

Dunno runs away.

Large - the dog barks.

Dunno with a sled runs away from the yard, goes outside.

Sees a friend on the other side of the street, tries to climb over the fence and gets stuck.

Children run out of the yard, sing a song.

The man pulls out the Dunno.

The children approach Dunno and sing to him that there are transitions.

Dunno is running away again.

City streets, a crossing, a red signal at the traffic light.

Everyone is waiting at the crossing, but Dunno decides to run a red light.

Cars brake sharply, people around are terrified.

There is a congestion of cars, Dunno escapes.

Dunno and a friend are walking along the roadway.

A slide next to the road.

Friends decide to slide off her on a sled.

Children walk along the road and sing.

Dunno on a sled slides down the hill.

Children with a traffic police officer run after Dunno.

The sled with Dunno rolls down onto the roadway.

The driver of the car brakes in horror, turns the steering wheel.

The girl covers her face with her hands.

Large - car.

The doorbell rings, the mother of Dunno opens the door and sees her son together with a traffic police officer.

Children bring a broken sled into the apartment.

A traffic police officer talks to children.

Children begin to sing a song about the rules of the road.

The traffic police officer repeats after them that it is forbidden to ride and play on the roadsides.

Repeated footage of traffic violations committed by Dunno.

Children sing.

Passers-by, children on the streets of the city.

The children, together with dunno, are waiting at the crossing for the green signal of the traffic light and only then begin to cross the road.

The general plan is the traffic on the city street.

Key words

Traffic rules, accident



Childhood and youth
Social life