Our New Ruble.. (1961)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Babushkin Ya.

Script writers: Yurov U., Volodarskiy M.

Operators: Voroncov S., Bukhovceva V.

Anouncers: Vygodskiy R.

Text writers: Zlobin A.


About the introduction of new banknotes.


Sectors of the economy

Temporary description

Film is dedicated to the currency reform of 1961. Money banknotes of different denominations, printed and released into circulation in the territory of Russia, the Soviet Union in different years (multrabota), including: money, issued in the Urals, in Siberia, Khorezm, banknotes issued by the generals Yudenich, Denikin, hetman Skoropadsky, millions notes the beginning of 1920, Money 1940's. Production processes in industry and agriculture. Trade, service customers in stores and department stores. Cashiers receive and consider the money. City of Moscow. Daily receipts of State Department Store (GUM). Transportation revenue trolleys, a car. Moscow Office of the State Bank. Operating rooms. Counting and packaging of coins and banknotes. Printing of the new schedule of prices for goods in one of the printers. Preparation for shipment, packaging of banknotes of a new design in public repositories. Employees of the emission control of the State Bank for the work. Transportation of new banknotes by road, rail, cartage, air travel in the USSR. Operating one of the companies are paid with new money. Buyers pay for the goods in the shop with new bills. A foreign citizen is changing dollars into rubles at exchange offices of the State Bank. 1960. The fifth session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. The session. Stands Khrushchev.

Reel №1

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About introduction of new banknotes.

The city of Moscow.

The Kremlin at night, the chiming clock of the “Spasskaya” Tower.

A panorama of new banknotes.

The first Soviet money.

The money issued in Siberia, in Khorezm State of Soviet Sytem times and in Ural.region.

Banknotes issued by the generals Denikin and Yudinech.

Banknotes of English interventionists, hetman Skoropadski.

The money issued by the shopkeeper, drugstore, theatre, hairdressing saloon, firemen, cooperative.

A newsreel of 1918-1922 – there is a queue in the shop, a newsboy is running.

Newspaper, magazine, announcements in the newspaper.

Reconstruction works, people saw firewood, the firewood is being transported by a tram, the workers are repairing a steam locomotive, a trolley is being carried.

Banknotes of 1922, 1923, 1947. A newsreel of different five-year plans: a factory, blast furnace, the steel is flowing, the trolleys with coal are passing by, a dam, Hydroelectric Power Station, a tractor factory, the tractors are in a field, an earing field, a workshop of a weaving factory, the books on the conveyor, the TV sets, new houses.

The people are entering the shop, a man is trying a suit on , a man is at the cash desk.

A shoe shop.

A trading hall of the shop for newly married, the customers, the girl is trying a dress on , a shoe department.

There are customers at the cash desk, a cashier is receiving the money, someone hands counting the money, a cash register.

The “GUM” [“The State Department Store”].

The bags of money are carried by a trolley, the money are loaded to the car.

Reel №2

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The main content – The workwomen of the bank are carrying the box of money on a trolley, the workwoman is shaking the money out of the box, the cashiers-counters are working, someone hands counting banknotes, an automatic device is being filled in with coins, the coins are falling into the bags.

Operational Hall of the Bank, calculating machines are working.

The Kremlin, the Great Kremlin Palace.

A meeting of the Session of a Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Nikita.

Khrushchev (speaking about the government’s decision on increasing the monetary unit scale by 10 times and new money issue).

The deputies are listening and applauding.

A workshop of the printing house, the new price-lists are being printed.

The people in the shop are buying purses.

The workers are packing the packages of new money, the girl is sealing the bag.

An issuing department of the State Bank – a man is speaking over the phone, looking through the telegrams, the workers of the bank are near the map.

Delivery of the money to the different country regions: the bags with money are being loaded to the train, the sealed bags, a motor vehicle with the money is driving along the mountain road, the guards.

The bags with money are being transported by deer harness under guarding.

The bags with money are loaded to the plane.

The door of exchange office is opening, the people are at the window of the cash desk, the cashiers work.

The new and old banknotes of different value.

The people in the shop are buying goods, the woman is receiving some change at the cash desk.

The foreigner is at the exchange cash desk in the State Bank, the cashier is exchanging dollars for roubles.

The workers are receiving the salary at the cash desk, hands counting the money, the workers are examining the new money.

There is an image of the Kremlin and the bas-relief of Lenin on new banknotes.