Lowering the flag. (1991)

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: Kustov B.

Script writers: Suvorov V., Cherkashin N.

Operators: Kustov B.


The film tells about the fate of the first Soviet nuclear submarine, the Navy received the nickname "Hiroshima". The film is timed to the 30th anniversary of the tragedy of July 4, 1961.

Fleet | Defense and internal security | Man-made disasters

Army | Wars, conflicts and disasters

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


The man removes a wreath to the monument.

Tomb with flowers and wreaths.

Uniform caps on the fence.

People on the avenue of the cemetery.

Says a member of the crew of the submarine K-19.

Chronicle 1960: Sea view from the tower of the submarine.

The boat leaves from the port.

The boat in the sea on the sea trials.

The surface of the sea.

It opens the missile compartment.

Preparing the rocket for launch.

Start missiles.

Luke closes.

Alternation: Boat sinks under water, the readings.

K-19 in the port, raising signal flags, veterans and active crews of sailors on the construction.

The members of the first crew of the boat.

Tells B.A.Polyakov.

Bottom view on the ladder and open the hatch.

Captain N.V.Zateev descends.

It opens the door to the chart-room.

The navigator is on the phone.

Tells N.V.Zateev.

Sailor measure background radiation.


Alternation: N.V.Zateev photos.

The surface of the sea.

Alternation: storm surges, the boat on the surface.

Tells N.V.Zateev.

Chronicle of 1961 year:

Lookout with binoculars.

Sea view from the side of the submarine.

Tells Zh.M.Sverbilov.


Zateev NV - Soviet naval officer, Captain I rank, the first commander of the submarine K-19.
Sverbil JM - Soviet naval officer, Captain I rank.
Polyakov BA - Soviet naval officer, Captain I rank.


07.1960 07.1961

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Chronicle of 1961 year:

Seaman with a gyroscope, observation of the submarine.

Alternation: interview with Zh.M.Sverbilovym, photos, a man coming down the ladder.

Entrance to the room. N.V.Zateev considering pictures.

Alternation: N.V.Zateev in an interview in the chart house, Photo.

V.N.Zavarin down the hatch.

Chronicle of the 1972:

Photography in the Chinese newspaper.

The nose of the submarine, sea waves.

Type of boat side.

The waves are sweeping the deck, over the water tower.

Manhole cover.

View from the bottom edge of the door.

Senior Warrant Officer V.Demin down the hatch.

Interview with V.Deminym in the wheelhouse, photos.

Types of K-19 from different angles.

Chart room.



Text. V.N.Zavarin passes through the compartments (slow motion). V.N.Zavarin is on deck.


Zateev NV
Sverbil JM
Zavarin VN - Soviet naval officer, Captain II rank.


07.1961 02.1972

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View of the hills.

Burial wreaths.

Meeting sailors in the cemetery.


People in the restaurant.

View from the window.

Communication equipment.

Submarines in the port.

Captain N.V.Zateev.

People dancing.

Personnel news:

K-19 into the sea.

Shooting submarine from the air.


Sailor looking through the periscope.

The command to launch rockets and the final countdown.

The launching of rockets.

The first crew of the K-19 on the deck.

Tells Zh.M.Sverbilov, port types.

Tells V.N.Zavarin.

Tells N.V.Zateev.

The crew on the deck, a toast to their fallen comrades.

Graveyard of ships in the port area.

The submarine accompanied by tugboats.

Electric welding.

The hole in the side of an old ship.

lowering the flag.


Zateev NV
Sverbil JM
Zavarin VN