From the lake to the ocean. (1974)

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Producer LSDF

Director: V. Gulin

Script writers: V. Gulin

Operators: V. Gulin, M. Mass

Text writers: V. Kunin

Recordist: M. Podtakuj

Other authors: A. Meljnikov


The film tells about the construction of the Baikal-Amur Mainline.

Construction | Trains | Sectors of the economy


Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Landing of a passenger plane at the airport in Tynda.

Log building of the airport in Tynda.

Types of streets and single-storey houses in Tynda.

A tracked all-terrain vehicle makes its way through the taiga.

Earthworks on the construction site of the Baikal-Amur Mainline (BAMA), construction equipment.

Map of the construction of BAM.

Siberian landscape.

Panorama and views of the cargo port of Ust-Kut on the Lena River.

Movers at work.

The foreman of loaders gives signals to the crane operator.

Unloading of tracked vehicles.

Panorama of the construction of the bridge over the Lena River.

Taiga landscape (panorama), view of the construction of the village of Zvezdny.

The first builders of BAM disembark from a helicopter.

Builders go to the site of the future village.

Construction workers move into tents.

Names of cities of the USSR and streets on the canvas walls of tents.

Export of construction timber.

Construction of wooden houses, barracks, canteens for builders.

Landing a helicopter.

A boy in a mosquito blanket.

Unloading of new desks and school equipment from the helicopter.

The Director of the school counts received the furniture.

Workers take a break, sitting on the imported part.

A boy in a mosquito net on the street at his desk.

The globe on the windowsill.

View of the new school building.

First graders Zvezdinskiy high school at the solemn meeting on the occasion of the new academic year, one of the students strengthens the sign with the school name on the wall.

The newlyweds walk through the construction workers ' tent camp.

The brides and grooms get into the all-terrain vehicle.

Newlyweds ride on an all-terrain vehicle in shallow water.

A burning bonfire.

Fish smoking over a fire.

The builders of BAM during the holidays.

V. Lakomov's work crews are sawing wood with chainsaws.

View of the part of the clearing that is being laid for the future railway.

Panorama and views of the village of Kazachinsky.

Views of the village of Magistralny, where the builders live.

Construction of a house.

Arrival in the village of the first power train.

Tents and wooden houses of the village.

Panorama of the shore of Lake Baikal, people on the shore.

Types of Nizhneangarsk.

Autumn taiga landscapes.

Panorama of a part of an open-pit coal mine.

The bus goes along the bottom of a coal pit.

A piece of coal in a man's hand.

Coal removal by dump trucks.

Coal barges on the river.

River landscapes.

Panorama of the construction of the Zeyskaya HPP.

Heavy-duty dump trucks pass by.

Type of construction crane.

View of the hydroelectric power station under construction.







Russian cities and regions; Social life; Wedding; Childhood and youth; Air transport; Sea and river transport; Automobile transport
Towns and countries; Geography and Nature; Holidays; Transportation; Sectors of the economy; Aviation

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Transportation of earthmoving equipment on railway platforms.

The excavator moves off the platform, the face of the excavator driver.

Unloading of earthmoving and construction equipment on one of the sections of the future Baikal-Amur Mainline.

Transportation of an excavator on a car platform.

Views of the city of Shimanovsk.

Persons of builders of the complex of construction industry enterprises.

Installers and welders at work.

Unloading and installation of equipment for concrete works.

Transportation of concrete structures.

Types of buildings under construction of the Shimanovsky plant of reinforced concrete products.

Panorama of the construction of a processing plant.

Panorama of the village for the builders of BAM (above).

A truck crane drives past a house under construction in Tynda.

Masons are masonry during the construction of a residential building.

Komsomol brigade of masons L. Popkov at work.

The face of Brigadier I. P. Shcherbakov.

The bricklayer leads the masonry.

View of a house under construction.

Students of the training complex created on the track, during classes.

View of the building under construction and the future city square in Tynda.

Creating a mosaic panel on the wall near the square.

View of the concert hall of the Palace of Culture "Yunost".

View of the cinema hall.

Meeting of musicians at Tynda airport.

Street sale of grapes and champagne.

A football match at the local stadium.

Parents with children on a walk.

Construction workers read newspapers during their lunch break.

Builders-Komsomol members of Tynda on concrete works during the subbotnik of the reception and television station "Orbita".

Surveyor at work.

Type of receiving antenna.

Performance of the orchestra of the Komsomol-youth brigade of Shcherbakov, young people dance to the orchestra, the faces of the dancers, among them - L. Popkova and I. P. Shcherbakov.

Cargo ship off the coast.

Helicopter at the taiga airfield.

Members of the survey party are searching and surveying the area for the future route.

The face of the chief of prospectors A. Boboeva.

Surveyors consider the map of the area.

Conducting survey work on the section of the future highway to Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

View of the prospectors ' camp.

View of the building of the station "BAM", miom pass freight trains with containers and timber.

It takes a train with fuel.

Laying a railway track, workers hammer crutches with pneumatic hammers.

The stationmaster's face.

Panorama of the track-laying train.

Laying of parts of the railway track.

Automatic filling of the edges of sleepers.

Panorama of the paved section of the highway (top).




Amur Oblast



Russian cities and regions; Education; Subbotniks; Life and leisure; Social life
Towns and countries; Geography and Nature; Society, social activities and community organizations