By Don and Kuban 1976 № 34

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Producer Rostov-on-Don newsreel studio

Director: L. Mazruho

Operators: S. Haragezov, Yu. Scherbakov

Other authors: M. Konstantinova


The issue is dedicated to famous figures of culture and art of the Don and Kuban

Reel №1

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Fragment 1. The anniversary of the writer Anatoly Kalinin.

Panorama of a hilly area.

Boats on the river.

At the foot of the mountains is a rural area.

Huts of the Pukhlyakovsky farm.

The villagers are hurrying about their business.

Writer Anatoly Kalinin talks with his fellow countrymen.

Panorama of the countryside, people are walking.

Kalinin is talking to a fellow countryman.

The performance of the Kalinin front of the local residents.

The writer is congratulated.

Kalinin embraces his fellow countrymen.

A local resident shakes the author's hand, hugs the hero of the day.

A crowd of people on the street.

The audience is seated in the hall.

On the stage, in the first row, the hero of the day Anatoly Kalinin sits down at the table.

Colleagues and readers applaud the hero of the day.

On the background of a bouquet of flowers, a panorama of the auditorium.

Anatoly Kalinin laughs, listening to the congratulations.

Happily applauding audience in the hall.

At the microphone, the host of the event.

Kalinin is presented with a souvenir " Cossack on a wine barrel"

The writer moves away along the path along the village outskirts.

The vibrating ears of wheat, the four men in the desert.

Kalinin signs the book for his reader.

The writer talks about his homeland and profession.

Fragment 2. The Steppe in the cinema

Panorama of the hilly area and the bay of the river.

The wind stirs the trees.

Actor Ivan Lapikov talks about himself and his work.

The sun's rays shine through the birch branches.

Actor Ivan Lapikov takes a dry wormwood from the inside pocket of his jacket.

Lapikov smiles and gestures.

It offers a view of the steppe, surrounded by forest.

There is an old well near the steppe road.

A well crane pulls branches into the sky.

A swamp surrounded by reeds.

Fragment 3. The shooting of the film "the Steppe".

The film crew is at work.

The camera on the background of the cloudy sky.

On the grass, a movie clapboard with the name of the future movie.

Director Sergey Bondarchuk talks about the shooting of the film.

A strong wind shakes the grass, ruffles the branches of trees.

Sergey Bondarchuk smokes.

The work of the film crew.

The director and his assistant in the process of filming.

A boy on the background of the steppe pulls on silk ribbons.

Ribbons swing a swing decorated with flowers, in them a woman in white.

A woman, (actress Irina Skobtseva), swings on a swing.

The boy swings the swing with the help of ribbons.

A woman flies on a swing.

Swing on the side against the background of trees.

Irina Skobtseva's face is in the haze, through the branches of trees.

Fragment 4. Artist Anatoly Gerasimovich Mosin.

The hand makes a charcoal sketch on the canvas.

From the sketch, a face is gradually born.

The artist's eyes.

Continuation of the drawing on the canvas.

The focused face of the artist.

A cuckoo clock on the wall.

The artist's tools on the table, the incisors to cut.

The artist's hand hones the chisel.

The artist at the canvas continues to work, the master's illustrations on the walls.

The artist smokes, sits down at the table, puts on protective glasses.

The hand places the cigarette on the edge of the ashtray.

The artist makes a drawing on wood with a chisel.

Drawings made with charcoal.

A hand with charcoal paints the canvas.

Change of the artist's illustrations.

The artist is at work.

The artist's hand draws the face with charcoal.

The artist is focused on a new masterpiece.

On the canvas, the face of a woman.


Kalinin A. - pisatelj
Bondarchuk S. - akter, kinorezhisser
Lapikov I. - akter
Mosin A. - hudozhnik
Skobceva I. - aktrisa


Rostov region
Donetsk region



Literati; Film actors; Directed by movie; Artists
Persons of arts; Biography; Culture and Arts; Literature; Movie; Visual Arts