Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1943 № 685

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Reel №1

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1. Germany.

A military surgeon Professor Ferdinand Sauerbruch at exponential operation in the audience.

In the hall sat soldiers and students.

The professor explains the course of the operation. / Sauerbruch Hitler was awarded the Knight's Cross /.

2. Germany.

Operating one of the mines after the change leave the territory of the mine.

Miner, Leisure activities sculpture, works on a figure of a miner, referring to the model workers.

Works skultora amateur. 3. Germany.

Girls, students of one of the schools administrative labor service, are trained instructor for the future.

The school gives the girls a new profession.

It was established on the basis of rates of female supervisors.

Girls on the line, they stand in a circle in the center of the flag on a pole.

The girls receive the necessary amount of knowledge in the classroom, take time physical training: ball games, jogging.

Learn housekeeping, in practice distinguish edible mushroom from inedible learn to be washed in a vat, iron clothes, receive initial medical skills.

Farming on the school grounds, combed wool rabbit harvest tomatoes and apples. 4. Germany.

Sport Driving School in Dessau for the NJC "Hitler Youth", where part of military training are introduced to a water landing technique.

The instructor explains the scheme children motor action.

We go down the boat into the water, put the motor, floating on the river.

Landings. 5. USSR. Eastern Front, Leningrad region.

Soldiers assault battalion during the offensive.

German infantry at starting positions, the observer looks.

A minute of silence, the soldiers smoking in the trench.

The heavy German guns are artillery preparation, see the shells exploding in the forest.

Soldiers assault battalion during the offensive.

The attack on the Soviet infantry bunker.

Awarding of distinguished soldiers wounded in service. 6. USSR. The central section of the eastern front.

The movement of the German armored train by rail, it serves to combat gangs.

Soldiers clean gun.

Armored vehicles put on the rails, on the territory of the spread of gangs, it will move ahead of the train.

The clash with the enemy.

On the train was given a radio message, he hastens to the place of the collision.

The armored train firing on gangs took refuge in the copse.

German soldiers fighting in the woods, attacking partisans.

Captured guerrillas. 7. USSR. The southern section of the Eastern Front, the area of the Azov Sea.

Installation of coastal defense guns, the observer.

German cavalry in the exploration, jumping on the beach.

On difficult sections of the coast are teaching.

A soldier on a horse with binoculars to inspect the area.


Shoot cannon.

The Soviet tanks.

German infantry moves in corn field.

A tank battle.

The dead Soviet soldiers, prisoners of war.

Shoot German guns.





World War II; Medicine; Education
History; Science; Social life

Reel №2

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1. USSR. The southern section of the front.

It runs the German infantry, scribbling machine gun.

The artillery is shelling enemy territory.

Presentation of awards to the soldiers after the battle.

Knight's Cross awarded NCO Goldberg, his light artillery department in one day knock out 12 tanks.

The squadron of German bombers in the air.

Landing at the airport bombers.

Honoring pilot Hans-Ulrich Rudel, committed in 1500 flights.

Rudel congratulate, give a pig.

The commander gives him a parcel with a gift.

2. Italy.

Evacuation of German troops from the island of Corsica.

Used cars onto ships, guns, wounded soldiers.

The rise in the harbor wrecks.

Vessels at sea, anti-aircraft guns hitting the ship on the beach.

German troops sent to the island of Corfu.

The soldiers lifted the ship out to sea.

Artillery shells shore.

German bombers dropped bombs, aerial view Corfu.

Boats at the shore.

German troops are on the mountain road.

The ruins of the town and citadel of Corfu.

Military action in Atstsio.

Field Marshal Maximilian von Weichs, with its headquarters in the courts.

Field Marshal Albert Kesselring talks with the Italian Marshal Rodolfo Graziani at the headquarters of Mussolini, the third - Field Marshal Erhard Milch.

Duce with Graziani.

Marshall goes on the machine.

Marshal Graziani at the celebration of the fascist militia in Rome, he is at the head of the march in silence.

Next to the German commandant Graziani Rome Lieutenant General Rainer Shtael right - General Renato Ricci, head of the fascist militia.

Graziani and Lieutenant General Rainer Shtael, the military commander of Rome, opened the monument of the Unknown Soldier.

Graziani among the crowds. 3. Germany.

Broken British aircraft, the pilot was killed.

Lights plane lie corpses.

The wreckage of a commercial aircraft, the aircraft crashed in the woods.

Germans visiting an American plane crashed with the words on the board.

Cemetery broken aircraft.

Soldiers dismantled fragments are sorted, unload the train. 4. Germany.

German plane lands at the airport, the young pilot tells his comrades on the flight.

Aircraft ready to fly.

Smiling famous German pilot Major Graf.

Planes taking off.





World War II