Dear peace and friendship. (1982)

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Producer LSDF

Director: Yu. Zanin

Script writers: T. Nepomnyaschij, Yu. Zanin

Operators: Yu. Nikolaev

Composers: Sh. Kallosh

Recordist: L. Lerner

Other authors: A. Nikiforov


The film tells about the political and economic cooperation between Finland and the USSR.

International cooperation | Economic cooperation | Culture and Arts | Towns and countries | Life and leisure

Space | Sectors of the economy | Geography and Nature | Social life

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Participants of the Masha of the World on the streets of Paris and other European cities.

Demonstrations in support of peace in the cities of Japan.

American participants of the peace movement carry a mock-up of an intercontinental missile, a demonstration in defense of peace in one of the US cities.

Protesters against the arms race carry banners with anti-war slogans.

View of a demonstration in defense of peace in Paris.

US President R. Reagan speaks at the UN.

Landing an aircraft on the deck of an American aircraft carrier.

Launches of missiles with nuclear warheads.

Nuclear weapons tests.

The face of a young Peace March participant holding a banner with the slogan.

Anti-war demonstrations on the streets of US cities.

Panorama of the anti-war rally at the Piskarevskoye cemetery in Leningrad.

Laying flowers at the pedestal of the monument at the Piskarevskoye cemetery.

Panorama of the center of Helsinki (from above).

Motor transport and people on the streets and in the parks of Helsinki.

A girl on the street is handing out leaflets.

Teenagers on the street.

State flags of the USSR and Finland on flagpoles.

Passenger plane after landing at Tampere airport.

A brass band is playing in honor of the arrival of the Soviet delegation, which arrived at a meeting of representatives of the twin cities of Finland and the USSR.

Finns shake hands with Soviet guests.

Mutual greetings and hugs, handing flowers to Soviet guests.

The participants of the meeting drink wine from glasses in the fresh air.

Chairman of the Board of the Union of Finnish Cities Hoikolainen speaks about the international significance of the meeting, the need to strengthen friendship and detente (synchronously and behind the scenes), the faces of the participants of the meeting.

A festive banquet in the fresh air in honor of Soviet guests.

The banquet participants sing in Finnish with a guitar.

The guitarist and the accordion player go around the tables, sing, the faces of the banquet participants.

meat is fried on a fire.

The banquet participant sings along to the musicians.

Finns perform "Moscow Nights" in Finnish to the accompaniment of guitar and accordion.

Views of the embankment from the car window, passenger ships near the shore.

A ship built at a Finnish shipyard by Soviet order

The production process in the workshop for the manufacture of lifting equipment for Soviet industry, the faces of Finnish workers.

Production of mineral fertilizers for the USSR in the workshops of the Kemera plant, automatic packaging of fertilizers in plastic bags.

The work of an automatic line for pouring paints into cans in the workshop of the Monicolor factory.

Production processes at Finnish enterprises operating under Soviet orders.

Shoe manufacturing.

The manager for working with the Soviet market talks about the number of enterprises that have gained access to the Soviet market, about the decency and reliability of Soviet partners (synchronously).

Part of the production process at a shoe factory.

Production processes in one of the workshops of a Finnish woodworking enterprise.

The director of the joint-stock company M. Nurmanen speaks about the high level of trade between the USSR and Finland (synchronously and behind the scenes), the panorama of the workshop (from above).

Parents are taking their children in a stroller.

The faces of elderly Finns.

A brass band is playing.

The grand opening of the Monument of Friendship of the peoples of the USSR and Finland, during the meeting of the mayors of the twin cities, the participants applaud.

Presentation of flowers to the author of the monument.

View of the sculptural group of the monument.


Rejgan Ronaljd Uilson -- American statesman and politician







Foreign policy; Political figures; Rallies; Demonstrations; Monuments
Policy; Biography; Society, social activities and community organizations; Social life; Culture and Arts

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Participants of the meeting of mayors of the twin cities of the USSR and Finland plant trees in Tampere Park.

The faces of the participants of the event.

The participants of the event congratulate each other.

Attaching a sign to one of the trees.

Finnish folklore ensemble rehearses "Ryabinushka" in Finnish, a panorama of the grandstand with the audience.

The faces of the singing Finns.

Russians and Finns on the podium sing along to the ensemble each in their own language.

Children are sitting on the grass.

Panorama of the stands, the ensemble continues to sing.

The driver is driving a tourist bus.

Participants of the meeting in the bus cabin.

Panorama of the lake, boats and boats near the shore.

Cars of employees of the Laviza nuclear power plant.

The interior and Soviet equipment of the power plant.

panorama of a part of the metallurgical plant in Roakha, built with the help of the USSR.

Production processes in the open-hearth shop of the combine, the faces of the workers.

The operator is at the control panel of the automated line.

A self-propelled barge approaches the lock of the Saimaa Canal.

The gateway operator is at the gate control panel.

The ship goes through the lock.

The operator's face.

The vessel goes out into open water.

Motor transport on the streets of Helsinki.

The Helsinki metro train passes through an open section.

The conductor in the car sells tickets.

The driver in the cab of the metro train.

Children and adults in the subway car.

Interior view of one of the metro stations.

Passengers go to the exit on the escalator.

A brass band led by tambour major marches through the streets of the city during the song festival.

There are children with flowers in their hands.

Meeting of Soviet guests.

Finns and guests from the Estonian SSR, dressed in national costumes, walk in the same column.

Musicians carry their instruments.

Presentation of flowers to Soviet guests.

The faces of the musicians.

Monument in honor of friendship with the city of Kohtla-Jarve.

View of a part of the Finnish mining town (from above).

The faces of Soviet and Finnish miners discussing professional issues.

Soviet and Finnish miners in the dining room.

Miners in one of the shafts of the mine.

The faces of the miners.

Participants of the song festival are photographed with each other.

Folk dance performance, orchestra performance.

Darts competitions.

The participants of the meeting applaud during the joint conference.

One of the Soviet representatives reads out the text of the joint statement of the meeting participants (synchronously and behind the scenes), a panorama of the conference hall.

The faces of the participants of the 6th meeting of Soviet and Finnish sister cities.

The participants of the meeting applaud.

The participants of the Peace March are in columns, carrying banners with anti-war slogans, the faces of the participants of the Peace March.







Industry; Sea and river transport; Traction; Holidays; Demonstrations
Sectors of the economy; Transportation; Social life; Society, social activities and community organizations