The production of formic acid.. (1985)

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Director: Sergeev V.


About the method for producing formic acid and its application.



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An old engraving depicting a chemist.

A field with fodder crops.

Forage harvesting.

Formic acid is added during the cleaning process.

Laying of green mass in silo trenches.

The dispatcher console that manages the supply of nutrient mass to the cowshed.

A tank with formic acid attached to a harvester.

Plant for the production of formic acid.

Acid from water and carbon monoxide.

Chemical formulas describing the creation of formic acid.

Scheme of the production process for the production of formic acid.

Factory sections for the first stage of acid production.

Equipment for the second stage of production of industrial formic acid.

Factory storage tanks for finished acid.

A closed production cycle guarantees the preservation of the environment.

A river with fish swimming in it.

Metallurgical production.

Formic acid allows you to get rid of scale in the production of metal.

Formic acid is used in the production of yeast-free bread.

Formic acid is used in the leather industry.

Production of tires.

Pulp and paper industry.

Small additives of formic acid make it possible to produce high-quality paper and cardboard.

A beekeeper uses formic acid to treat bees.

Sunflower with bees.


Clean water in the river.

Plant for the production of formic acid.

Key words

Formic acid. Chemical formula. Areas of application.



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