Venus Sturm. (1969)

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Director: Kuzis E., Podoljskaya N., Toropov V.

Script writers: Vasiliu D., Gennadiev V.

Operators: Andreev K., Martincev A., Sivkov V.

Composers: Sevastjyanov A.

Anouncers: Hmara L.


The film is about the new achievements of Soviet science and technology, a new step to the disclosure of the secrets of the universe.

Space programs | Conquest of Space | Science


Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Chimes Spasskaya tower.

The camera moves back, it's snowing.

Construction object.

Factory construction.


Automobile Plant.

Icebreakers in the ocean.

Surgeons in the operating room.

Nurse with a newborn baby.

Alternation: experts at the controls, space rocket at launch.

Mission Control Center.

Take-off missiles.

Animation: automatic station "Venus-6" in space.

The sun through the lens.

Animation: the station is removed.

Moon and stars over the roofs of houses.

Animation: a planet in orbit, a comparison of Venus with the Earth, the approach of Venus.

Sliding roof observatory telescope turn.

Scientist looking through a telescope.

Animation: the alleged picture of life on Venus.

Space Communications Equipment.

Animation: the passage of signals between planets.


Scientists have processed the data.

Animation: first flights of automatic stations "Venera" series.


Animation: Flight station "Venera-4", the lander sits on the planet.

The scientist behind the board.

Data transfer.

Pages of newspapers.

Press conference with the participation of scientists Keldysh.

Space technology in the pavilion "Space" at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements.

Engineers design bureau.

Scientists are working on a space station.


MV Keldysh - A Soviet scientist in the field of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, President of the USSR, three times Hero of Socialist Labor.







Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Assembling the lander.

Test apparatus under different conditions (congestion, pressure, wind tunnel).

Plane takes off.

Reset lander parachuting.

Tests with a rubber ring with the help of a robotic arm.

Testing of optical glass.

Preparing for the fiberglass sheathing.

station test in the chamber.

Striping: A station in space (multrabota), communications satellites in the world, scientists are signals, data processing.

Flowering gardens.

Small child.

Flowers on a tree branch.

Tidal bore.

Highway in the mountains.

Sunlight in the forest.

Views of Moscow.

The monument "The Worker and the Collective Farm Woman".

Monument "Conquerors of Space".

Monument of Tsiolkovsky.

The Spasskaya Tower.


Types Kremlin.

Panorama of Moscow.


The monument to Lenin in the Kremlin.

View of the Kremlin.

"Ukraine" on the hotel view.