Elorg new opportunities.. (1990)

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Director: D. Zubarev


The film tells about the activities of the association for the export and import of computer equipment and software "Elorg".

Trade | Economic cooperation | International cooperation

Sectors of the economy | Space

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Fingers on the keyboard buttons, the monitor screen.

A statuette of the god of commerce Mercury.

The building where the company "Elorg" is located.

Computer equipment and equipment purchased by the company abroad.

A computer of one of the purchased models.

Weather forecast map on the monitor screen.

Processing of meteorological information in the Hydrometeorological Center of the USSR, with the help of equipment purchased by Elorg.

Printed weather forecast maps.

Operation of computer-aided design systems with the help of computer equipment purchased by Elorg.

Buildings of newspaper offices and publishing houses that are clients of Elorg.

Editors of one of the publishing houses at work on special editorial systems.

Layout of the newspaper issue on the monitor screen.

Newspaper headlines.

The equipment of the Aeroflot computing center purchased by Elorg.

A flying plane.

View of the building of the USSR Academy of Sciences (from bottom to top).

Devices of life support and control systems on the floors inside the building.

System data on the monitor screens.

View of the meeting hall of the Congress of People's Deputies of the USSR in the Kremlin.

Deputies vote by pressing the buttons.

Scoreboard for voting results.

The deputy's face.

Finger on the button.

View of the congress meeting hall.

The hand inserts a floppy disk into the computer.

Data on the monitor screen.

The programmer's hand with the "mouse".

Doctors conduct a study of the patient and make a diagnosis using the program "Aibolit", developed at the Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery, information about the work of the patient's cardiovascular system on the monitor screen, the doctor's face.

View of a part of computer diagnostic equipment.

Laboratory staff during the experiment.

Elements of the "Lion" program developed by the Agricultural Academy", on the monitor screen, modeling of new substances using the "Lion" program.

Students in a computer class.

Game program "Tetris" on the monitor screen, the faces of students.

A game that simulates the flight and landing of the Buran spacecraft on the monitor screen.

Landing of the "Buran".

An American award given to Elorg for successful commercial activity in the US market.

Types of halls of one of the international exhibitions.

Visitors look at the booklets of the company "Elorg", the faces of visitors.

Representatives of computer companies talk with representatives of "Elorg".

The Japanese company "Progress Trading" demonstrates its new products in the company "Elorg".

The face of the representative of the company of Mr.


Kuguchi demonstrates microcalculators to the representatives of "Elorg".

The keyboard of one of the microcalculators.

Conducting negotiations with representatives of foreign companies, signing contracts.





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