This crazy Fedorov. (1994)

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Producer St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio

Director: Snegina N., Cherencov L.

Script writers: Snegina N., Cherencov L.

Operators: Titov B., Morozov V.

Recordist: Petriashvili V.


The film tells the story of Svyatoslav Nikolaevich Fedorov, a practicing ophthalmologist surgeon, businessman, and politician. Through interviews with Fedorov himself, his colleagues, relatives, the character of this amazing man is revealed, his views on the situation in the country, his life position become clear.

Biography | Medicine | Policy


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Petersburg, Neva, an old frigate is sailing, the Peter and Paul Fortress is visible, boats and sailing yachts are sailing.

Large - on the house is the emblem of the Fedorov clinic, the name is written - "MNTC. Eye microsurgery", panorama of the clinic building.

Panorama of the offices - in one an employee in a white coat is working on a computer, in the other a doctor is taking notes at the table.

The corridor of the clinic - medical staff carries patients with blindfolds on special chairs.

There is a meeting of doctors in the office, Svyatoslav Fedorov comes in, sits on a chair in the center.

Panorama of doctors, Fedorova.

Fedorov is telling something.

A woman in a blue dress asks a question, Fedorov answers.

The photographer takes pictures of Fedorov.

Panorama of the desk in the office, writing materials on the table, there are landlines, etc.

Says the director of the St.

Petersburg branch of the clinic - Anatoly Gorban.

Fedorov is in the operating room, he is being helped to put on a sterile robe, doctors, medical staff, equipment, etc. are in the frame.

Fedorov is in the operating room, near the patient, looks into special equipment, begins to operate, around him, assistants, doctors.

Different shots of eye surgery - Fedorov operates, doctors assist him, and so on.

Anatoly Gorban speaks.

Footage of the Gorban's home video archive - anniversary celebration, musicians on stage, a singer sings, guests dance in the hall, the Gorban accepts congratulations, the mayor of St.

Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak gives a bouquet to the hero of the day, etc.

Anatoly Gorban speaks.

Fedorov is in the operating room, moving his hands over the patient's face.

In the operating room, doctors, medical staff, an operator with a video camera works.

Fedorov moves his hands over the head of the lying patient, tells the audience that he feels the field, feels tingling in his fingers, and so on.

Operating room, doctors, medical staff are working.

Says Emma Sapegina, Deputy Director for Medical Work.

Rural landscape, field, road, Fedorov riding.

Fedorov next to his horse - stroking the animal, telling his story.

Says Irene Fedorova, the wife of Svyatoslav Nikolaevich.

Irene Fedorova gives an interview in the garden of her country house.

Fedorov near the stable, starts his horse inside.

Fedorov takes a motorcycle out of the shed, sits on it, goes out on the road.

Fedorov is sitting at a table on the terrace of his country house, a man is standing next to the table and talking.

Rural landscape, field, wildflowers, sky with thunderclouds.

Fedorov, on the veranda at the table, next to him friends, relatives.

View of the house, garden, a woman with a dog is walking along the path.

Says Fedorov.

Large, in the yard of the house - a dog is walking, people are walking along the path.

Fedorov is at the table, discussing an article in the newspaper, communicating with friends, relatives, a boy is sitting next to him.

Fedorov is at the table, next to the boy.

The general plan is Fedorov's family, relatives, friends at a table on the terrace.

Tea drinking at the table.

Rural landscape - trees, a road, a river and a small boat passing by.

Fedorov is talking at a table on the terrace.

Panorama of a log near the shore, a river, sailing boats are visible in the distance.

Fedorov and his family and friends are sitting at a table on the terrace, chatting.

Says Irene Fedorova.

The building of the Pullman hotel in Sochi, the interiors of the complex, a swimming pool, etc.

Large - on the roof is the emblem of the Fedorov clinics in the form of an eye.

Fedorov is in the office, talking on the phone.

Winter, Moscow region, view of cottages, small private houses.

Billiard room, tables, men playing Russian billiards.

Tariel Bassaria, Director of the Protasovo Cultural Center, speaks.

Construction site, workers engaged in welding work, etc.

Different frames of the construction process - a special transport is working, a crane is lifting cargo.

Panorama of cottages in a country village.

A small restaurant in the Finnish style, there is a portrait of Suvorov and portraits of other historical figures hanging, people are sitting at tables.

Panorama of the restaurant hall, the bar counter.

Different shots of the restaurant's interior, a view of the panel with horses.

Stable, the employee leads the horse by the bridle.

An employee of the stable cleans the horse in the stall.

Fedorov cleans the snow in the yard, his wife passes by.

Fedorov saws boards.

The dog is running in the yard.

Fedorov and his wife are walking in the yard with a dog.

View of the cottage village, houses, a girl riding on the road.

Panorama of the village, rural cemetery, temple.

There is a service in the church - different personnel (priest, interior decoration, icons, etc.).

In the frame is the Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God, which Fedorov donated for the temple.

A servant in the temple stands near the icons, talks about Fedorov's donations.

Portrait of V. I. Suvorov (father of Generalissimo Suvorov).

Panorama of the walls of the temple, icons.

A tombstone at the burial site of V. I. Suvorov.

Fedorov is at his desk in the office, talking on the phone.

UAE, Abu Dhabi - panorama of the city, skyscrapers, the sea (taken from above).

City streets, skyscrapers, mosques, etc. - removed from traffic.

Large-poster advertising of the Fedorov clinic in English.

Fedorov is in the clinic, inspecting new equipment, testing moving chairs.

A huge rowing boat with rowers is floating on the sea.

Large - the ship "Peter the Great", a panorama of the ship.

Promotional shots of the interior interiors of the liner, an ophthalmological clinic that works on the ship is shown - offices, doctors, modern equipment, operating rooms, etc.

Panorama of the liner "Peter the Great".

Restaurant on the ship, performance of artists on stage.

The Arab Emirates, the streets of the evening city - buildings, skyscrapers, shops, etc.

Fedorov and his wife get out of the car.

Oriental restaurant.

Moscow, the Main Post Office building on Tverskaya.

Evening, lights are on, a panorama of the buildings of the Fedorov clinic, the hotel complex.

Comfortable rooms, women are sitting in one of the rooms, drinking tea, watching TV.

On TV there is an advertisement of the Russian movement of democratic reforms, photos of Sobchak, Fedorov, etc. are shown.

Says Fedorov.

Panorama of the Iris Hotel building and the Pullman-Iris Hotel in Moscow.

Says Fedorov, answers the correspondent's questions.

VDNH, monument "Worker and collective farmer".

Says Fedorov.

Wind, sleet, tree swaying.

Says Fedorov.

Evening, lights are on, a view of the buildings of the clinic and the hotel complex.

Large - the emblem of the clinic in the form of an eye on the roof.

Fedorov is in the office - watching remotely, on monitors, how operations are going in the clinic.

The image on the monitor is an eye, an operation is underway (a camera hit).

Fedorov gives instructions on the intercom about the operation.

A panorama of a wall of monitors - some of them broadcast current operations.

Fedorov is at the table, talking on the intercom, giving instructions to the operating surgeons, then signing the document.

Large-cast-iron weights on the floor, a panorama of the monitors.

Fedorov looks at the monitors, simultaneously instructs employees to adjust the image on them (via intercom).

Close-up - a woman with glasses, takes off her glasses, turns them in her hands.

Large - the face of a medical worker.

Conveyor belt in the clinic - chairs with patients move in a circle.

A woman with glasses drives up to the table where an employee of the clinic is sitting, her eyesight is checked on a special device.

The corridor is a clinic, there are indoor plants in tubs and pots.

Large - wavy parrots.

A woman with glasses is at the doctor's, her eyesight is checked on special equipment.

The doctor tells the woman that Svyatoslav Nikolaevich Fedorov will be her surgeon and wishes her a happy operation.

Fedorov is in the corridor with the doctors, goes to the operating room, goes inside.

Fedorov washes his hands before surgery.

The woman is lying on the couch before the operation.

Fedorov near the equipment in the operating room.

Close-up - Fedorov looks into a microscope, performs eye surgery.

Operating room, surgeons, medical staff, enlargement to the monitor on which the operation is broadcast.

Large - Fedorov's hands are undergoing eye surgery.

Close-up - Fedorov looks through a microscope.

Large - the faces of doctors and medical staff in the operating room.

Fedorov finishes the operation.

Large - the face of a female doctor.

Fedorov is near the patient, making passes with his hands over her face.

Fedorov talks to a patient in the operating room, asks her to open her eyes a little, asks what she sees.

A woman is blindfolded.

Fedorov is in the operating room, communicating with colleagues after the operation.

On the wall hangs a photo of Fedorov with horses, crossed sabres, watches, etc.

Says Irene Fedorova.

Panorama on the wall - horns hang on chains.

Irene Fedorova talks about hunting, a panorama of Irene Fedorova's daughter, who is sitting next to her on the sofa.

Fedorov comes home, undresses, greets family members.

Irene Fedorova brings a case with her husband's gun, asks him to show the gun and tell about hunting.

Fedorov shows a gun in his office, there are people standing next to his desk - they take a gun, inspect, aim, and so on.

Large - on the wall there is a stuffed mountain goat (head with horns).

Fedorov picks up a gun, takes aim.

Says Irene Fedorova, Fedorov comes into the room in his home clothes, sits down in an armchair.

Close-up - the face of Irene Fedorova's daughter.

Says Fedorov.

Irene Fedorova and her daughter are sitting on the sofa, a panorama of Fedorov.

Fedorov answers the correspondent's questions.

In the frame - Irene Fedorova with her daughter, sitting on the couch, listening to Fedorov.

Says Fedorov, his wife Irene Fedorova also participates in the conversation.

The patient approaches Fedorov, thanks him for the operation, kisses him.

Large - the emblem of the clinic in the form of an eye on the roof of the building, a view of the clinic building, street lights.

Key words

Surgeon, ophthalmologist, eye clinic, surgery


Fedorov S. N. - sovetskij i rossijskij oftaljmolog, glaznoj mikrohirurg, professor medicini
Sobchak A. A. - sovetskij i rossijskij uchyonij-pravoved, politicheskij deyatelj, mer Sankt-Peterburga.


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