Notes of a provincial.Experiments. (1986)

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Producer St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio

Director: Naumov V.

Script writers: Mirov E.

Operators: Morozov V.

Recordist: Litvyakov S.


The film tells about the life, work, hobbies of four friends from the provincial town of Borovichi.

Russian cities and regions

Towns and countries | Geography and Nature

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Men play lotto.

Hospital corridor, doctors are coming.

Kozyrev in a sterile mask washes his hands.

A large-scale medical device.

Close-up - Kozyrev's face in a mask.

Large - hands pass pliers.

Kozyrev repairs medical equipment in the operating room.

Kozyrev is standing near the window, taking off his mask.

The view from the window is a hospital yard, trees, a patient walks.

Kozyrev is in the workshop, near the desktop with tools.

Kozyrev on a fishing trip.

The general plan is a river, bridges, boats near the shore, a fisherman with a fishing rod.

The boat sails away from the shore.

Large - a currant bush with berries.

A large spider catches a moth, entangles it in a web.

Kozyrev is lying on the grass.

Forest, the sun shines through the trees, clouds in the sky.

Kozyrev is lying on the grass, taking out his watch.

Large - pocket watch in hand.

Kozyrev brings the watch to his ear.

Platform, there is a train, a guy with a guitar is dancing.

Large - lotto cards with chips.

Platform, the train is leaving.

Kozyrev is sitting at the railway crossing.

Women veterans sing.

City street, passers-by are walking.

Village street, Kozyrev approaches the house.

Kozyrev looks at his watch, opens the door and enters the courtyard of the village house.

Kozyrev is thrown a hat out of the window, he puts it on and leaves.

A large-open window with a curtain.

Kozyrev is near the soda machine, examining a glass.

Shop window.

Kozyrev throws a coin into the machine, knocks on the machine.

Large - lotto cards with chips.

A brass band is playing on the summer stage, Kozyrev looks at the musicians.

There's a record player on the table, records.

Apples in a basket - Kozyrev takes apples, peels them, eats, a cat sits on his lap.

Large - the disc of the record is spinning.

Kozyrev rides a bicycle.

Kozyrev is walking in a crowd of people.

Market - scales, vegetables on the counter.

The seller with apples.

Kozyrev chooses apples.

Rural landscape, Kozyrev rides a bicycle.

Kozyrev stops by the ferry.

People pull a rope on the ferry.

View from the river on a moving ferry.

Kozyrev is standing on the ferry, a panorama of the river.

Zhelyabuzhsky with a cart on wheels is walking along the road.

Zhelyabuzhsky at the fence with a loaf of bread.

Large - the face of Zhelyabuzhsky.

Panorama on a wooden windowsill - there are bottles, chisel, etc.

The clock mechanism is spinning.

Large - the face of Zhelyabuzhsky.

A wall with old photos.

Zhelyabuzhsky repairs a clock, a panorama of a table with tools and equipment.

Zhelyabuzhsky repairs the clock.

Large - clock mechanism, clock face.

Zhelyabuzhsky with Kozyrev at the table - repairing the clock.

Large - a fragment of a large clock with a pendulum and a bell.

Kozyrev at the desktop with tools.

Malyshev with an easel, draws in nature.

Close-up - a painting on an easel.

The general plan is an autumn landscape, Malyshev with an easel, draws.

Malyshev is at the window, cutting bread.

Village street, there is a woman with a rocker.

Close-up - Malyshev's face, a panorama of the paintings.

Summer veranda, stage - the presenter announces the performance of actor Nikita Prozorovsky.

Prozorovsky sings to the guitar.

Panorama of empty benches, Kozyrev is sitting under an umbrella.

Panorama of the village house, the road - Kozyrev and Prozorovsky are walking along the road.

Kozyrev together with Prozorovsky near the house, they are met by a cat.

Kozyrev shows tricks with a cat.

Kozyrev is hanging upside down on the horizontal bar.

Kozyrev looks at the village, at home.

A clothesline.

Kozyrev comes out of the greenhouse, treats Prozorovsky with tomatoes.

Kozyrev at the desktop with tools.

Large - a table, a bucket of cement.

Kozyrev takes a brick, pours boiling water from the kettle over it.

Large - the hand lays the brick in the masonry.

The garden is in the courtyard, there are Kozyrev and Prozorovsky.

Kozyrev arranges the paintings.

Prozorovsky looks at the paintings.

Large - cat.

Kozyrev splits a brick against the wall of the house.

Krupno - Prozorovsky is sitting near the wall of the house with his eyes closed.

Close-up - a panorama of the pendulum clock.

Kozyrev at the table with a samovar.

Krupno - Prozorovsky with a pipe.

Krupno - Zhelyabuzhsky.

Krupno - Prozorovsky with a pipe.

The general plan is at the table Kozyrev, Zhelyabuzhsky, Prozorovsky and Malyshev.

Prozorovsky with a guitar, picks up a book.

A large page of the book, the title "Martyrs of Science".

Kozyrev brings out a cake with candles.

Zhelyabuzhsky blows out the candles.

Prozorovsky sings to the guitar.

Those present at the table are listening.

Large - tea is poured from the samovar.

The general plan is people at the table.

The cover of the basement opens.

Large - book.

A table, a book and newspapers on the table - the pages are moving in the wind.

Key words

Operating room, clock, artist, painting, village, bard


Prozorovskij N. Yu. - akter teatra i kino, bard, pevec





Social life; Musicians
Persons of arts; Biography; Culture and Arts; Music