Blossom, Albania!. (1959)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kopalin I.

Script writers: Kopalin I., Lazar Silichi

Operators: Voroncov V., Levitan A.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Lazar Silichi, Soloukhin V.


On the history and contemporary life of Albania.

Temporary description

Capture of the Ottoman Empire Albania: fires, people leave. Riders on horseback Skanderbeg (dramatization). Old farmhouse. Farmers hearth. The sick child (Chronicle). Albania's occupation by fascist Italy: the tanks on the street. Nazi flag on the building. Fighting Albanian guerrillas. Guerrillas dumped Nazi flag and set Albanian. The rally in the square. On the podium: E. Hodge, M. Shehu (Chronicle, 1939). Busts guerrilla heroes. Monument to partisans-heroes. Laying flowers at the monument. City Kurbenesh. Construction of the processing plant. Ore production. Experts from the German Democratic Republic on the construction. City Memaliay. Coal mining. Oil production. Drillers work. View of Stalin. City Tserrik. Refinery. The inscription on the gates of the factory, "A gift from the Soviet Union." Production processes in the shops. Port of Durres. Loading and unloading in port. Ships of various countries in the port. City of Korca. Knitting Factory. Workers at their machines. G. Elbasan. Woodworking plant. Production processes in the shops. Organizer movement innovators R. Danks in the shop. Holidaymakers swimming in the Adriatic Sea, sunbathing at the beach resort "Dhermi." The building of the sanatorium "Albturist." The return of emigrants to Albania. Meeting with the family in Tirana. River Bistrica. Construction of the tunnel for the new river channel. The city of Saranda. The streets of the city. Fishing camp at Lake Butrint. The ruins of the ancient city of Butrint. City Shrokastra. The streets of the city, the traffic. Construction of hydropower plants on the river Mati. Cableway in the mountains. HEP Marx River Mati. Types of Ulza. G. Shkodra. The opera house. Foyer, auditorium. Scenes from the opera "Mrika." The opening of the channel that connects the swamp to the sea. E. Hodge cuts the ribbon. The farm on the dried land. Head I. Pregorti economy in the group. Plantations of tobacco, corn, citrus. Herd of cows. Plowing the farm. The work on the plantations. Village cooperative "Asim Zeneli." The streets of the village, club. President of the cooperative E. Hadjiu the table. Dagestan. Delegates visiting the cooperative farm workers Karl Marx. Welcome guests. Albanians inspect sheep. Albania. The sheep in the pasture. Harvesting wheat, cotton, grapes, citrus fruits. Harvest festival. Dancing folk songs and dances. A wedding in the village Darda. Border guards on alert. Summer camp in wide. Children do exercises, swimming. Thira. Airfield in the city. Aircraft around the airfield. The streets of the city. Traffic. Cinema building "Guerrilla." Trading in the market. Living on the streets, in cafes. Rest Albanians. The theater building. The workers go to work in a textile factory. Brigade of communist labor N. Gergen at work. Manufacturing processes on the shop floor shoe factory named Klement Gottwald. The building of the University of Tirana. Students in class, take exams, receive diplomas. Prom. Palace of Pioneers. Children engaged in circles. Khrushchev's visit to Albania. Residents Tirana welcomed Khrushchev. Rally in the square Skanderberga. At the podium and speak: Khrushchev, E. Hodge. Gen. Albanians. Moscow. Opening of the exhibition Art of the socialist countries. Works Albanian sculptors, artists in the exhibition. Signing of the declaration of the socialist countries in the Kremlin. Declaration shall be signed by Khrushchev, E. Hoxha, Mao Tse-Tung (Chronicle, 1957). Mountain scenery, Ionian, Adriatic Sea, lakes Butrint, Ulza; rivers.

Reel №1

Face of the old Albanian - CU.

PNRM. Mountains of Albania - MS.

The old man cuts down a tree in the woods and makes a musical instrument - lyahutu, plays lyahute.

PNRM. Mountains covered with sparse vegetation.

Gardens by the sea - LS. with a / t

Orange trees with ripe fruit.

Snow in the mountains - MS., LS.

Waterfall - MS.

Albania scenery from the plane.

Albanian village in a mountain valley with a / t

Flying flock of cranes - LS.

Dark clouds over the fortress Kruja - MS.

Tvirokastra fortress, houses in the foreground - LS.

Mountains covered with clouds - LS.

Stills from the film about the war with Turkey, Albania:

National hero Skanderbeg with troops protecting their homeland.

Poverty in the homes of Albanians during the rule of the landlords bais.

Newsreel 1939-1945.:

Italian fascist planes over Albania.

Fascists on the streets of Albania.

Labor Party leader Enver Hoxha.

Proclamation of the Labor Party pasted on the wall.

The woman's son accompanies the partisans to fight the Nazis.

Guerrilla group in the mountains, men live and fight the Nazis.

Guerrillas dumped Nazi flag and hoisting the flag of Albania on the building.

Waving Albanian flag.

Albanian people celebrating a victory over the enemy.

Enver Hoxha's speech to the people.

Rainbow in a cloudy sky - MS.

Make their way through the clouds the sun's rays.

The rays of the sun reflected in the Sea - LS.

Blooming poppy field - MS., PNRM.

Plaster bust of the first head of the Albanian youth Kemal Stef - CU.

Bust Vasil Shanto - communist-clandestine Zoni Churre - partisans of Lyaberni, Vojo Kushi, feeding tanks blocked the way, Pearl Redzheni - Partizan.

PNRM. on the monument to the hero-partisan.

Fresh flowers at the monument.

Women Albanian women mourn at the graves of the war dead sons and husbands.

Bright colors - CU.

Apple blossom - MS., CU.

Time-lapse photography: Dissolved apple blossoms - CU.

Soloists and choir sing a song about the Labor Party (synchronously).

The mountain peaks covered with clouds - LS., PNRM.

The capital of Albania - Tirana - LS. from the plane.

Port of Durres, lake, roads, dams, hydroelectric them.

Karl Marx, an irrigation canal - LS., Removed from the plane.

Reel №2

The explosion of rock - LS., CU.

Fire at oil field in Albania.

Extinguish the fire.

Mining at surface mines - MS.

Combines clean grain.

Car drive up to the ore processing plant in Kurbneshe.

Albanian engineers with the help of engineers from the German Democratic Republic are building new businesses.

Coal mining in Albania are trolleys with coal.

Trolley with coal moving the cable car.

Cars loaded with coal - LS.

PNRM. Oil fields - LS.

Oil drill works - MS., CU.

Soviet specialists are at work at the oilfield.

Best driller Petro Oldashi - student Soviet oil at work.

White, light house work in

Stalino (Albania).

Refinery in Tserrike - LS., MS.

Vacant lot on which the factory was constructed by the Soviet Union as a gift to the Albanian people.

Work is graded.


NDP on the gate of the plant in Tserrike "Gift from the Soviet Union» - MS.

Current plant - LS.

Workers at the plant facilities and equipment.

Train with oil tanks goes to the port of Durres.

In the port of Durres are handling.

Operate cranes unloaded boxes of equipment arrived from the Soviet Union.

Crane loads ore into the hold steamer.

Foreign vessels in the port of Durres - LS.

On a vessel flying the flag of the Soviet Union.

On the mast - the flag of Luxembourg, part of the ship and the flag of Panama.

Flag of Albania flag of other countries in the United Nations building.

Albanian delegation to attend the meeting at the UN.

Soviet Tu-104 landing at the airport in Tirana.

Passengers arriving from Moscow, out of the plane.

At the airport taxis Polish plane, which arrived from Warsaw - MS.

Pioneers get on Bulgarian plane to Sofia.

Passengers arriving from Moscow at the airport give their interview says intern petroleum engineer, who arrived in Grozny to help the Albanian oil industry, Albanian, returned from Moscow (synchronously).

PNRM. on textile plant in Albania - LS. with a / t

Women go to work in a textile mill - LS., MS.

At work is a family Nikola Gergen.

N. Gergen goes on weaving mill shop, talking with working his brigade.

Team meeting Nikola Gergen, on which the decision to fight for the title "Brigade.

Fifteenth anniversary of liberation. "

Women at work at the looms.

Supervisors check the quality of the finished fabric.

PNRM. shoe factory in the shop to them.

Klement Gottwald, where workers have responded to the call of the textile workers - to fight for the title "Brigade.

Fifteenth anniversary of liberation. "

For the machine running Napadyato Cristo - the initiator of the struggle for saving resources.

Pipes work in the shop shoe factory.

PNRM. Working in the shop knitting factory in


Workers at their machines.

Shop derevootdelochnogo plant in Elbasan.

Plywood production at the plant.

Powered innovator Reese dunks.

Yard plywood mill - LS.

The bridge across the river.

Khaki drivers Duro and Gelle Yakup working in 1963 due to the operation of the machines (both Heroes of Socialist Labor.)

Khaki Duro and Gelle Yakup pass on the street in Tirana, Shkodra.

Pass Heroes of Socialist Labor - oil.

Khaki Duro and Gelle Yakup resting at a table in a cafe.

Holidaymakers on the beach of the Adriatic Sea.

PNRM. Sanatorium "Albturist" on the bank.

Landscape: The waves beat against the shore.

Vacationers in the sanatorium of the dermis, on the beach - LS.

Reel №3

Group of Albanian girls at the Adriatic Sea - MS., CU.

Stones on the beach, the waves beating against the rocks - MS., CU.

Port of Durres - LS. with a / t

The schooner is in port.

Returnees on board the schooner.

Residents of the city on the banks met relatives who had returned from exile.

Shady road to Tirana - MS. removed from the movement.

Streets with new houses (out of the bus window) - MS.

Emigrants who have returned to their homeland, was admired

Tirana from the bus window.

Monument VI Lenin Square in the city - LS.

Sunny new apartment buildings.

Construction of new homes in the city.

Cinema building "Partizan".

Albanian Tsitskiev Lazo, who returned from Australia, happily looking at the city.

By area, are children of the kindergarten.

A child in a pram - MS.

Tirana Old Bazaar.

Artisanal products sold at the market.

Sale of vegetables.

Wiring of electric lighting in the streets of Tirana.

The bus passes through the streets of the city.

Tsitskiev Lazo, who returned from Australia to his children, is photographed with them on a city street, then sends a photograph his fellow Albanians remained abroad.

The building of the University of Tirana.

Lessons in classrooms and laboratories electromechanical, medical, chemical faculties.

Students at work in the laboratory of hydraulics.

Students Esif Shore, Vitoria Pulyak, Nahum says about itself (synchronously).

Esifu Shore and other students are awarded an engineering degree.

The ball at the university graduates.

Esif Shore, a university graduate, came to the village to his family.

Grandmother welcomes its scientists Esifa grandchildren and Anastasia.

University students are trained at the mine.

Mountain River Bistrica - LS., MS., CU.

Head of the construction sector, Hero of Socialist Labor Sali Vathi, team of builders in the area of ​​future hydropower on the river Bistrica.

The builders are in the tunnel, they are paving the mountains, from where begins Bystrica.

Settlement construction power plant in Bistrita.

Reel №4


Saranda on the Ionian Sea - LS. from the plane.

Quay Street, Saranda - MS., LS.

PNRM. Boat on the Ionian Sea - LS.

Fishing camp at Lake Butrint - LS.

Ruins of Butrint on the lake.

Amphitheater of the ancient city - LS., MS.

City Girokatra - LS., MS., Filmed with a / t

Monument to Church Stopuly - MS.

Bus passes on the street Girakatry - CU., MS.

Highway in the mountains - MS. removed from the movement.

Construction of the hydroelectric plant in the near Shkopeta Mati, in the North of the country.

The chief engineer of construction Nouri Mucho - a graduate of the University of Tirana - at the site.

Brigadier Shaban Jam at work on the construction.

Workers move a mountain river on a cable car.

Hydroelectric dam serving them.

Karl Marx on the river.

Mati - LS., MS.

Transmission Line - MS., CU.

Artificial lake emerged in place of the mountain gorge - LS., MS.

Ulza town on the lake.

Builders hydro relax in the cafe.

City of Shkoder - MS., Filmed with a / t

The opera house in Shkodra - MS.

Poster opera "Mrika» - CU.

Theater lobby (without people) - LS., MS.

The audience in the theater.

Scenes from the opera "Mrika" the builders hydropower (synchronously).

PNRM. The rapid cascade of water falling from the hydroelectric dam it.

Karl Marx - MS., CU.

Bust of Karl Marx at the dam - MS.

Crane operator in the cab of the work - MS.

Crane bucket scoops earth from an irrigation canal - LS.

Bulls are bathed in the canal.

Sheep hide from the sun in the shade of a tree.

Goats on the cliff above the lake.

Albanian girls take out the water from the well, pour into jars and carry home.

Stagnant swamp.

Malarial mosquitoes - MS.

Grand opening of the channel to drain swamp water into the sea in order to dewater fertile land.

Enver Hoxha at the opening of the channel.

Swamp water goes through the channel and enters the waters of the sea - MS.

Tobacco plantation on the exposed marshes - LS.

Field corn.

A herd of calves grazing in a lush meadow.

Head of livestock farms, Hero of Socialist Labor, Ile Prifti and cooperative members in the meadow examine the fatted calf.

Tractor plowed virgin soil on the slopes of the mountains.

Vineyards, olive trees, citrus groves on the slopes - LS., PNRM.

Farmers treated citrus trees, the plantations are working men and women - members of the cooperative.

Albanians working in the vineyard and olive grove.

Albanian village Dropiuli.

Bundles of tobacco leaves are dried in the wall.

Girls pour water into the bucket from the tap water.

Old Albanian woman spinning wool, young - embroidered on the front porch of his house.

Cooperative members' Asim Zanele "relax in a cafe.

The students, who came to his village for the holidays, talk with the elderly.

President of the cooperative Enver Hadjiu talks to youth.


Organization of the farm.

New houses in the village cooperatives them. "Asim Zanele» - LS., PNRM.

Bust Asim Zanele - heroes who died in the struggle for the liberation of their homeland.

Members of the farm to them.

Asim Zanele visiting farmers Dagestan collective farm.

Karl Marx, with whom they compete.

Dagestani give guests 50 breeding sheep.

A flock of sheep in a pasture in Albania - LS.

Shepherd plays the flute.

Reel №5

Combine visits to the field to harvest.

Harvesters to harvest.

Behind the wheel of the combine - Albanian.

The conveyor operates at current.

Albanian women are working on the current.

Cotton harvesting in the fields.

The grapes, citrus orchards in the collective farms.

Farmers are having fun at a harvest festival.

Growers treat young wine.

Folk Song and Dance Ensemble performs at Harvest Festival: performing folk dance.

Musicians playing folk instruments (synchronously).

A wedding in the village Darda the new custom.


Wedding of the old custom (bride with face covered)

Darda village - LS. with a / t

Albania landscapes at sunset - LS., MS.

Albanians have a rest in a cafe on the beach in Durres.

Tirantsy on a walk through the city streets, in cafes in the evening.

Spectators at the entrance to the cinema "Partizan".

The poster of the film "The destiny of man" on the facade of the theater.

Young people walking in the park.

Guys with guitars singing songs.

Sleeping children - CU.

Military fighter jets at the airport boundary (night) - MS.

Guards on duty (night) - MS.

Children sleeping in the bedroom of the kindergarten.

Nurse gently covers children with blankets.

The military patrol boat guards the sea border of Albania (night) - MS.

Landscapes of the moonlit night over the sea - MS.

Reel №6

Albanian children rest in the former royal palace on the shore of the Adriatic Sea, providing them with the national government.

Children in Tirana Palace of Pioneers.

Palace of Pioneers - CU.

Girl playing the violin (synchronously).

Children's orchestra plays the Palace of Pioneers (synchronously).

Children in different circles on their hobbies: sewing, sawing, embroider and paint.

Occupation ballet group.

A scene from the ballet "Shurale" (synchronous) (perform Albanian artists).

Opening of the exhibition Art of the socialist countries.

Albanian artist at the opening of the exhibition.

Sculptor ST Konenkov cuts the ribbon.

The works of Albanian painters and sculptors represented at the exhibition in Moscow: "Skanderbeg" - sculptor Pascali, "Partisan" - a work of Nikola, "Portrait of a Boy" - the artist Stam, "Street in Korce" - work Liso, "The Story of partisan" - picture loans.

Signing of the declaration of the socialist countries in the Kremlin in 1957.

Signed: NS Khrushchev, Enver Hoxha, Mao Tse Tung.

Tyrians joyfully welcome come to their town for a visit of friendship, NS Khrushchev.

Rally in Tirana after the arrival NS Khrushchev.

NS Khrushchev, Enver Hoxha, and others on the podium at the Skanderbeg Square.

It says Enver Hoxha (synchronously).

NS Khrushchev welcomes protesters.

The eagle soars in the sky - MS.

Landscapes Albania - LS., MS.

Blossoming apple - MS., PNRM.