Soviet Ural Mountains 1984 № 45

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Director: Chinyonov V.

Operators: Voronkov A., Gorshkov V.


"About the time and about himself." People talk about work, talk about life, about the close relationship of production development and growth as human beings.

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On the road rides a truck "Ural".

The driver in the cab.

In the opposite lane passes "Ural" with a load of logs.

Tells the driver Pomyanichko.

Trucks "Ural" with trailers.

Work in the logging.

Man drives ATV. "Ural" with a cargo of timber leaves the plot.

Road to Nyagan (shooting from the car).

Truck carries timber.

Tower of fallen trees.

Work on the rig.

On the road going trucks.

View from the road to Nyagan.

Country house.

Car near the Finnish unit.

Rooms inside the unit.

Repeater behind farmhouses.

Workers in the room television station.

House of Culture.

Plays a tape recorder.

Is aerobics.

In the classroom there are children and adults.

Chief doctor examines a newborn.


Students in the class.

The teacher conducts open lesson.

Director at the last desk.

Construction of the hospital complex.

The building of the new school.

New residential buildings.


A group of people in front of the plant named after Kalinin.

Photos orphans.

Tells the employee plant fitter CNC. Working counsel in the shop.

Automated metalworking spends on the machine.

Stages of production of aircraft engines.

Factory "Larskie gems."

Women work in the shops.

Says an employee of the factory.

Factory production on conveyors.

Perfume shop employee at work.

Stages of production and packaging products.

Head perfume shop V.G.Danilina.

Beauty shop.

Brigadier cosmetic shop N.N.Batalova.

Products shop on the conveyor.

Cosmetic shop employee at work.

Clock Tower.

People on the streets of the city.

Seller touches Christmas balls.

People at the counter with festive decorations.

A man puts a bag of Santa Claus.

Sold by the cash register.

People on the streets of the city.


Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug - Yugra
Perm Krai



New Year; Industry; Education
Holidays; Social life; Sectors of the economy