Sur-Harban - our holiday.. (1989)

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Director: Kupershmidt L.

Script writers: Badmaeva M.

Operators: Ivanov V., Chervyakov A.


The film reflects the image of the Ust-Orda Buryat Autonomous District, including the historical review and conduct a traditional summer holiday Sur Harban.

Traditions and customs | Holidays | National culture

Culture and Arts | Social life

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Panoramic views of Lake Baikal and the surrounding area.

Olkhon Island.

The shore of Lake Baikal.

Panoramas of the taiga.

Panoramas of Irkutsk.

View of the river.

On the banks of the River herds of cows.

Tractors collect hay.

The field is Combine Harvester.

Panorama fields.

Flock of sheep.

Herd of horses.

View of the village.

School buildings.

Children working in the school garden.

Bedrooms for the group.


The view from the window into the yard.

Those children.

Children play on the court.

Typical houses of the village of the district.

The street is a man.

Museum exhibits: summer Buryat yurt, household items.

In the field going cars and buses.

A lot of people in a hurry for the holiday.

Group schoolgirls with umbrellas.

The baby's face.

The procession of people dressed in national costumes, with umbrellas and flags.

The parade takes place in front of the stands.

Russian troika.

The line of people in national costumes.

The ritual greeting before the holiday.


Riders with flags that make the name of the holiday.

Children with flowers.

The man on the podium speech.

Raises a red flag.

On the track athlete runs with the torch.

Athlete climbing stairs to the Olympic bowl.

Those spectators, a woman with binoculars.

Lit the Olympic Flame.

View of the site of the competition.

Athletes lift weights.

Woman shooting a bow.

Athletes play volleyball.

Applause fans.

Competitions runners.

Stopwatches in their hands observers.

Athletes finish.

The rows of spectators in front of the stands.

Buryat wrestling.

The referee blows a whistle.

Athletes finish the match.

Judges record the results.

The judge declared the winner.

Continued competition fighters.

Fighters perform folk dance.

View of the village Olonka.

Tomb V.F.Raevskogo.

There is a dog fence.

Room of the museum.

People see historical documents (portraits, paintings, manuscripts, maps).


View of the river.

Stands in the museum with portraits of exiled nobility.

Key words

History. Ethnicity. National sports. Keepers of folk traditions.


Republic of Buryatia
Irkutsk region



Russian cities and regions
Towns and countries; Geography and Nature

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

House Volkonskiis.

Rooms House Museum.

View of the village of the Polish community.

At the fence is two-wheeled cart, the cart sitting children.

On the streets there are people dressed in national costumes.

A man plays the accordion, the women sing folk songs.

Those residents of the village.

A group of children in front of the abandoned house.

Tatar folk songs in the dance.

View of the lake, meadow fence divides in half.

View of the village Bilchir.

House-Museum of M.N.Hangalova.

The rooms of the museum.

Background and M.N.Hangalova portrait on the wall.

Photo early XX century: M.N.Hangalov with students.

Meadow grass.

Monument historian A.P.Schapovu.

Panorama fields, far seen villages.

House Museum playwright A.V.Vampilova in Cheremhovo.

The rooms of the museum.

Quote on the blackboard on the wall.

Photos on the walls.

The room devoted to the work A.V.Vampilova.

On the walls hang playbills, a portrait of the playwright in the frame of dry twigs and flowers.

Ships at berth.

Ship "Alexander Vampilov."

People on board.

The foam on the water footprint of the tail of the ship.

A single-engine plane in the sky.

View of earth from an airplane.

Out of parachutists.

Parachutists land on the field, where the holiday.

People collect parachutes and shake hands.

A man with an arrow in his mouth.


Those viewers.

Series final match of the Buryat wrestling.

The girl's face wearing sunglasses.

The winner of the prize carries on his shoulders a sheep, friends applauding athletes.

Spectators shake the winner on their hands.

Key words

History. Ethnicity. National sports. Keepers of folk traditions.


Republic of Buryatia
Irkutsk region



Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Members and guests Sur Harban on the field.

Men carry the fire ram.

Baran lay on the grass and start butchering.

People around the fires, on the other bank of the river on a hill are cars, floats over a field of smoke.

The song at the end of the toast-greeting.

People at the table with a festive meal.

All are treated with national dishes.

Buryat folk round dance Yokhor.

Horses at the hitching post.

Children hold the horse.

Those viewers.

Horse racing at speed.

The riders at the finish line.

The audience applauded the participants.

The boy on the horse.

The baby's face.

A policeman with a bullhorn.

National game "Kyz kuu" ("Chase the Girl").

Those viewers.

Rysachi running.

Woman looking into the distance out of hand.

Races in threes.

Competitors otshagivayut horses in the field.

On the tables are lined up trophies for the winners with diplomas.

Awards Ceremony.

The final procession of the athletes before the tribunes.

View from the airplane on the ground, the shadow of the aircraft on Meadow.

Sunset on the field is the tractor.

Plowing the land.


Flock of sheep in the field, the shepherd sit on horseback.

Herd of horses.

The girl's face.

Panorama of Lake Baikal.

Key words

History. Ethnicity. National sports. Keepers of folk traditions.


Republic of Buryatia
Irkutsk region