Leningrad chronicles 1976 № 15

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Producer LSDF

Director: L. Stanukinas

Operators: Yu. Aleksandrov, G. Afanasjev, N. Vinogradskij, V. Gulin, A. Gutman, V. Donec, E. Zommer, A. Ivanov, O. Luchinin, E. Shinkarenko


The issue is dedicated to the celebration of May 1 in Leningrad and the achievements of the Leningrad workers.

May 1 | Holidays

Social life

Reel №1

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Views of the streets of Leningrad, decorated for May 1.

Ships on the Neva.

Banner of the Kirov plant at the head of the column before the start of the movement.

Faces of brass band musicians.

The faces of the demonstrators before the start of the movement of columns, people dance on the street to the accordion.

The column of workers of the Baltic plant moves to the Palace Square.

Consolidated military brass band on Palace Square.

A car stylized as an armored car with a figure of Lenin goes to the square.

Clock on the Spasskaya Tower of the Moscow Kremlin.

Panorama of hall 25 of the CPSU Congress.

Brezhnev L. I., Suslov M. A., members of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee enter the hall, take their places in the presidium.

The Congress delegates applauded.

Brezhnev speaks from the podium with a report, view of the hall and the presidium of the Congress.

Panorama of the congress meeting hall (top).

tractor "kirovets" on the palace square.

the leadership of leningrad and the region on the podium.

first secretary of the leningrad regional committee of the cpsu romanov g. v. from the rostrum welcomes the participants of the demonstration.

Panorama of the grandstand.

Banners of Leningrad and the region are carried across the square.

Passing cars with models of the Order of Leningrad.

Students of vocational schools carry red flags, Romanov and the leadership of the city and region greet the demonstrators.

Faces of vocational school students.

A military brass band is playing.

Views of the May Day demonstration on Palace Square.

Columns of representatives of Leningrad's districts and industrial enterprises enter the square, and Romanov greets the demonstrators from the rostrum.

Demonstrators carry portraits of members of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU.

View of the Palace Square during the May Day demonstration (top).

Banners and mock-ups at the demonstration.

Participants of the demonstration welcome the leaders of the city and region.

The faces of the participants of the demonstration, banners with slogans on the demonstrators.

Portraits of members of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU on the facade of the Winter Palace.

Type of demonstration.

An elderly woman taking pictures of the demonstration.

The faces of the demonstrators.

Panorama of the rally at the kirov plant.

Participants of the rally applaud.

Romanov in the presidium of the rally.

panorama of the rally (top).

Romanov speaks from the podium, congratulates the workers on the anniversary of the plant (synchronously), panorama and views of the rally (from above).

faces of the rally participants.

Participants of the rally applaud.

Views of the Palace Square during the May Day demonstration (top).

Mock-ups of company logos on truck platforms, faces of demonstrators.

Romanov in Smolny presents government awards to the foreman of drivers S. A. Popov, the turner V. F. Zakharov, the director of the Optical Institute M. M. Miroshnikov, the artist Yu. V. Tolubeev.

The faces of the musicians of the military orchestra.

Bundles of balloons fly into the sky.

children's faces.

Portraits of the leaders of the USSR over the columns of demonstrators.

Types of demonstration.

The faces of the demonstrators, the faces of the officers of the armies of the Warsaw Pact countries.

Leaders of the city and region on the podium.

Types of demonstrations, banners with slogans over the columns.

Ships on the Neva River, decorated with festive illumination.

Evening fireworks in the sky over leningrad.


Brezhnev Leonid Iljich -- statesman and politician
Suslov Mihail Andreevich -- statesman and politician
Romanov Grigorij Vasiljevich -- statesman and politician
Tolubeev Yurij Vladimirovich -- theater and film actor







Demonstrations; Congress of the CPSU; Political figures; Film actors; Rallies
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