Organization of monetary circulation in the USSR.. (1973)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: Romanova Zh.

Script writers: Romov A.

Operators: Guzeev E.

Recordist: S. Dolgina

Other authors: L. Ivanova


The formation of the economy and the participation of money in cash circulation in the era of the USSR.


Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A pile of Soviet-style coins.

Title: Organization of monetary circulation in the USSR.

From the pile of coins, a large one-ruble coin stands out.

Paper money in the USSR of various denominations.

The money note is one ruble.

The banknote is three rubles.

The banknote is five rubles.

A ten-ruble note.

Banknotes of various denominations issued under Tsarist Russia.

People's hands count bundles of paper money of various denominations.

Factory printing of money.

The conveyor, the work of the printing factory.

Bundles of banknotes, tied with an elastic band.

The hand of the factory employee quickly places the seals on the bundles of paper bills.

The building of the state bank on the embankment, the sign of the bank at the entrance to the building.

A meeting of bank employees at a long table.

Customers in a bookstore look at magazines and postcards.

The man pays the seller, receives the change from the cash register with a coin.

A tub of ice cream, the boy holds out his hand with a coin, gets a popsicle.

The soda machine, the hand drops a three-kopeck coin into the slot, the glass is filled with water and syrup.

The printing press is in operation.

A class for teaching typists, girls working at typewriters, a teacher walking down the aisle.

The work of printing presses in the money factory.

Meeting of bank employees.

A drawn diagram of the movement of funds.

A woman at the round window of the cash register, the cashier's hand counts out the money.

The woman receives bundles of bills, puts them on the table next to her.

Panorama of the savings bank, there are girls at the windows.

Animated video about the movement of bank funds.

The workshop of the television factory.

Workshop of the electric lamp factory.

Steelmaking shop.

Transport shop.

Dairy plant shop.

The work of a garment factory.

Design office.

The wind ruffles the ears of the wheat field.

A combine harvester is moving across the field.

The hand signs in the log for receiving the salary.

The accountant counts out the money.

The hand counts the banknotes.

Panorama of a busy Moscow street, people rushing about their business.

Signs of department stores, cinemas, theaters, souvenir shops and household services flash by.

A meeting of bank employees at a long table.

The clothing store is crowded with customers.

A woman tries on a raincoat, looks in the mirror.

The hand counts out the banknotes, the buyer pays, receives a packed new thing.

Panorama of the shop windows of the supermarket.

The grocery basket is filled with products.

The work of a cashier in the trading floor.

Cash register receipt.

A three-ruble bill.

Cash register cells with money of various denominations.

A drawn diagram of the monetary turnover in the USSR.

A crowd of people at the windows of the savings bank.

The work of cashiers.

The bank employees bent over the monetary documentation.

A typewritten document.

The accountant's hand counts out the bills.

Posters with drawings of cash deposits, samples of lottery tickets.

There is a crowd of people in the shopping hall of the Yeliseyevsky grocery store.

Panorama of the collective farm market, stalls with fruits and berries.

The buyer chooses a watermelon, the seller weighs the product.

A typewritten document.

The man at the cash register pays for the shirt.

A few ruble notes and an extract from the seller.

The facade of the house of household services.

Posters of raffles for deposits.

Meeting of bank employees.

Document of the cash plan of the state bank.

The lobby of the metro station, a man buys a lottery ticket.

Automatic change machine in the subway.

Passengers drop coins into the slot, pass through the turnstiles.

The counter for accounting for cash receipts changes its readings.

The collector's hand loads the gun, puts the weapon in the holster.

Factory conveyor, a worker sorts collection bags for money.

From the bank building, a minibus, a UAZ, and a passenger car take turns driving away.

The work of collectors, checking money bags, seals, bank statements.

Animated video about the completion of the movement of bank funds.

The collector hands over money bags to the bank.

On the conveyor belt bags of money, they are accepted by a bank employee.

Bags of money are put on a trolley and transported to the storage room.

Coins are poured out of the bag, which are counted using the counter.

The coins are sorted into new bags for further movement.

People come out of the main entrance to the Institute of Technology.

A boy eats a popsicle.

A woman drinks carbonated water from a vending machine.

Elderly women sit on a park bench.

Bucket with carnations, girls choose flowers for a bouquet.

A hand with a paper ruble on a background of flowers, a hand with a paper ruble over a display case with apples.

Key words

Money, coin, bill, bank, seller, Buyer, collector




Shop, Collective farm market, Bank, Savings bank, Shops of factories and factories



Finance; Sectors of the economy; Trade