From Hangai to the Gobi Desert (Travel Notes). (1974)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: I. Vojtenko

Script writers: I. Vojtenko

Operators: A. Dubrovskij

Other authors: L. Ezheleva, V. Shuvalov, A. Stefanov


The film introduces the life, lifestyle, nature and unique cultural monuments of Mongolia.

Towns and countries | National culture | Geography and Nature | Flora and fauna | Social life

Culture and Arts

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Types of Ulaanbaatar.

Monument to Sukhbaatar.

Memorials in honor of the heroes of the Revolution and World War II.

Views of one of the memorials.

Fragments of the mosaic.

The girl's face.

View of one of the sculptures of the memorial.

Cars on one of the city avenues.

A herd of horses grazing in the steppe.

The herdsman rides, leads the horse by the reins.

Steppe landscape.

Forest landscape.

View of the river valley.

Panorama of a field with ripening wheat.

Harvesters for harvesting.

View of one of the waterfalls in the north of the country in Hangai.

A local resident walks down the steep bank of the Orkhon River.

View of a part of the river (from above).

A local resident takes mineral water from a spring into a bowl, drinks it.

View of the waterfall.

Panorama of the steppe in the foothills, a flock of sheep grazing.

Shepherds are riding.

Orkhon yaks on the pasture.

Views of the Orkhon Valley.

Ancient ruins and remnants of ancient civilizations in the valley.

Fragments of statues and stones with inscriptions.

Stone sculpture of a turtle.

View of the buildings of the Buddhist monastery of Erdeni-Dzu.

A masked dancing monk.

The gates of the monastery open.

Types of monastic buildings, fragments of decorations.

View of the monastery in the steppe.

Landscape of the Gobi desert.

Mongolian Arat rides a camel.

A highway through the desert, wheel tracks in the sand.

Trucks are driving through the desert.

Canyons in the earth's crust formed as a result of heavy rains and frequent hurricanes.

Lizard on the rocks.

The truck drives through the canyon past the rocks.

Views of a ridge of basalt lava in one of the valleys, researchers make their way between the boulders.

Drawings depicting animals on the stones discovered by archaeologists, the faces of archaeologists.

Archaeologists are considering another find.

Stone tools made of semiprecious stones discovered by archaeologists, the faces of archaeologists.

Panorama of a part of the area, a view of a broken stone block with drawings.

Drawings depicting animals on stones.

Archaeologists make their way between the stones.

Drawings on stones.

Panorama of the Gobi part, the road through the desert.

Riders are riding on the road.

Grazing horses.

A herdsman on horseback.

Locals ride around and tame young stallions.

The face of one of the locals.

Flora and fauna of the Gobi Desert.

Gobi grape berries.

Grazing camels.

The head of a camel.

Types of Gobi territories covered with small stone.

View of one of the reservoirs at the well in Gobi.

A woman weeds seedlings.

The horses are coming from the watering hole.

Panorama of a part of the desert.

View of the flooded area after prolonged rains.

Sheep move across the pond formed as a result of heavy rains.

Shepherds wade across the pond on horseback.

People ride horses and camels.

The cargo is in packs.

A camel caravan passes through a flooded area.

Views of a fresh lake in the Gobi desert.

Flora and fauna in the vicinity of Lake Hara-Usnur.

Water lilies on the water (panorama).

Swans on the water.

Flocks of birds over the lake.

Lake landscapes.

View of the sandy shore of the lake, a motor boat sails past the dunes.

Lake landscape at sunset.

Riders ride through the desert at sunset.

Local residents are heading to the district center for the Naadam holiday.

Panorama of the parking lot at the yurts.

Faces of adults and children.

Tea party in one of the yurts.

Wrestling competitions during the holiday in Dalanzadgad, the faces of the audience.

Horse racing competitions among children.

Young racegoers at a distance, adults watch the races through binoculars.

Panorama of the holiday.

The winner of the race finishes.

The face of the girl who won the race.

The winner's horse.

One of the race participants finishes with the help of his parents.

The boy drinks water from a can.

Cleaning the winning horse.

Giving valuable gifts to parents.

Landing parachutist.

One of the participants of the holiday is watching a parachutist.

People go to the landing place of the parachutist.

Children's faces.

The plane during the release of parachutists.

View of the part of Ulaanbaatar (from above).

Traffic controller at the intersection.

People's faces on the streets of the city.







Social life; Holidays; Visual Arts; History
Culture and Arts