Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism in vocational training schools. (1976)

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: V.Bajnov

Script writers: Hochfeld

Operators: Anisimov


The film was shot at different vocational training schools of the Sverdlovsk area and is intended for coaches and students engaged in sporting activities.


Social life

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Factory shop, production process, workers.

Construction site, cranes are working.

An employee in a white coat works with equipment in the shop.

Acceptance of finished products - new cars.

Workers at a machine-building plant.

A construction worker puts cement.

A welder works.

Practical classes in vocational schools.

Students are engaged on horizontal bars, in the gym on the tatami, play basketball.

Vocational school students in the classroom.

Ski competitions.

Large-a sign "There is a pedagogical council".

Meeting of vocational school teachers.

Students stand in a row in the gym, jump over a goat, pull themselves up, work on the uneven bars.


Students on the uneven bars, the crossbar.

Large-a sign "DSO Council".

Meeting of members of the council of the physical culture collective of the school.

Large - the director of the vocational school and his deputies, teachers and educators, members of the physical culture asset.

Teachers make a work plan.

Large-pages of documents (work plans).

Vocational school students in nature, go hiking , play football, badminton.

This is the team leader speaking.

Students play chess in nature, cook food on a campfire, and engage in wrestling.

Vocational school class - students in the classroom.

The group's physiologist demonstrates an educational film.

In the frame - competitions on motorcycles, cycling, awarding the winners of the 18th cycling race of the world (on the podium Alexey Petrov), runner Leonid Ivanov.

Students are watching a movie.

In the frame - the champion of the Olympic Games Anatoly Bogdanov.


In the frame - Tamara Lomova is shooting.

In the frame - speed skating competitions, Anatoly Safronov runs.

In the frame - gymnast Lilia Nazmutdinova performs exercises with a ribbon.

In the frame - the champion of the Olympic Games, javelin thrower Viktor Tsybulenko.

In the frame - Igor Tokar, a champion in trampoline jumping.

In the frame - boxers Yuri Solomin, Vladimir Yengibaryan, Boris Kuznetsov, Dan Poznyak.

Large-wall newspaper "Sports youth".

The master of industrial training, together with the fizorg and Komsomol and students, are engaged in the design of a wall newspaper.

Large-the stand "We report".

The supervisor is at a meeting with students.

Corridors of vocational schools, stands, a sports corner with cups and certificates of honor.

The sports hall, the director of the vocational school awards students for sports achievements.

Large-on the table are certificates and badges of judges and instructors.

Presentation of certificates, students applaud.

Physical education lesson on the street.

Says the physical education teacher.

Key words



Petrov A. - sovetskij sportsmen, velogonschik
Ivanov L. - sovetskij sportsmen,begun
Bogdanov A. - sovetskij sportsmen, strelok
Lomova T. - sovetskaya sportsmenka, strelok
Safronov A. - sovetskij sportsmen, konjkobezhec
Nazmutdinova L. - sovetskaya sportsmenka, gimnastka
Cibulenko V. - sovetskij sportsmen, kopjemetatelj
Tokarj I. - sovetskij sportsmen, gimnast na batute
Solomin Yu. - sovetskij sportsmen, bokser
Engibaryan V. - sovetskij sportsmen, bokser
Kuznecov B. - sovetskij sportsmen, bokser
Poznyak D. - sovetskij sportsmen, bokser




Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Jogging on the field, warm-up.

The physical education teacher shows the exercises, the students repeat.

Students jump high, throw a core.

A physical education teacher talks to students.

Foreman of carousel turners Toporkov S. A. gives an interview.

A sign - "SGPTU-72" - students run out of the building for a jog.

Jogging in the woods, exercise.

Large-the schedule of the sections.

Training of wrestlers.

In the frame - the master of industrial training, the head of the wrestling section Zubov M. V.

Training of wrestlers on the tatami, the coach shows the reception on the athlete, working out techniques, classes in the gym.

Athletes in the wellness complex (sauna).

Classes in rhythmic gymnastics.

Trampoline jumping section - athletes jump, a female coach works with athletes.

Steelworker Morogov A.D. gives an interview.

Stadium, passing the TRP standards.

Running, long jump, shot throwing.

Large-a TRP stand, a stand with a schedule and curricula, a table of sports achievements.

The classroom, students at their desks, there is a lesson with the group's physiologist.

Large-the log is filled in.

Running competitions, long jumps.

Skiing classes among vocational school students, ski jumping.

Preparation of the skating rink - snow removal, filling of a new coating.

The Commission checks the condition of the skating rink.

Awarding of athletes-skiers.

The flag of the school is raised.

Key words

Physical education, sports, vocational schools


Sverdlovsk region




Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Sports contest of the school.


Skiing competitions, a hockey match, football.

Spring, flowering trees, athletes sitting on the grass.

Physical education lesson on the street - group classes on horizontal bars, on ropes, etc.

Table tennis competitions.

Running competitions.

Basketball competitions.

Sports camp.

The bugler blows the bugle.

Athletes run out for morning exercises.

The guys play volleyball, compete in javelin throwing, practice on horizontal bars and simulators.

Swimming classes.

Training of skiers on special summer roller skis.

Orienteering competitions.

Competitions in tourist sports - teams collect tents for a while, go along the route.

Panorama of the forest, mountains and river.

A group with backpacks is going on a hike.

Boats on the river.

Large-a bonfire.

Evening, the guys are sitting by the fire.

Graduation at the school - tables are set, graduates in full dress uniform.

Graduates give interviews.

Graduates are sitting at the tables, veterans and management are in the presidium.

Large-diplomas on the table.

Presentation of diplomas, certificates, awards, honorary badges and certificates.

Graduates applaud.

Key words

Physical education, sports, competitions, vocational schools


Chelyabinsk region