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Producer Krasnoyarsk studio

Director: Miroshnichenko S.

Script writers: Denisov

Operators: Tyshkevich

Composers: Kalashnikov


The film tells the story of the sovkhoz head and the honoured worker in the sphere of culture A. Yaroshenko.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A spring gushing out of the ground -Varvarin's key.

The man lifts the lid of the well that covers the spring.

A man talks about how a well was built over the key, the history of the key(synchronously).

General plan:View of the village of Bolshaya Urya.

People's faces.

A hanger with concert costumes.

Folk choir rehearsal.

The choir sings (synchronously).


Panorama of the singers.

A. Yaroshenko talks on the phone (synchronously) about the fate of a minor girl.

A. Yaroshenko talks about the work of the state farm, which he manages.

A. Yaroshenko rides in the car.

Panorama of a large village.

A fragment of a film made about the village in 1976 (A. Yaroshenko sings the song "Motherland", S. Tulikov-Yu.


The blacksmith shod the horse.




Krasnoyarsk Territory


Big Urya



Amateur performances; Culture and Arts
National culture

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A man leads a horse along the path.

Soloist of the choir A. Korolchuk talks about how the choir was organized.(synchronously).

T. Korolchuk (synchronously).

A herd of horses at a watering hole.

A. Yaroshenko (synchronou) about how he began to sing.

Artist's workshop.

Portrait of A. Yaroshenko.

Artist T. Ryannel paints a portrait.

Animal farm.

A milkmaid milks a cow, pours milk into a can.

Tractor in the field.

Beet harvesting.

A. Yaroshenko about his voice (synchronously).


On the table are two glasses and a plate of honeycomb honey.


A. Korolchuk and A. Yaroshenko solo (synchronously).

The choir sings.

A plane taking off.


Koroljchuk A. i T. - solisti hora sovhoza B.Urjya
Ryannelj T.V. -zasluzhennij hudozhnik RSFSR


Krasnoyarsk Territory


S. B. Urya



Amateur performances; Culture and Arts
National culture

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A man comes out of the entrance with a billboard on which is an announcement about the choir rehearsal.

Boys play sea battle(in a slot machine).

Members of the choir play table football.

A snow-covered village.

Women in one of the huts lead a round dance and sing.

Sleigh rides on a snow-covered road.

The broad street of the village.

General view of the village.

A. Yaroshenko tells the participants of the choir about his vacation spent in Thailand and Japan.

Members of the choir in costume before a performance.

A. Yaroshenko opens a coconut.

A concert at the club.

On stage, the choir.

Evening street in S. B. Urya.

A. Yaroshenko listens to an aria from the opera "La Traviata".

Photos of the young A. Yaroshenko.

A. Yaroshenko (synchronously).


Yaroshenko A.I. -direktor sovhoza "Boljsheurinskij", zasluzhennij rabotnik kuljturi RSFSR, rukovoditelj narodnogo hora.


Krasnoyarsk Territory



Amateur performances; Culture and Arts
National culture