With love to the sky.. (1989)

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Director: Makarov N., Smirnov B.

Script writers: Iljyushin V.

Operators: Sveshnikov V.

Other authors: Scherbakova L.


The film tells the story of the Moscow Aviation Institute.

Education | Air transport

Social life | Transportation | Sectors of the economy | Aviation

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The airplane performs aerobatics figures.

Hang glider in flight.

Children draw a chalk on the asphalt.

A flying fighter.

Newsreel 1900-1910: a man on a makeshift launderer tries to fly.

The first airplanes and airplanes take off.

The Russian pilot Nesterov PN.

The airplane carries out a "dead loop" above the aerodrome.

Take off the combat jet plane.

Entrance to the building of the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI), entrants at the entrance.

Applicants talk about the reasons that prompted them to take the entrance exams at the MAI (synchronously).

The parents of the applicants give interviews about the enthusiasm of their children by aviation (synchronously), the entrants and their parents at the entrance to the institute.

The student is working on the blueprints.

Students MAI during classes in classrooms, the view of one of the audiences.

Entrants' faces.

Schoolchildren during classes in carpentry and locksmith workshop at the OKB them.


The production of gliders on the basis of the workshop, the schoolchildren collect and paint the plane of the gliders.

Theoretical lesson at the Junior Glider School, students' faces.

Girls uncover the glider.

Start the glider and take off.

Preparation of gliders for the next start.

View of the airfield part of the glider school (from above).

One of the young gliders takes off.

Former military pilot Sergei Nazimov talks about his work at the Junior Planet School (synchronously).

Faces of young gliders.

Planers before the start.

Take-off gliders.

Gliders at the airport.

Solemn event on the occasion of the beginning of the new academic year at the MAI, students' faces.

Teachers speak from the rostrum.

Presentation of the symbolic propeller to the first-year students.


Nesterov Petr Nikolaevich - the pilot




St. Petersburg
Western Europe



Heroes of Space
Biography; Space

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Students of MAI during classes.

Newsreel 1920 - 1940: the bomber TB-1 in flight.

Aircraft designers Ilyushin SV, Yakovlev AS, Lavochkin SA, Mikoyan AI, Sukhoy PE observe the flights of aircraft.

Spectators at the air show in Tushino.

The plane "Kommunar", "Krasnaya Presnya", "Krasnyi artelnik", built on money collected by workers on a subscription basis.

Aircraft "Soviet builder" in flight.

Tests of one of the first jet aircraft.

Passenger and combat aircraft of the USSR in flight.

Samples of various aircraft on the site of the air museum.

Students of the MAI in the hangar are studying the construction of a combat aircraft, the faces of students.

Students in one of the MAI laboratories.

Lecture for students MAI in the OKB them.


One of the students defends the course project, the general designer of OKB Simonov MP. among the members of the commission.

Simonov talks about the methods of preparing aircraft designers, creating a special training system at the school and institute stages (synchronously).

Students during the preparation.

A group of young designers is working on drawings of a sports aircraft.

Students watch a video of the flight of a foreign sports aircraft.

Production of parts for a new aircraft.

Making an aircraft wing from composite materials.

Assembling the fuselage of the aircraft.

Built sports aircraft SU-26 in the workshop OKB.

Test flights on the SU-26, performance of aerobatics figures.

SU-26 on the monitor screen.

Test pilot Yevgeny Frolov gives a description of the SU-26 aircraft, points to its advantages and disadvantages (synchronously).

Designers study the drawings of the aircraft, solve questions on improving its design.


Ilyushin Sergey Vladimirovich - aircraft designer
Yakovlev Alexander Sergeevich - aircraft designer
Lavochkin Semyon Alekseevich - aircraft designer
Mikoyan Artem Ivanovich - aircraft designer
Sukhoi Pavel Osipovich - aircraft designer


1920s 1940s





Air force; Heroes of Space
Army; Defense and internal security; Aviation; Biography; Space

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The designers solve the problem of improving the characteristics of the SU-26 aircraft.

Three-dimensional image of the aircraft on the monitor screen.

Designer Anatoly Tsygankov explains to colleagues the idea of ​​a new wing design.

The upgraded SU-26 is taken out of the hangar.

Wind direction indicator at the aerodrome.

The pilot closes the cockpit light.

Take off SU-26.

Performance of aerobatics on the SU-26.

The SU-26 aircraft at an international exhibition, visitors to the exhibition inspect it.

Performance of aerobatics at SU-26 during international air shows.

The French take autographs from a Soviet pilot.

Potential foreign buyers inspect the plane.

French cosmonaut Jean Lou Chretien pilots SU-26, shakes hands with Soviet designers after landing.

SU-26 during an exhibition in France, Jean Lou Chretien converses with a Soviet pilot.

SU-26 performs aerobatics figures.

Students in the MAI classroom during the lecture, the faces of the students, the kind of audience.

Solemn event in the MAI at the beginning of the academic year, the faces of students.

The SU-26 is manually rolled out of the hangar.

Museums and exhibitions
Culture and Arts