A window to Europe. (1989)

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Producer LSDF

Director: M. Mass

Script writers: V. Harchenko

Operators: V. Burcev, S. Ignatenko

Recordist: V. Petriashvili

Other authors: L. Petriashvili


The film tells about the activities of the Baltic Shipping Company, its cooperation with foreign partners.

Sea and river transport | Sectors of the economy | Economic cooperation | Trade


Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Equipment on pallets in the Leningrad seaport, intended for loading on ships, a view of the road along the port, construction and agricultural equipment intended for shipment abroad.

The process of loading cargo on ships, loading equipment of the port.

Unloading and transportation of containers.

The equipment leaves the cargo hold.

Entrance to the administrative building of the Baltic Shipping Company, view of the building.

The deputy head of the shipping company for Economy, G. V. Toporov, speaks about overcoming the economic difficulties of the shipping company due to the sharp decline in international trade as a result of the crisis and the decline in the dollar, about the economic losses of the shipping company (synchronously).

The staff of the economic division during a meeting on the issues of self-financing.

The head of the 4th department of linear shipping, N. M. Pyatkin, speaks about the formation of the department in 1980, about overcoming economic sanctions from the United States, about the development of the Far Eastern direction of cargo transportation and the organization of the Baltic Orient Line, about increasing the tonnage in this direction, about overcoming economic difficulties (synchronously).

A cargo ship is en route.

View of a part of the deck of a ship loaded with containers (top).

The shipping company's ships are on their way.

The ship "Captain Gavrilov" at anchor.

The boat passes behind the stern of one of the vessels.

The state flag of the USSR on the ship's comet.

Container ships at the pier.

Panorama of the cargo port, ships at the berths.

Tugs plant a container ship "Professor Tovstik" in the dock in Singapore.

Captain and pilot on the bridge.

View of the deck of a container ship entering the dock (top).

View of the bow of the ship entering the dock.

Mooring of the ship.







International cooperation; Towns and countries
Space; Geography and Nature

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The faces of the girls participating in the beauty contest in Singapore.

The faces of the audience and reporters.

Views of buildings and streets in Singapore.

A man takes pictures of girls on the lawn, a panorama of high-rise buildings.

Outdoor elevators of one of the skyscrapers.

The ship "Professor Tovstik" in the dock of the Singapore firm "Jurang".

Conducting an initial inspection of the ship's hull using a lifting platform.

Faces of workers and engineers.

The ship's propeller.

Workers go on shift.

Filling the dock with water.

Workers and engineers board the ship.

View of the propeller and rudder of the ship.

Markings on board the vessel at the site of the future cut.

Workers install scaffolding.

The gas cutter cuts the hull of the ship.

A gap in the place of the cut of the ship's hull.

The freshly cut seam is watered with vodka, according to the tradition of the shipyard.

Disconnecting the hull of the ship, the Singapore engineer gives commands on the radio.

The head of ship repair, Mr.

Teng, gives an interview about the fruitful cooperation of Soviet sailors and Singapore shipbuilders (synchronously, translated from English).

Singapore workers during their lunch break.

Motorcycles and mopeds of workers in the parking lot (panorama).

The gas cutter at work.

The foreman gives signals to the crane operator.

Faces of Singapore workers.

Scaffolding at the side of the ship.

Panorama of a part of the ship's deck (top).

View of part of Singapore.

The representative of the Baltic shipping company in Monte Vladimir Alexandrov says on the direct contract with the firm "Jurang", without the participation of intermediaries in the face of the Ministry of Maritime fleet of the USSR and "Sudoimport", about the convenience of direct contacts, simplifying and accelerating the process of repair and refurbishment without the participation of intermediaries and micromanagement on the part of many regulatory organizations (synchronously).

Views of Singapore from the car window.

Folders with working documentation.

Working meeting between representatives of the Baltic Shipping Company and the Jurang company.







International cooperation; Towns and countries; Industry
Space; Geography and Nature; Sectors of the economy

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Bike in the rain on the pier, a panorama of the pier in Singapore.

Heavy rain in the area of the docks.

View of the ship's side in the scaffolding.

Photos of the installation of an additional insert in the ship's hull.

Secretary of the general director of the company "Jurang" in the reception area.

A balalaika and a painting on the wall of the CEO's office.

The general director of the company, Mr.

Tang, talks about working for the USSR market and cooperation with the Baltic Shipping Company, speaks positively about the Soviet partners, speaks about the mutual benefit of the established relations (synchronously).

Calendar with the image of the Moscow Kremlin.

Panorama of the hull of the ship "Professor Tovstykh" with the installed insert.

Workers descend the ramp to the pier.

The ship is at the pier.

The captain of the vessel V. T. Siegel speaks about a slight change in the navigation and maneuvering characteristics of the vessel, about the lack of experience in using ships after refitting, about improving the technical equipment of the vessel, computerizing the ship's control, increasing the level of navigation safety and communication (synchronously).

Data on the on-board computer screen, the operator at the computer.

Diagrams of the berths of the Hamburg port on the monitor screen.

Views of the Hamburg cargo port (top).

Loading containers on the deck of one of the ships.

Unloading of pipes on the pier.

Ships of the Baltic Shipping Company under loading at the berths in Hamburg.

View of the street in Hamburg, where the Soviet-German company for container transport services is located.

Former Director of the firm Clamps talks about the funding arrangements for the repair of vessels, the increase in the loading of vessels and the purchase of imported consumer goods, the repair of ships hauling fleet (synchronous), the interior of the Cabinet Chomutov.

The container ship goes along the port.

panorama of the Hamburg cargo port (above), a tug boat enters the port.

Production of the truck to the dock for repairs.

The faces of the workers.

Panorama of the Leningrad cargo port (top).







Towns and countries; International cooperation
Geography and Nature; Space