The complex of insanity. (1992)

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Producer St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio

Director: S.Debizhev

Script writers: S.Debizhev

Operators: N.Avrunin, S.Astahov

Composers: S.Kurehin

Recordist: A.Dudarev


An absurdist film, which reflects the anti-scientific and anti-art trends of recent times brought to the point of absurdity.

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CHRONICLE 1950-1960:


Urban landscape (New York?).

Skyscrapers and chimneys in the distance.

Traffic light on the background of a skyscraper.

Hands on the steering wheel of the car.


The car goes over the bridge.

Hand on the steering wheel of the car.

Bridges are being built.

The column of the military.

Black mice in the box.


The telescope.

The rabbit is put in a box and the lid is closed.

A homeless man sleeps under a bridge.

The man speaks into the microphone.

Prisoners behind bars.

New York skyscrapers.

Lace maker pins.


The starry sky.

A herd of cows.

A rotating globe.

A herd of pigs.

Torchlight procession.

A human head entangled with sensors.


An experiment is underway.

In the middle of the room, a man is swinging on a swing.

Running dogs.

The dog climbs onto the table.

He eats from a drawer on the table.

A man in a white coat with a syringe.

The experimental animal is given an injection.

Experimental chickens, chicken, rooster.

Chickens in cages.

People on the bunks.

Free-range chickens.


Experience with a dog.

Laboratory: experience with a rabbit.

The audience, students in white coats.

An absurd lecture performed by S. Kuryokhin (synchronously).

The lecturer mixes bromine with lead.

Portraits of scientists.


Continuation of the lecture (synchronously).

A worker knocks the grate off the window with a crowbar.

Printing house.

Book binding.

Two men in tailcoats are dancing a comic dance.

Physical devices.

Lightning between two balls.

Short plans: patients in beds, charging outside.

a man aims a bow, boxing, helicopter.

The orchestra is on stage.

A field of wheat.

A herd of cows.

Pigs at the feeders.

Running pigs.

Training of young people with sticks.

Boxing in the mud.

Bees in the palm of your hand.

The girl climbs out of the glass cup onto the books and starts singing (combined shooting).

Ducks in the pond.

The launch of the spacecraft.

A man with a syringe in his hands.

Bees in the palm of your hand.

A man stands with a gun.

The teenager raises his hands above his head.

On his hands -a swarm of bees.

The boy shakes off the bees.

The orchestra.

The applauding audience.

The Nobel Prize presentation.

The Nobel medal.

A fragment of the film.

A social event.

Scientists in laboratories.

A fragment of the film.

People dancing at a party.

The clock on the house.

A pianist playing.

A moving train.

Hands on the keys.

A glider in the sky.

Crane wedge.

A man meets a woman in a clearing.

A kiss.

The orchestra is playing.

A man undresses a woman.

Firefighters extinguish the fire.

Riders in the park.

Naked couple on a bench.

The faces of the nuns.

The face of S. Kuryokhin.



Social life