Sonata for Hitler. (1989)

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Producer St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio

Director: Aleksandr Sokurov

Script writers: Aleksandr Sokurov

Operators: Aleksandr Burov, Lyudmila Krasnova

Recordist: Vladimir Persov

Painter: Vladimir Solovjev

Other authors: Andrej Petrov


The film is devoted to the psychological aspect of the formation of Hitler's fascism, reflects the shame of the German nation deceived by Hitler.

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Newsreel on the screen: Hitler A. sitting in the audience.

Unemployed German veterans of the First world war.

Hitler delivers a speech in the Reichstag in 1933.

The veterans sitting on the fence of the Park, joined hands of the people.

Hitler in the cinema.

Hitler gives a speech in 1936.

The face of a Jewish youth.

Hitler raises his hand in a Nazi salute.

View of the working class quarter, Hitler makes a speech, small children play in the mud of the cobblestones.

Hitler makes a speech.

Panorama of the Nazi rally.

Participants of the rally greet Hitler, one of them does not dare to raise his hand in a Nazi salute.

Leaflets from the top floor of the building fall on the street, people pick them up.

Window of one of the stores.

Hitler in the cinema.

Faces of participants in Nazi rallies.

Women and girls greet Hitler.

Children greet Hitler.

People run to greet Hitler.

Women's Shoe under soldiers ' boots.

Hitler and Goering on the balcony of the building during the rally.

View of the Nazi rally (top).

Participants of the rally greet Hitler.

The face of Hitler making a speech, the faces of children.

Hands reaching out in a Nazi salute.

The face of a blind worker.

Hitler in the cinema.

View of one of the solemn events, the participants of the event swing to the beat of the music.

Hitler in a car, surrounded by fans.

Hitler in the cinema.

Participants in a solemn Nazi rally greet passing in the car of Hitler.

Participants of the rally stretch their hands in a Nazi salute.

The face of Hitler making a speech.

A blind worker performs a simple production operation.

Participants of the rally hold out their hands in a Nazi salute.

Hitler's cap in different angles.

The Barber cuts the recruit's hair.

SS soldiers take the oath of allegiance to the Fuhrer.

A skull in the hands of an anthropologist.

A drummer on horseback opens the parade.

Hitler responds to greetings from the window.

A column of German armored vehicles on the March, SS units on parade in Berlin.

A German General receives a report from the commander of a tank column.

The severed hand of a human hand in the mud.

A blind worker performs a production operation.

The face of a German worker.

Processing bayonet knives on the machine.

Manufacture of small arms beds.

Photos of victims of the German invaders.

Awarding German soldiers, German soldiers communicate with girls in the occupied territory.

Looting of the train with the belongings of dead concentration camp prisoners, photos of executions of prisoners.

Portraits of Hitler's executioners - soldiers and officers.

German soldiers in the ranks, people on the streets of Berlin.

Hitler awards members of the Hitler youth-participants in the defense of Berlin in 1945.

Goering shoots a bow at a moving target in the form of a deer.

Faces of members of the Hitler youth.

The face of one of the Nazi criminals during the trial, the faces of participants in Nazi rallies.

Berlin residents leave the bomb shelter after the RAID.

Corpses of victims of the air RAID, stacked on the street.

Views of the destroyed streets of Berlin in 1945.

People are trying to get drinking water.

Nazi criminal during the trial.

Execution of a convicted Nazi criminal, interspersed with fragments of Nazi rallies.

The condemned man on the gallows, the feet of the hanged man.

The face of a Jewish youth.

Hitler with a girl and a dog, a photo of Hitler with a girl.

Hitler in the cinema.


Gitler Adoljf -- German statesman and politician
Gering German -- German statesman and politician





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