USSR-USA Athletes' Competition. (1958)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Rybakova A.

Operators: Voroncov A., Grek A., Kiselev V., Leongardt U., Mikhaylov A., Troshkin V. P.

Anouncers: Vygodskiy R.

Text writers: Prok I.


Athletic competitions between USSR and USA teams.

Historical background

History: In late July 1958 in Moscow to participate in the match with the Soviet athletes first arrived strongest track and field athletes United States.

Temporary description

Athletics match between the USSR and the USA. Competition in the decathlon. The race of men and women's 100 meters, women's 200 meters, 80 meter hurdles, men's 800, 3000, 5000, 10,000 meters in 110 meters hurdles. Relay for men and women in the women's 400 meters. Jogging. Competition in the pole vault, high, triple jump, discus, hammer, shot put. Competitors at the start, race, finish, podium. Winners: B. Krepkina, A. Murchison, V. Bulatov, Ponomarev, G. Connolly, T. Chenchik, G. Davis, A. Spirin, Zhukov, L. Williams, G. Bystrov. Grandma R., Yu Stepanov, T. Courtenay, E. Brown, A. Ryakhovsky, S. Rzhischin, H. Pyarnakavi. R. Johnson - record in the decathlon at the podium. R. Johnson awarded the gold medal.

Reel №1


Hotel Leningradskaya.

The hotel at the table sitting American athletes.

The microphone stands honorary secretary of Amateur Athletic Union of the United States, Daniel Ferris (synchronously).

Athletes sit Edward Southern, Ira Murchison, Glen Davis, Margaret Matthews.

American athletes in training Erlin Brown, Perry O'Brien, Harold Connolly, Richard Granny, Courtenay.

Are correspondent Robert Richards and coach Gabriel Korobkov.

Home events.

The spectators in the stadium.

Parade of Soviet and American athletes.

Chairperson of the All-Union Section athletes Burov and Daniel Ferris.

Sitting judge.

Races at 100 meters.

Run Rafer Johnson, Vasily Kuznetsov, Dave Edstrem Yuri Kutenkov.

Johnson finishes first.

Fleeing women: Maslovskaya, Jones Krepkina, Daniels.

Start Ira Murchison, Ed Collymore, Leonid Bartenev Yuri Konovalov.

Competition in the pole vault.

Jumping Jim Brewer, Vladimir Bulatov, Ronald Morris.

Start of race walking for 20 km.

Participate Ronald Laird, Leonid Spirin, Valentine Hook and Jim Hughson.

Athletes come from the stadium, are on the streets of the city.

Meet women diskobolok.

Playing Nina Ponomarenko (I-th), Antonina Zolotukhin (III-th), Erlin Brown (II-place).

Reel №2

Hammer throw.

Playing European champion Michael Krivonosov, world record holder Harold Connolly, the Albert Hall, Anatoly gems.

On the podium Taisa Chenchik and Harold Connolly, Nina Ponomareva and Glen Davis.

At the stadium finish first runner Soviet Leonid Spirin.

Running at 10,000 feet: Gordon Mackenzie, Alex Desyatchikov, Jerry Smart and Yevgeny Zhukov.

Zhukov finish (I-th), Desyatchikov (II-place), J.

Smart (III-place).

Start of the 4 x 100 relay for women.

Run by Isabelle Daniels, Vera Krepkina, Lucinda Williams, Soviet athlete Linda Koepp, Margaret Matthews, Mary Itkin, Valentine Maslovskaya and Barbara Jones.

4x100m Relay Men: Boris Tokarev, Ira Murchison, Ira Davis, Yuri Konovalov, Jim Segerstam, Ed Collymore, Leonid Bartenev.

Winners - U.S. athletes.

The second day of the final match.

American athletes sign autographs.

The race for 110 meters hurdles: Estrie (I-th), Johnson, Kuznetsov.

Kuznetsov throws the disc.

The race for the women's 200 meters

Lucinda Williams finishes first - on the podium.

Running on 80-meter hurdles for women: Galina Bystrov, Derris Mack Kafra, Ninel Eliseev Lauretta Foley.

Winner - Soviet athletes.

Competition discus throwers Vladimir Trussenev Richard Granny, Kim Bukhantsev.

Winner Richard Babka.

Reel №3

High jump: Charles Dyumas, Yuri Stepanov, Igor Kashkarov Paul Styuber.

Jumps Yu Stepanov (Rapid).

The race of men by 800 m

Tom Courtenay finishes.

Shot put: Erlin Brown and Galina Zybin.

Competitions in the triple jump: Oleg Ryakhovsky (winner), Ira Davis, Soviet athlete Witold Kreyer.

Race for 3000 m steeplechase.

Winner - Soviet athlete Simon Rzhishin.

Race at 5,000 meters

Soviet athlete Hubert Pyarnakivi on the podium.

American Rafer Johnson, winner of the decathlon, awarded a gold medal.