I had a shot.. (2003)

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Producer Film studio Otechestvo

Director: T.Karpova

Script writers: Karpova T.

Operators: E.Davidov

Soundman: Ustimenko N.


The film tells about the artist photographer Paul Krivtsovo. P.Krivtsov reflects on the life and work (sinhr.), talking to workers in the construction, conducts shooting at a construction S.V.Mihalkov day of the anniversary, P.Krivtsov in his studio at work, view photos taken P.Krivtsovym.

Culture and Arts | Veterans

Social life

Reel №1

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Key words

Photo. Building.

Movie №1

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Says photographer Pavel Krivtsov.

Photos - a sculptor with his sculpture.

Says Krivtsov.

Photos of Krivtsov - the sculptor breaks his work in a ravine.

Says Krivtsov.

Photos of the broken sculpture.

Various b/ w photographs of Krivtsov - a young woodcarver at work, a master with a cup in his hands, an elderly man in a hut with a rooster, a man with a balalaika on the grass, etc.

Krivtsov is at the construction site, inspecting the object.

The welder workers are upstairs.

Krivtsov climbs the stairs, welding works are going on in the background.

A group of builders in helmets.

The pier, there are motor ships, Krivtsov goes along the construction site, approaches the workers.

Different production processes - workers lift metal sheets, welding works are underway.

Krivtsov photographs the workflow.

Krivtsov photographs builders and workers.

Builders gather for a group photo, Krivtsov takes pictures.

Various b/w photographs of Krivtsov - workers, steelworkers, elderly people, veterans, portraits, faces of ordinary people, etc.

Krupno - Krivtsov looks at the photos.

Different genre photos - village, children, villagers, etc.

Photos - winter landscape with trees, a girl in the window, old trees, stumps, driftwood, etc.

Photos on a rural theme - a man at a campfire, women in the field, people with horses in the field, children near school under an umbrella in the rain, a family on a motorcycle with a stroller, various photos with children.

Says Krivtsov.

Panorama on the photo of veterans.

Says Krivtsov.

Photo of a veteran in an open raincoat with orders and medals.

Different photos with veterans.

A solemn event, a group of people ascends the stairs, among them is the poet and writer Sergei Mikhalkov.

Mikhalkov is greeted with bread and salt, applauded, there are a lot of correspondents, cameramen, photographers around.

Among the photographers is Pavel Krivtsov.

Mikhalkov at the table.

Krivtsov is on his knees, taking pictures.

Close-up - Krivtsov's face with a camera.

Mikhalkov at the table.

In the photo of Krivtsov - writers Sergei Mikhalkov, Yuri Bondarev, Leonid Leonov, Valentin Rasputin, Viktor Astafyev, actor Nikolai Kryuchkov, singer Tatiana Petrova, pilot Alexey Maresyev, composer Georgy Sviridov, etc.

Various photos of priests, monasteries, temples, monks and nuns, etc.

Krivtsov is in the studio, working with special equipment.

Large - a corner with icons in the room.

Krivtsov is at work, developing photographs.

The process of developing photos.

Krivtsov at work.

Large - negative photos.

Krivtsov's face in the red light.

Krivtsov is in the bathroom, developing photos with red light.

A large -white sheet of photo paper in the tray.

Krivtsov at work.

Close-up - gradually the image appears in the photo.

Krivtsov's apartment.

A cat jumps on the table with folders.

Krivtsov is in the room, printing black-and-white photographs on a special machine.

Various photographs of Krivtsov - miners, children, elderly people, a pregnant woman, a grandmother with apples, a portrait of a grandmother with a front letter, etc.

Large - hands fold a stack of photos, put a load on it.

Photo by Pavel Krivtsov.

Says Krivtsov.

Key words

Photographer, photography


Mihalkov S. V. - sovetskij i rossijskij pisatelj, poet, dramaturg i publicist, voennij korrespondent, scenarist, basnopisec, obschestvennij deyatelj

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