My native bird.. (2000)

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Producer Film studio Otechestvo

Director: N. Ryapolov

Operators: V. Maev, Yu. Strahov.

Other authors: I. Shatova i N. Burlyaev (diktori).


The film is dedicated NV Plevitskaya.


Culture and Arts

Reel №1

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The film draws RGAKFD, Chaliapin House Museum, Museum Workshop S. Konenkov, museum-estate Shchepkin, Theater Museum.


The film stars GI Doronin, KS Konenkov A. Strel'chenko, musicologist collector V. Safozhkin, villagers Vinnikova Kursk region, Belgorod Folklore Ensemble "Crossed", participants folklore festival "Holkinskaya Spring" Belgorod region: Dasha Paulichenka L. Gavrilova.

Part 1. Landscapes winter and summer.

Men mow the grass.

Gramophone record spinning.

Personnel news: farmers plowing.

Part 2. Interior of a village house, the children sit on the stove, the woman at the well.

Dancing woman.

Forest landscapes.


Part 3. Church and churchyard.

Personnel news: carousel, performance artists at the fair, the audience, the movement of the steamer, the gramophone and other household items, swing, L. Sobinov (voice sounds over), funeral NV Sobinova Manezh Square, Leo Tolstoy for a walk.

Part 4. Woman at the Spinning Wheel.

Personnel news: women at work and at home; Chronicle of the First World War; procession; Chronicle of the Civil War in Russia.

Part 5. Personnel news: soldiers board the train, the movement of ships, automobiles; crowd in the restaurant; Bazaar; views of the city of Paris; Chronicle of the Second World War; Peasants at work in the field.

Part 6. Personnel news: Scientists at the observatory, a telescope.


Opening of the monument N. Plevitskaya.

Speaker sculptor V. Canines (synchronously).


Nadezhda Plevickaya - pevica




Kursk region



Persons of arts; Traditions and customs; Emigration
Biography; Culture and Arts; National culture; Social life

Reel №2

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Says a specialist in the work of Plevitskaya.

There are photos of Plevitskaya on the table.

A cabinet with recordings of Plevitskaya's songs.

Gramophone trumpet.

The brand of the gramophone.

Collection of gramophone records.

Photo by N. Plevitskaya.

Gramophone record.

Poster from the concert of N. Plevitskaya.

The specialist puts a Plevitskaya record for listening.

A conversation between a creative specialist N. Plevitskaya and singer Alexandra Strelchenko, a modern performer of the Plevitskaya repertoire.

A cabinet with recordings of Plevitskaya's songs.

Alexandra Strelchenko is walking down the street.

Women in folk costumes.

Icon in the red corner.

The scene with the bride's preparation for the wedding was played out.

Photo by N. Plevitskaya.


Women in folk costumes at the gate of the house.

Wedding ceremonies.

Kursk landscapes.

Photo by composer G.V. Sviridov.


White church on the background of green fields.

Birch grove.

A girl in a folk costume walks through the grove, a bundle on her shoulder.

Fields, road.

Birds fly near the nests on the sandy slope of the ravine.

Close-up - the face of a girl next to a birch tree.

Key words

Folk songs. Folk rituals. Landscapes of the middle lane


Nadezhda Plevickaya - pevica.
Aleksandra Streljchenko - pevica.


Kursk region



Persons of arts
Biography; Culture and Arts

Reel №3

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The road through the field.


Kursk Maiden Monastery.

Nuns in the monastery.

Chronicle of 1900-1916 .:

Carousel at the fair.

Puppet theater on the square.

The performance of the carnival at the fair.

Acrobats at the fair.

Gypsies in the square.

Photo of Plevitskaya.

Chronicle of 1900-1916 .:

Performance of dancers.

Photo of the singer's mother.

Photo of Plevitskaya with her husband, a ballet soloist in a booth.


Chronicle of 1900-1916 .:

A peasant enters a village house.

Wooden platbands.

Plevitskaya's record is spinning on a gramophone.

Gramophone trumpet.

The samovar is boiling.



Boat on the river.

Photo of the Nizhny Novgorod pier.

Swing at the fair.

Carts with goods arrive at the fair.

Photo of Plevitskaya.

Chronicle of 1900-1916 .:

The audience meets the artists.

Meeting L.V. Sobinov at the Nizhny Novgorod Fair.

Photos of Sobinov in opera costumes.

The audience welcomes Sobinov.

Chronicle of 1934: Sobinov's funeral.

Chronicle of 1900-1916 .:

Views of Moscow.

Photo of the creative intelligentsia in 1902.

Photo of N. Plevitskaya with friends.

Photo by K.S. Stanislavsky and L.V.


Chronicle of 1905:

K.S. Stanislavsky.

Photo by N. Plevitskaya.

Chronicle 1905.

Yasnaya Polyana.

Leo Tolstoy.

Officers in a car with girls.

Photo of the restaurant.

Photos of Plevitskaya.

Chronicle of 1905:


F.I. Chaliapin.

Landscape of central Russia.

Photo recording of Chaliapin's singing on a gramophone.

Gramophone in a modern apartment.

Interior in the F.I. Chaliapin Museum in Moscow.

Photo of Chaliapin with an inscription dedicated to Plevitskaya.

Key words

Pre - revolutionary chronicle


Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoj, russkij pisatelj.
Nadezhda Plevickaya, pevica.
Leonid Vitaljevich Sobinov, pevec.
Fedor Ivanovich Shalyapin, pevec.
Konstantin Sergeevich Stanislavskij, teatraljnij deyatelj.


1900 1905 1900-1916


Kursk region
Nizhny Novgorod

Persons of arts
Biography; Culture and Arts

Reel №4

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A gramophone is playing.

An elderly woman spins yarn on a spinning wheel.

Chronicle of 1900.


The courtyard of a peasant house.

Village street.

Peasant woman at the loom.

Photo of a woman in a folk costume.

Chronicle of 1900-1916 .:

Strips of canvas are drying on the grass.

Patterns on folk clothes.

A girl in a folk costume.

Women wash clothes on the river.

A girl reads a letter.

Photo of the royal family.


Village house.

Photo of the Alexander III train accident.

Photos of Plevitskaya.

Photo of Nicholas II.

Portrait of Nicholas II.

Plevitskaya's house in the village of Vennikovo.

Says a contemporary of Plevitskaya, a resident of the village of Vennikovo.

Photo of Plevitskaya, decorated with a wreath of daisies.

Surroundings of the village of Vennikovo.

Photo of Plevitskaya.

Chronicle of 1914:

The First World War.

A nurse in the war.

They carry the wounded.

Soldiers on the march.

Photo of the groom Plevitskaya.

The soldiers' attack.



Soldiers' funerals.

Icon of the Savior Not Made with Hands.

The grave of the singer's mother.

Photo of Plevitskaya's mother.

A girl with an icon.

The procession with the icon of the Sign of the Mother of God.

Church domes.

Believers fall down to the icon of the Sign of the Mother of God.

The dome of the church.

A girl with an icon.

Church crosses behind barbed wire.

Photo by G.V. Sviridov.

Sviridov's record.

Chronicle of 1919:

The Civil War.


Nikolaj II, russkij carj
Nadezhda Plevickaya, pevica.


1900-1916 1914-1919


Kursk region
Kursk region



Persons of arts; Religion
Biography; Culture and Arts; Social life

Reel №5

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Chronicle of 1922:

People are leaving for emigration.

Panorama of Russia.

Views of Paris.

Photos of N. Plevitskaya.

Snow-covered fields.

Chronicle of 1925:

Russian restaurant.

View of New York.

Memorial plaque.

Museum workshop of S.T. Konenkov.

Konenkov's son is in his museum.

Sculpture of Plevitskaya, works by S.T. Konenkov.

Portrait of Rachmaninoff.

A record with songs by Plevitskaya is spinning on the gramophone.

Photos of Plevitskaya.

Photos of Rachmaninoff.

Chronicle of 1937:

Views of Paris.

Photo of officers in exile.

Photo of Plevitskaya in court.

Photos of a girl in the village.

Chronicle of 1939-1945:

A prison in France.

Planes are bombing France.

Views of Paris.

The Germans are marching through Paris.

Winter in Russia.

Trees in the snow.

Photo of Sviridov.

A frozen bush with berries.

The village of Vennikovo in the snow.

Photo of Plevitskaya.

Panorama of the village.

There are men with balalaika and accordion.

Photo of Plevitskaya at her portrait.

A resident of the village of Vennikovo.

A CD with songs by N. Plevitskaya.

A line for the production of music discs.

Young people are looking at CDs with songs by Plevitskaya.

Chronicle of 1900:

Peasant work.

A villager listens to a gramophone with songs by Plevitskaya.

A candle is burning next to the portrait of N. Plevitskaya.

Key words





1900 1922 1925 1939-1945


Kursk region

Persons of arts; World War II
Biography; Culture and Arts; History

Reel №6

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Peasants mow the grass.

The observatory.

The telescope.



A field with grain.

The grand opening of the monument to N. Plevitskaya.


Panorama of the surroundings of the village of Vennikova.

A horse is grazing in a field.

Photo of Plevitskaya.

The girl blows a whistle, a folk toy.

In front of her are various folk crafts.

The girls are sitting on a log, next to the boys.

Elderly women in folk costumes are sitting in a cart.

Folk ensembles play and sing.

Panorama of the folk festival.

A girl in a folk costume.

The White Church on the green hills.

Angel on the bell tower.

Key words

folk songs


Plevickaya Ndezhda Vasiljevna, pevica.


Kursk region



Persons of arts; Music
Biography; Culture and Arts