In the Center of the Arctic Region. (1955)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Troyanovskiy M.

Script writers: Troyanovskiy M.

Operators: Kotlyarenko L., Istomin A., Lebedev O., Leongardt U., Troyanovskiy M., Frolenko V., Yatsun E., Semin A.

Composers: Geviksman V.

Anouncers: Sheynker P.

Text writers: Maryamov A.


History of exploration of the Arctic region.

Discoveries | Arctic and Antarctic

Science | Geography and Nature

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Landscapes of the central Arctic.

Newsreel 1912-1914.:

Sedov expedition.

Drawings of various expeditions.

Henrietta Island.

Rocky coast.


The decree signed by VI Lenin's creation of the Marine Science Institute.

Newsreel 1930.:

Construction of polar stations.

Icebreaker "Siberians" in the path.

On the bridge are Schmidt and Voronin.

"SIB" approaches the coast of Chukotka.

"Siberians" in the Bering Strait.

On the deck of the expedition.

Steamer "Chelyuskin" drowning in ice.

"Camp Chelyuskinites" on ice.

Landing "Chelyuskin" in the plane.

Pilots A. Liapidevskii, S. Levanevsky, V. Molokov, N. Kamanin, Slepnev M., M. Vodopyanov, I. Doronik.

The paper that is printed on a decree conferring the title of Hero of the Soviet pilots Union.

Newsreel 1930.:

Planes go to the North Pole.

On board the flagship of the head of the expedition, Academician Otto Schmidt, M. Vodopyanov pilot.

Schmidt out of the plane and the other members of the expedition.


Raise the flag of the USSR.

"North Pole."

Are Shirshov, E. Ernst, Shirshov and I. Papanin.

Reel №2

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Newsreel 1940.:

Landing on ice airfield.

Pilots Cherevichny and cats.

Hoisting the flag on the pole.

Members of the expedition equipped tents.


The movement of the ice.


Osipov pilot saves plane.

Kotov pilot in the cockpit.

Members of the expedition to help turn the plane.

Repair summer playground.


Pilots Ostrakin and tents in the aircraft.

The landing of the expedition.

Polar at work.

Near the ice house are hydrologist Somov and cinematographer Yatsun.

In a small house on the piano plays Dr.


On May explorers discover snow palace.

In the wardroom Scherbikov includes academic and Turkana.

Sitting at the banquet table Scharbikov, Frolov et al

The rise of the balloon.

Hydrologists and Izvekov Dralkin working.

Reel №3

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Newsreel 1954-1955.:

"North Pole - 3".

The card - the station master and Treshnikov Babenko.

Babenko helicopter pilot gives researchers a place of observation.

Shamontev hydrologist with ammonal produces blast of ice.

Scientific staff at the trigger and Minakov hydrological winch.

Camp station "SP-2" (helicopter).

Polar "SP-3" examine floe "SP-2", which spent 376 days explorers.

Arrival of the aircraft to "SP-3."

Polar receive and read the letter.

Malkov at work.

Summer in the Arctic.

Pale and Silin wash.

Explorers are moving to another ice floe.

Komarov mechanic at augers with him Matveichuk.

Station "SP-4."

Explorers are struggling with divorce.

Navigation along the Northern Sea Route.

Ships in ice.

Loading of goods at the port.

Marine Operations Headquarters.

Ship "Lena" in the way.

The duty on the drifting station.


Meteorology and other polar work.

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1950.:

In the house is Dralkin.

Poletika in the house.

Doctor examines Valovich Malkova, hammer and others.


Fresh vegetables in boxes.

In the drawing-room playing chess Silin and others.

Polar playing dominoes.

Tsigilnitsky in the library.

Celebrating the birth of Kaznova.

Drifting station (night).

Northern Lights.

Matveichuk have meteobudki.

Polar at work.


Malkov, Matveichuk, Treshnikov, Kaguberiya, Rozbam Kanaka, and others listen to the radio.

The house asleep Sharikov Razumov.

Rasbash radioman at work.

Valovich, Babenko and others working on the wall newspaper.

Slip on the ice "SP-3."

Dmitriev on watch.


Wake Matveichuk, Babenko and others.

Polar run out of the house.

Valovich, Treshnikov, Babenko.

The camp was torn in two.

People are saving property.

The transfer of the camp on a nearby field.

Matveichuk, Babenko.

Reel №5

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Newsreel 1950.:

In the tent after Abraham.

Treshnikov a calendar.

Dmitriev says.

Bear puts things on the table.

Babenko Matveichuk.

Cameraman Yatsun have a gas stove.

Polar sing the song (synchronously).

Camp "SP-3" (night).

Curco, Rasbash at work.

Landing (night).

Meeting with Zadkova Treshnikov.

The aircraft unload cargo.

Polar reading letters, dismantle gifts.

Hydrologist Dralkin, Toletikov and polar group.

"Camp SP-3."


Explorers are going to the mainland.

Dr. forgiven Paleev, Gordienko, Drakin, Zebedee.

The station "SP-3" leaves the ice floe.

Arrival of the new shift to "SP-4."

Polar forgiven.

Polar meeting in Moscow at the airport.

Atmosphere - Papanin Krenkel, Vodop'yanov, Somov.

Out of the plane Tolstikov, Treshnikov, Boborykin and others.

Relatives and friends greeted them.

Raising the flag at the station "SP-5".