At the construction site of the capital. (1954)

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Director: Karostin M., Rejtman S.

Script writers: Butomo V., Karostin M., Mazur M., Smirnov G.

Operators: Belov N., Kasatkin I., Siljchenko F., Sokolov N.

Anouncers: Hmara L.

Text writers: Marjyamov A., Sergeev I.


The film tells about the latest achievements of construction and plans for further development of Moscow. Details show new materials presented at the exhibition, 1953 in Sokolniki, construction equipment, the development in the field of construction of multi-storey buildings.

Construction | Moscow

Sectors of the economy | Towns and countries | Geography and Nature

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Types of the Moscow Kremlin.

Streets of Moscow.

Rooms subway stations.

Entrance to the underground hall.

The movement of vehicles through the streets and avenues.


Chronicle of 1920:

View of the Holy (Pushkin) area.


Human vanity.

The driver among cars.


Chronicle of August 1938 the first year:

Demolition of old buildings with explosives.

Gorky Street (Tver).


Traffic on the avenues.

Monument to Maxim Gorky.

on the Leningrad highway view.

The layout of residential areas along the Leningrad highway.

Design Institute of housing and civil construction Mosproject.

Experts working in the design office.

The meeting with the designers, led by Assembly A.V.Vlasov.

Designers working with the layout.

The main building of Moscow State University.

A view of the construction site, on the road going inertial truck crane.

The release of "Builder" newspaper.

Chronicle of 1920:

Kozonosy carry bricks on the upper floors of a house under construction.

Workers pulling beam.

Troop builders with wheelbarrows.


At the construction site working excavator.

Tower cranes on the construction of new homes.

Crane SBC-1.

Crane SBC-2.

Animation: the characteristics of the crane lifting capacity.

A crane lifts the load.

Crane BKSM-14.


Vlasov AV - Moscow's chief architect, chief architect of Kiev, Academician of the Academy of Construction and Architecture of Ukraine.


1953 08.1938 1920s



Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Workers prepare the construction site to work.

Animation: tile laying temporary roads.

Pipes water and heating.

Engineers conducted measurements of mechanized shield.

The prototype technology.

Animation: work is mechanized shield laying on a collector.


Wellpoint dewatering installation.

Animation: a description of the principle of the unit.

Excavators digging the ground.

The machine is controlled excavator G.Vlasov.

Excavator pours the ground in back of a truck.

Animation: the formation of the pit under the building.

Mechanized preparation of cement mortar.

Cement is sent to the construction site.

Transportation of construction cranes.

Assembling and lifting crane.

Laying the foundation with a crane block.

Panorama of construction site.

It works team of masons, tilers led by A.Leonteva.

Installation of decorative inserts.

Laying stairs.

Laying floors.

Installation of the balcony.

Mounting garbage.

Workers install a bath.

Finished bathroom.

Interior finish of premises.

Residential houses.

Past the wooden houses are children.

Tarakanovka River House on the bank.

Multi-story houses.

Street in Shcherbakovskaya (Alexeyev) area.

Experimental construction of a reinforced concrete frame.

Animation: Connect columns.

Welder joins joints.

Top view of the street.

Crane BKSM-14. The installer is talking to the crane.

Installation cross crossbars.

Animation: the installation and welding of transoms.

Welder at work.

Laying overlap.

Animation: grouting between the tiles.

It works team of masons, tilers.

A view of a house under construction from the side of the road.

Construction of school in the Sokolniki district.

On the construction of large blocks are used, installers work teams.

Warehouse architectural details from the school walls.

General view of the school.





Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The Moscow exhibition of new construction equipment in Sokolniki Park.

People visiting the exhibition.

Photos on the stand.

Animation: Diagram of progress in construction.

People in the stands with photos.

People in the park alley.

Demonstration of the mechanism for the investigation of the soil.

Dewatering installation.

Engineers show the work of mechanized mortar unit.

New models of tanks for transportation solutions.

Tower crane tubular BTK-30. Animation: the movement of the crane around the building.

The work shows the crane crane operator R.Trofimova.

Pyatikolesny portal tower crane.

Design engineers.


Pavilion ceramics, items for decoration of buildings.

Potter makes a jug.

Mixture ceramics factory.

Production of facing products.

Examples of finished materials.

Tiles N.Batsura the stand with the materials.

The release of "Pravda" newspaper.

Tiles Piskun and his colleagues at the exhibition.

Piskun show their work.

Mason P.S.Orlov.

Mason-Tiles A.Leontev. I.P.Shirkov at the exhibition. I.P.Shirkov at a construction site.

Construction worker with bricks laid assistant.

Used bricks in containers designed I.P.Shirkovym. I.P.Shirkov represents a new way of transporting bricks.

Used bricks.

Transportation of bricks in trucks with extra sides.

Crane delivers bricklayers bricks.

Experts are discussing a way to batch Shirkova.


Shirkov IP - Soviet mason, innovator and inventor in the construction, the instructor of advanced construction methods of the Military Construction Control of Moscow.





Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Demonstration of mechanized plastered walls, running master rosy.

Priming the wall.

Colouring. N.Belikov demonstrates the universal gun for putty and painting walls.

Paint Station N.Belikova.

The exhibits on the park alley.

Pavilion of new construction materials.

Outlets of gipsovolokna.

Manufacturing of parts for the interior decoration of rooms.

Work adds ready-made moldings.

Stand with a variety of building materials.

People in the pavilion.

Concrete structures production plants MSM "Glavzhelezobeton" at the opening of the exhibition venues.

Containers for transport of interior partitions.

Making ordinary partitions on a wooden base.

Mechanized method for manufacturing partitions of gipsoshlakobetona.

The rise of the finished walls to the floor.

Horizontal swivel stand for the manufacture of partitions.

Group examines military barrier.

Large sized cinder block exterior walls.

Whole sanitary units.

Objects plumbing.

People visiting the exhibits.

Sample ladder.

Above the drawing are placed drawing.

Employees of the architectural and design office.

Project drawing.

Working with models of houses.

Animation: the selection of components for assembly at home.





Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Construction plants.

Work flow lines plants.

Animation: the reinforcement of overlap.

Multrabota punctuated reinforcement phases.

Finished panels on a conveyor.

Feed panels curing chamber.

The finished slab on suspension.

Laying in metal concrete form columns.

Animation: the formation of columns frame.

Stages of manufacture of columns on the automated line.

Reinforcement of girders and beams.

Finished parts on the assembly line.

Warehouse of building materials.

Handling materials.

Animation: loading of large-scale structures.

Truck with trailer transports building materials.

The layout of multi-storey buildings.

Precast reinforced concrete frame-base of the building.

Animation: frame assembly, the construction of the house.

Samples of the panels at the exhibition.

Animation: the structure of the wire-concrete frame.

Animation: the structure of the panel-overlap.

Animation: installation of panel-frame house.





Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Section of large buildings without a skeleton.

The device of the outer wall.

Animation: frameless installation at home.

Models of houses.

House of Moscow.

New flat.

People make the porch furniture.

People unload a truck.

The wall at home.

Vehicles on the bridge.

New high-rise residential buildings.

The building of the hospital.

Hospital corridor.

A doctor washes his hands.

The doctors in the operating room.

Nurse talking to a patient in the hallway.

The patient is escorted to the restroom.

kindergarten building.

Children wash their hands.

Children dine.


Daytime sleep.

Students go to classes.

Students go to the main body of the Moscow State University.

University Corridor.

Assembly Hall.

Students in class.

Construction College Students. P.S.Orlov I.P.Shirkov and talk with adolescents.

A memorial plaque on the wall.

Wall Ruin war memorial of Stalingrad (Volgograd).

The streets of Stalingrad.

The streets of Kiev.

The central streets of Minsk. I.P.Shirkov with students.

Students practice at the school building.

House under construction.

People pass the bridge.

House under construction all over Moscow.


Shirkov IP