Word of Turgenev.. (1990)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Kosachyov A.

Script writers: Kosachyov A.

Operators: Zguridi O.

Other authors: Shamagin A.


Doctor of Philology A. Panchenko tells of the work of the writer IS. Turgenev.

Literati | Biography

Reel №1

Doctor of Philology Panchenko A. goes along the avenue to the house-museum of Turgenev IS. in Spassky-Lutovinovo.

Types of park in Spassky-Lutovinovo.

Panchenko A. tells about the history of the estate and its legends (synchronously).

Internal types of rooms in Turgenev's house museum, a desk in the writer's office.

Icon of the Savior Not Made by Hands, passed to the family of the Turgenevs from generation to generation.

Mother's portraits Turgeneva IS Varvara Petrovna Lutovinova and his father Sergei Nikolaevich.

Portrait of Turgenev IS

Figures and friendly cartoons depicting Turgenev during the hunt.

Hat, hunting bag and Turgenev's gun.

Portrait of Pauline Viardot, stored in Spassky Lutovinov.

A humorous drawing depicting Turgenev at a party in Viardot's house.

A cartoon of Russian censors.

A drawing depicting a fire in 1839 in Spassky-Lutovinovo.

A picture depicting a house in Spassky-Lutovinovo in the late 19th century.

A clock on the wall of one of the rooms.

The view of one of the outbuildings of the manor.

Panchenko talks about the "manor culture" of the 19th century, about the serf theater and orchestra in Spassky-Lutovinovo, about the role of "manor culture" in the emergence Russian classics, Turgenev's attitude towards peasants, the psychology of the peasants of the 19th century and their attitude towards the landowner, the arson of the estate in 1906, Turgenev's views on writing, about the types of Russian writers of the 19th century (synchronously).

Portraits of Turgenev.

Museums and exhibitions; Culture and Arts

Reel №2

Doctor of Philology Panchenko A. continues the story of Turgenev's views on the types of writers and literary creativity, the relationship of Turgenev to the Russian classics, the preservation of Turgenev in his works in the Russian language, the inextricable spiritual connection of the writer with Russia, his desire to the rapprochement of cultures of different classes, about the life of Turgenev in Europe, about his views on ways of changing Russian life (synchronously).

Portrait of Turgenev.

Alley in Spassky-Lutovinovo.

National culture