Planet puzzles. (1964)

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Director: M.Kaufman .

Script writers: V.Pekelis .

Operators: A.Uljyanov , M.Kaufman

Composers: V.Smirnov

Anouncers: L.Hmara

Text writers: A.Voljfson


Popular science film about the research of one of the planets of the solar system - Mars.

Space | Science

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

People near the poster "Mars and its secrets".

Library, people take books.

The cover of the book "Nature of the planets".

A man is reading the book "The Road to Space".

A man is reading a book "Essays on the Universe".

A teenager is reading the book "Ticket to Mars".

The telescope.

A picture of Mars in the book.

The size of Mars in comparison with Earth (animation).

The rotation of Mars and Earth around the Sun (animation).

Astronomer at the telescope.

Professor N.A. Kozyrev at the telescope.

Academician N.P.Barabashov at the telescope.

Map of Mars.

The sea surface.


Spectra of various substances.

The telescope.

Professor V.V.Sharonov at work.

Autumn leaves.

Photos of Mars.

Portrait of the Italian astronomer D. Schiaparelli.

Channels on Mars - Schiaparelli's drawing.

Portrait of the American scientist P. Lauell.

Lowell's drawing.

Science; Space

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Channels on Mars- drawing.

Drawings on the ancient rocks of the Sahara.

Photos of the taiga after the fall of the Tunguska meteorite.

The cover of the book "Astrobiology".


The leaf of the plant.

Leaf cells under a microscope.

Comparison of the spectrum of the Sun and the spectrum of the plant.

Professor G.A.Tikhov.

Scientists are climbing a cliff.

G.Tikhov and a colleague are studying plants.

A large telescope.

Water lilies on the water.

A cut of the stem of an aquatic plant.

The scientist launches the probe.

A woman looks through a microscope.

Lower organisms under the microscope.


Lichens on the rocks.

A scientist takes a sample of water from a hot spring.

Water sample under a microscope.


Lizard on a dune.

Antarctic snow.

Penguins run to the water.

The observatory.

Satellite dish dish.

Scientists at telescopes.

The launch of the spacecraft.

A spaceship in flight (animation).

Science; Space